Acclaimed Guitarist & Vocalist Robert Valdes is Back with New Album ‘Return of The Rock’ -Pre-Order on iTunes


Master of Musical Design

There are artists who sing well, and there are artists who are capable of moving fans. The difference, is that the artist who moves fans is able to artistically create an individual style that is driven by an infectious sound and rooted in stimulating lyrical content. While this master of musical design may meet the traditional conventions of a specific genre, they are always experimenting with new sounds, staying ahead of the trends, and constantly evolving as an artist. Musicians of this caliber are rare and come along once ever so often. If you are lucky enough to come across one, it is certain that their songs will leave a lasting impression. Their projects often eclipse the lines of time; creating their own evolution one song at a time.

An artist that has mastered the challenge of creating timeless music is Robert Valdes, a rock vocalist and guitarist based in San Francisco, California. Having just released his long-awaited album ‘Return of The Rock’ on iTunes, Robert is positioned to be one of the greatest acts of our time. His critically acclaimed single “Over” is an emotional journey embarked upon with absolute abandon. The song provides a gripping look into relationships in the wake of difficult decisions. Valdes delivers a powerful vocal performance intertwined within an epic music arrangement. Reminiscent of artists such as Bryan Adams, Valdes hits chords that are absolutely out of this world, further intensifying the effect of the song’s message.

The Musical Journey

As an accomplished guitarist, Valdes shares with fans his longstanding relationship with music through “Over”. In addition to romantically composed piano chords, Valdes’ guitar performance rips throughout the song with a fervor, including a solo midway through the track. It is impossible not to be moved by the emotionally charged composition blending lead and background vocals into the vivacious accompaniment. Not only does the musical score bring fans into Valdes’ distinctive sound but the songwriting in “Over” reveals an artist that has created his own movement within the progressive rock domain.

Look for the upcoming worldwide release of Robert Valdes’ album ‘Return of The Rock’ scheduled for release on March 24th, 2014. Pre-Order your copy of ‘Return of the Rock’ on iTunes.

The critically acclaimed first single, ‘Over’ is available as the instant Grat Track and can be downloaded immediately. Pre-order your copy today! For more details visit Robert’s Official Website.

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A Different Kind of Brew: New Hit Single ‘Anchorman’ from Band Yesway’s New Album ‘Double Bubble Toil and Trouble’

COVER_JPGGenerally we can all agree that there is nothing better than a great pop-rock anthem that brings everyone to the dance floor. You know, those songs that surpass the hands of time, the ones played at parties where everyone will sing in unison. Consider it the Def Leppard effect; you know the one that happens when everyone in the bar hears “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and goes a full on rock star.

Picture that moment when all the ladies suddenly become professional stage dancers reenacting Coyote Ugly, and for some odd reason, everyone knows the words. “But how can this be?” you wonder, some of these kids weren’t even born yesterday! Surely, they’ve been digging in mom and dad’s vintage crates for yesterday’s sounds. But, you shrug it off and immerse yourself in the music, the experience, the excitement. Well, the latest release called “Anchorman” from band Yesway manages to conjure up a similar effect and so much more.

“Anchorman” is the first single from the band’s highly acclaimed album Double Bubble Toil and Trouble’, a clever name to match their clever sound. Something tells us this band is brewing up something mighty savory. The song is an up-tempo, pop-rock blast of energy with contagious lyrics, and powerful guitar dynamics. With a classic rock and roll feel and new age edge, “Anchorman” is a simple arrangement that delivers a powerful punch to the stomach of radio-ready commercial pop icons.

The band provides fans with a clean, unplugged sound rather than a highly overproduced, artificial version of recording laden with synthesizers, vocal changers, and all of the shiny gadgets that make today’s pop sounds less than tolerable. The band consists of Sean on drums and as lead singer, Colin on bass and backup vocals, and Eric on guitar and backup vocals. Together, the band has mastered a progressive pop sound laced lightly with a slight retro vibe, and remarkable guitar action.

The songwriting in “Anchorman” demonstrates clear, and concise precision. The song is entertaining, bouncy, and extremely catchy. The lyrics are written in such a way that they are easy to understand and enjoy against the backdrop of the smashing guitar riffs, bass and drums. “Anchorman” is definitely a song worth having in your playlist. The lead vocalist carries a mean tune and the song is an inherently fun-filled listening experience.

‘Double Bubble Toil and Trouble’ is a collaborative undertaking that consists of a collection of projects new and old as developed by instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer E. Meyers. The end result was a collage of sound carefully crafted to include music in it’s most natural form, uncut and minimally processed; leaving fans with a razor sharp yet, entertaining sound encounter. We wonder what this group of innovative rockers will come up with next. Learn more about the band Yesway on their official website You can also check out their popular new single “Anchorman” from their album ‘Double Bubble Toil and Trouble’ now on sale.

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