Artist N Wolex Inspires Fans with New Single “No Regrets”

N_Wolex_LogoThe steady rise of indie music has given way to an eclectic generation of producers, songwriters, singers, instrumentalists, and composers. The delectable blending of musical influences are evident in the newest sounds that are emerging from millennium recording artists. Their styles are not only indicative of the convergence between musical sub-genres but, suggestive of the ramifications of social experiences. Influential forces behind music often rest within success and failure, overcoming adversity, personal journeys to self-discovery, and rebellion against social contracts. Composer Nicholas Wolex, known by the moniker “N Wolex” is one such artist that has emerged with social awareness in mind.  His latest release “No Regrets” is an introspective observation that resonates as a powerful stance on overcoming adverse climates and toxic relationships.

Revealing his depth as a passionate composer, N Wolex inspires fans with “No Regrets”. The song merges soulful, female R&B vocals with a deep musical score. A stirring piano performance takes holds of listeners reminiscent of a spiritual track. Energetic drums kick out a steady cadence that when fused with the vocals and chorus work seamlessly to express the energy of the song. The female vocals are warm and inspirational while roving through different ranges and chords with ease. Fans will find themselves engulfed in the thick emotional ambiance of the song’s production which mirrors an early 90s soul-album likened to artists such as Regina Bell, Stephanie Mills, and Babyface.

Inspired by his experiences living in South-East London, N Wolex’s composition expresses the measurable interactions and relationships that one encounters throughout a lifetime. His latest track exemplifies a prominent venture towards joining the art of music with life experiences through a colorful lens. Through the song lyrics, listeners are encouraged to have “no regrets” and are reminded of this during the lively and resilient chorus. “No Regrets” is a powerful track that is certain to inspire and motivate.

N Wolex, a former fashion and editorial model is a self-taught composer who now surrounds himself with music. Known as a societal storyteller, he has gathered his observations as native African living in South-East London into thought-provoking music, rooted in socially relevant content. His style has been compared to that of Jodeci and Lilly Allen and a unique blend of R&B pop. Focused on giving a voice for those who do not already have one, N Wolex is using his music to connect the world. Through the use of digital technology, he has been able to reach a wider audience however, he can be found in upcoming performances supporting the release of his 7″ “If You Had/”No Regrets”. Check out the sounds of N Wolex on Soudcloud.

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Music with a Message: Journey with L.A. based Singer- Songwriter Breanna Kennedy

Singer-Songwriter Breanna KennedyLeaving her heart on the soundstage

One of the most powerful ways to reach a captive audience is through music. Although it is a beloved pastime, music can also bring awareness to social issues that impact our lives with such enormity that they cannot simply be ignored. What is even more spectacular is when an artist, who as a vessel is able to share with fans an intended message while utilizing their inherently, artistic gifts.  An artist that has chosen to share her personal journey with fans is L.A. based singer-songwriter Breanna Kennedy.

Breanna recently released her single “She’s Falling”, an emotional song about her sister Destiny who took her life at the very, young age of 23. The song, now available on iTunes, is powerful and elicits a profound response towards a serious issue that touches many a person regardless of social, racial, religious, and economic boundaries. Kennedy not only demonstrates her tenacity and resilience  as a young musician, but she also courageously ventures where few artists dare. Musicians of this variety reach within their own inner-workings to share with fans their personal experiences. It is these experiences that enable such musical geniuses to influence, inspire, and bring awareness to the issues that affect humankind.

Although Breanna Kennedy is a youthful 21 years old, much like singer-songwriter Adele, her sound is well beyond her years . The remarkable fact is that both artists effectively deliver deeply rooted songwriting and soulful vocals in a contemporary framework while touching fans across multiple age groups. “She’s Falling” consists of highly advanced songwriting and storytelling that is not only intensely personal, but well crafted.

The song has an acoustic feel with an Americana ambiance intertwined with Breanna’s smooth vocals. Though the lyrical content of the song is emotionally heavy, the musical accompaniment is actually scored in an uptempo manner with some dynamic transitions which work effectively to convey the overall theme of “She’s Falling”.  Breanna approached the song in such a way that it inspires listeners to have a heightened awareness while also paying tribute to her own sister, making an extremely personal connection with fans.

