Stylish Nails without Going to the Nail Salon: Check Out Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry Kimberly Cassista Independent ConsultantWhile running a boutique, managing multiple projects for clients, and making runs to cheerleading practice; somewhere between dinner and laundry, I often find that my nails are a jagged, hot mess. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually went to a nail salon, and when I did, I am almost embarrassed to say that I ended up picking the tips off once they had grown out to the very ends of my own nails, not the cutest sight around, but what can I say, I am a busy entrepreneur on the go, who has time for nails!?

As you can imagine, when I bumped into Independent Nail Consultant, Kimberly Cassista with Jamberry at the Flip Flop’s Vendor Event, the timing could not have been more perfect. I knew immediately that Jamberry would be the perfect solution to my nail woes. Due to the nature of my business, I really cannot neglect my nails as uneven, and ragged as they are because I am constantly meeting and greeting new people at networking events, and of course I want to give the best impression. I am not talking about slapping on a quick coat of polish before running out the door, nor going to the nail salon and spending $35 bucks or more, I am talking about stylish convenience, a must have for anyone that is on the go.

Kimberly was amazing and provided a quick demo on Jamberry and, I was immediately sold. The nail wrap is a simple appliqué that is placed on the natural nail. The application is painless, unlike having your cuticle clipped and nail-bed sanded with a power tool like at the salon. The selection of colors and patterns is so vast that you can literally have a new look every week; with thousands of options to choose from. Most importantly the price is amazing and much more cost-effective than trips to the salon.

I tried out the ‘Cheer’ pattern which is part of the sports collection. The application was quick, easy, and painless. The nails looked absolutely fabulous and, you can even apply them on your toe nails. Jamberry offers french tips, animal patterns, sports themes, and many other one-of-a-kind artistic designs; including digital camo patterns. This product is perfect for women, teens, and younger girls who typically enjoy colorful nail polish. They are durable, and can easily be used to complement any outfit. They wear for about two weeks and remove is a breeze. One sheet includes 18 wraps and can be used for up to 5 or more applications. Check back to see some of our favorite Jamberry styles.

Jamberry was launched in 2010 by three sisters who were looking for a cost-effective alternative to pricey nail salon visits. There is more great news, Jamberry nail wraps are  Gluten Free, Vegan, and they are made in the USA! Shop now or host your own Jamberry Styling Party with Independent Consultant Kimberly Cassista at


Virginia Beach Spring Styles

Virginia Beach Spring Styles

As the warm weather approaches, Virginia Beach spring styles emerge. Virginia Beach is a coastal city with beautiful beaches and a mild climate. The city is known as a popular tourist destination but just a few miles from the rolling surf of the Atlantic, visitors may find private beach-side escapes, quaint neighborhoods, farming communities, and historical adventures. With such a diverse experience, Virginia Beach definitely has it’s very own flare for fashion. Due to the climate, It is not uncommon to find people in the city wearing flip flops and sandals year-round.  With it’s own unique style, inspired by surf, water sports, outdoor adventure, and influences by newcomers from areas such as NYC, Virginia Beach fashion blends street trendy looks with southern flavor and plenty of Americana.

Virginia Beach Style

H M zipper bag
$15 –

Navy jewelry


Warehouse plastic sunglasses
$24 –

Bright lipstick

Spring 2013: Top 5 Fashion Trends

Classics return to the catwalk

Shop your closet for the Spring 2013 Top 5 fashion trends because chances are you might already have these styles handy. This season, designers have ventured to include nostalgic, flavors such as the classic black & white stripe, the androgynous tuxedo, and sheer ruffle to highlight the catwalk.  Although there are numerous trends that have been added to Spring 2013 collections, we have picked our our Top 5 favorites, check them out here!Image

What to look for

Bold black & white Stripes

Women’s pant suits and tuxedo style jackets

Peek-a-boo fabrics for both dresses and blouses including sheer sleeves, and backs

Printed garments and high contrast patterns

Ruffles galore on blouses and dresses

What is your favorite Spring 2013 Fashion Trend

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