“She’s Falling” is a song that really hits home as it is a breathtaking snapshot into the many experiences that often influence and inspire artists along their musical walks. What is even more incredible is the fact that a young artist is willing to open up her heart and share this experience with the world. It is an act that is to be commended, respected, and most definitely appreciated.

According to the CDC, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for youth and young adults ages 10-24; these startling statistics absolutely cannot be ignored. Help Breanna Kennedy share her message of inspiration and awareness with the world by supporting her album project on Indiegogo.

Check out the Official Video for “She’s Falling” on YouTube


Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Breanna Kennedy is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Often described as an “old soul” her music is an eclectic mix of indie, soul, and pop. Having been exposed to music at an early age, Breanna, who is managed by mentor Johnny Vieira, is now embarking on her solo career in Los Angeles. She has worked with world-renowned industry songwriters and producers such as Rodney Jerkins, Tony Kanal of No Doubt, Billy Steinberg, and many others.  Breanna Kennedy is the culmination of a contemporary indie artist on a mission and we are excited to see this young star shine even brighter. Looking for more information on this amazing artist?

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‘Swell’: The Newest Album Release from Hollywood Drunks Makes Waves


Transcending Time…

Picture if you will, a swirling vortex blending the Gorillaz, Sublime, and The Beatles that rushes across several decades, slamming into spectators, erupting into what one might consider to be the most pivotal movement in music history. Behind all of the action, underneath all of the chaos, is Los Angeles band Hollywood Drunks who just released their album Swell, an eclectic mix of amusing styles compiled into a refreshingly accurate depiction of life’s nuances.

Collectively, the album features a blend of sounds that cannot be categorized into one particular genre. The song styles  range from alternative rock  to reggae, pop, and soul; perfect for the new generation of music lovers that tend to reach across different stylistic barriers by preference. It is rare to find a band that is successful at capturing a variety of sounds within one album while still maintaining cohesiveness and making sense. Tracks like “Get It” and “Wake You” exemplify the evolutions that the band has undergone to develop such a distinct style that resonates with fans.

The album boldly addresses the matters in real life that affect young 20 and 30 somethings; reminding them that while life is no picnic on the beach, a good dose of comic relief just might be the perfect remedy. One such track that nails the climate of the times is “Bankrupt” which describes financial devastation on top of a soulful mix; something many a person can relate to. Utilizing a humourous approach to deliver each track lightens the mood of what other indie artists might present as dark, heavy content. Every now and again, fans crave a break from the doom and gloom of anti-mainstream artists. They seek to be uplifted by real content that they can relate to, lyrics that inspire, and  themes that remind them that they are not dark entities circling a mindless matrix of drones, but rather humans who sometimes enjoy living life through even the worst of experiences. Through Swell, the Hollywood Drunks have seized this exact moment to connect with their fans; and they have done so effortlessly.

The title track “Swell” is an introspective record that explores the evolution of human experiences, change, and finding direction. While the album is filled with several reflective tracks,  there is a surprisingly, nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of furry friends, and simplistic contemplation. The band’s rendition of “Sesame Street” a delightful insertion of insane comedy that is somehow appropriate for the album’s message and theme.

Hollywood Drunks, who consider their style to be “whine free pop” consist of Paul Sandberg on Keys, Sebastian Sheehan on Drums and Percussion, Carl West on Bass, Lloyd Stuart Casson on Guitars, Bass, and Vocals, and Eric Winzenried on Vox. The band has already received rave reviews for their release and their fan base continues to swell, no pun intended. Check out more from Hollywood Drunks on their Official Website

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All Eyes on American Idol Singer-Songwriter Didi Benami: New Single “Watching and Waiting” from Upcoming Album ‘Reverie’

Watching and Waiting by Didi BenamiSinger-songwriter Didi Benami’s latest single “Watching and Waiting” from her upcoming album Reverie is an energetically charged work of love, pain, loss, and resolve. You may remember Didi from American Idol where she wowed the audience and judges with performances of “Hey Jude” , “Terrified” and many others. You can catch YouTube videos of her performances, which have amassed millions of views across the globe. With a remarkable voice, and commanding stage presence Didi opened the floodgates to unlimited possibilities. Making numerous appearances on shows such as David Letterman and Ellen DeGeneres; the eclectic singer-songwriter has garnered international fame and recognition.

While the road to stardom is often a myriad of experiences, Benami’s latest undertaking ventures to share her personal journey with fans. “Watching and Waiting”, which was featured on last night’s episode of American Idol, is just a bird’s eye view into the young artist’s quest.  Benami demonstrates her longstanding journey as a skilled songwriter as the lyrics are composed with great depth, emotion and quality.  The song leaves a lasting impression while it expresses heartache and reawakening through the lens of the young artist. Although Benami is a young performer, “Watching and Waiting” has proven that she has grown as an artist over the last few years and continues to evolve experimenting with different sounds and styles.

Didi Benami has one of the strongest sets of vocals that you will ever experience among the many acoustic, pop, and soul performers present on the world’s soundstage. She cites influences such as Adele, and Sheryl Crow and mentor Rebecca Joy Lear as being instrumental in her music. She delivers a crisp and clean performance on “Watching and Waiting”. Over the catchy drum and instrumentals, Benami’s voice is vibrant and energetic; formulating a phenomenal pop-rock sound. Fans will enjoy the feel of the song as well as the message that is being delivered as it is one that almost anyone can relate to.

Her presentation of a meaningful and inspiring track is reminiscent of artists such as Natasha Bedingfield, while her unique and well-crafted vocal quality is nostalgic of artists such as Nora Jones. If  “Watching and Waiting” is any indication of what is to come on her 2014 album Reverie, Didi Benami is poised to shine on fans with a brilliant radiance.

Born in New York and transplanted to Knoxville, Tennessee, Didi is a professionally trained vocalist and gifted song-writer. Her latest project Reverie is an independent production for which she has funded on her own; a tremendous feat for any Indie artist. Reverie is a conglomeration of songs put together by Benami to share her experience as an artist in Hollywood with her fans. She is truly an inspiration and we cannot wait to check out the full album. Learn more about Didi Benami by visiting her official website

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A Much Needed Dose of Reality: Album Review of Nehedar’s ‘This Heart’

Nehedar 'This Heart'

Photo Credit David Zimand

The Dark Reality

In an age shrouded by mind-numbing reality television shows, and over-baked Top 40 toxicity, the recent release of album This Heart from NYC based singer-songwriter Nehedar is an invigorating breath of realism and powerful silencing of worldly clamor. While Nehedar’s style cannot be narrowed into one particular genre, she effectively incorporates elements of pop, rock, electronic, punk, and Latin throughout the album. The album’s tracks range from dark and omniscient musings to playful and energetic explorations while delivering vivid imagery and multi-layered storytelling.

Nehedar delivers a strong performance throughout This Heart artistically painting her vocal chords with expansive strokes. Her voice, although powerful, also envelops the listener in a soothing and melodic manner, resulting in a trancelike state. Nehedar presents a contrasting picture of playful and mature throughout each song. The precise arrangement of the songs on the album creates a musical journey by which listeners are able to connect with the lyrical content on a personal level while embracing and enjoying the actual sound.

Nehedar’s songwriting on This Heart radiate with realism and vitality. Each song is skillfully crafted to tell a graphic story whether it explores cries of pain, fear of death, or rebirth. The album opens with a somber feeling track entitled “Bells of the City” which tells a tale of struggle against the inner demands of the outside world and the desires of the soul. The album eloquently escalates into more up-tempo tracks such as “Take This World” and the electronic rock sounding piece “What’s Becoming”. Although these two tracks are underscored by upbeat arrangements, the lyrics prescribe a painful anecdote for those in need of reemergence from darkness.

Although Nehedar’s music has been described in the realm of anti-folk, her style is truly diverse. One song in particular that leaves an emotional impression is “On Killing”. The song is underscored by an epic marching sound, wrapped with a Latin horn that cries throughout the track in a humanlike manner. The chorus picks up with an upbeat melody and then winds down back into a mournful score. Title track “This Heart” on the other hand, has a Latin feel with the conventions of a country song’s storytelling. Nehedar resourcefully embeds relevant messages within a conglomeration of sounds and fantasy.

“This Heart”, Nehedar’s 6th album, is a haunting dose of reality that much of the world is yearning for. Singing and songwriting since 2001, Nehedar explores the darkest realities of life with a gritty poignant approach.   The artist’s latest undertaking has aimed and fired with such precision that it simply cannot be ignored. Check out the latest news and videos from Nehedar on her official website

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