Singer-Songwriter & Acoustic Guitarist Saul Behan-Dunne Emerges with New Single “You Keep Me Warm”

Saul Behan-DunnThere are a few styles of music that encapsulate the spirit of love and the joie de vivire that humans often experience through intersecting paths. Acoustic music however, is one of the most natural forms by which singers and songwriters fuse the human experience with sound in a completely authentic and unrefined manner. Acoustic artists have a way of expressing certain truth through sound, free from inhibitions, and void of technical saturation. Because of this, listeners are able to take more away from the listening experience, appreciating the artistry, and relating lyrical substance.

The latest release  “You Keep Me Warm” from Melbourne acoustic guitarist Chris McKenna who goes by the moniker Saul Behan-Dunne (pronounced “it’s all been done”), is a spirited gust of melodic guitar rhythms combined with an exuberant vocal and lyrical performance. The production yields a genuine love song that will echo with fans who enjoy ingenuous lyrics and uncut music. In a frank tone, he expresses raw emotion against rolling waves of guitar chords and energetic dashes of trumpet play. The tone of song bears a resemblance to the Plain White T’s song “Hey There Delilah” beckoning fans to sing along.

Saul’s vocals are burly but also charming as they are delivered with a youthful tone and carefree approach. Although his vocal performance has the vibrancy of an emerging artist, it is more than evident by the overall musicality of the song, that he has indeed been there and done that and his journey has taken him far beyond the status quo. As a songwriter, his use of metaphorical phrases effectively conveys the theme of the song to fans in a lighthearted and jovial manner. “You Keep Me Warm” is an amiable and fun-loving track that will have star-crossed lovers of all ages walking hand in hand.

Saul Behan-Dunne, known for his work with The Sigh Company has now embarked on his journey as a solo artist. Delivering a pure uncooked acoustic sound, his music is a fearless expression of emotion and life’s various shades. His sounds are manifold consisting of pop, rock, folk, and acoustic styles. Keep an eye out for the video release of “You Keep Me Warm”. In the meantime, see what’s new with Saul on Triple J Unearthed Radio.

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Artist John Blake Returns with New Smash Single “Pour It”

John Blake Pour It SingleFollowing closely on the heels of his latest smash single “Your Light (Let it Shine)” featuring Elisa Polanco, author, lyricist, and poet John Blake has released his newest single “Pour it”  featuring Tha Leerix. The track is an uptempo certified club banger laced with slick R&B vocals and intrepid rap lyrics.

With a thorough style not heard since the days of the 69 Boyz and 95 South, John Blake has emerged with what could be described as one of the hottest club tracks of the year. While delivering a certain southern flavor, the song actually transcends stylistic borders and emanates massive appeal. Blake, who is known for his poetic lyricism and in-depth observations will surprise fans with his latest undertaking which conveys through a lighter approach in terms of delivery and theme. Truly an imaginative artist, Blake demonstrates a wide scope of music experience as well as songwriting skill.

Having already coveted hundreds and thousands of digital spins, “Pour It” is a polished production that is cleverly composed in such a manner that it carries a progressive edge not seen in recent track releases from both mainstream and independent hip hop artists. As a pioneering millennial artist, Blake has raised the bar for indie artists, taking his sound to a new level that will be extremely difficult to match. The quality of the production really allows this record to resonate with fans and listeners which is why it is likely ablaze along the digital music-sphere.

Known as one of the most powerful lyricists on the indie circuit, Blake holds nothing back on “Pour It”. The verses are delivered with an authentic personality and energetic breath. His vocal presentation is crisp, clean, and easy to understand. The track which features Tha Leerix appropriately places vocal enhancements and ad libs, complementing the overall sound of the song. The hook does exactly what it is supposed to do, motivating fans and listeners to sing along with infectious prowess.

Blake does a great job of delivering a fun, danceable track, making it perfect for the club, or for thumping in the whip. The lyrical content is relevant making references to everyday experiences that men and women encounter. With a solid hip hop sound blended with R&B vocals, the song is definitely worth a listen and more than a few head nods.

Jonathan Burkett who goes by the moniker John Blake is not just an emcee and his craft extends  far beyond that of your everyday hip hop artist. Hailing from South Florida, John Blake is known for utilizing his unique sound to connect people with all things positive. His release of “Your Light (Let it Shine) featuring Elisa Polanco is a culmination of his unique approach. Sharing a certain emotion through his emotional lyrics, John places his heart on every record enabling fans to share in his views and perspectives. Known for his daring ability to speak his mind and create his own lane divergent from cookie cutter artists, John Blake is poised to be the voice of a new generation emerging in hip hop.

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Singer-Songwriter Blessing Tangban Tops The Charts With Her Latest Release “Harrison”

Blessing TangbanRecently there has been an organic movement toward producing music in its most natural form. Independent artists are successfully drawing from earlier styles while using contemporary contexts to deliver forward-thinking compositions. The step away from overproduced tracks is a welcome experience for music listeners across the globe.  The single most crucial component that seems to be lacking across the current music scene is depth in lyrical content.  Indie artists, now more than ever, are poised and ready to respond to this current situation in more ways than one. The new indie artist creates their own lane many times composing their own music, writing their own songs, and producing their own albums. The advent of new media has enabled us to find these exceptional artists with the greatest of ease as they truly stand out among the weeds.

A beautiful rose that has emerged from the massive musical terrain is Blessing Tangban, an acoustic singer-songwriter based in the spicy city of New Orleans. A native of Nigeria, Blessing Tangban just released the latest single from her album ‘Nowhere Girl’ called “Harrison”, a beautiful acoustic track that is not only artistic, but emotionally stirring.

“Harrison” is not only a relevant piece of work, but it also conveys exquisite songwriting skill, unsurpassed vocals, and rarely seen musical prowess. Through this most recent release, Tangban reinforces the fact that she is indeed a triple threat; as a singer, songwriter, and musician, an undertaking that requires both innate abilities, professional training, and a serious dedication to one’s craft.

Blessing’s vocals throughout the song are melodic and soothing. She utilizes dynamic vocal changes throughout the piece which work effectively to express the emotion behind the musical work.  Often compared to artists such as Dido, Blessing performs at a higher octave adding to the youthful breadth of the song. Her notes are delivered with absolute precision and convey beautifully alongside the guitar accompaniment.

In regards to the lyrical component of “Harrison”, Blessing’s songwriting is not only poetic, but consists of vivid imagery illustrated through her words. The song is composed in such a way that it tells a story that is relevant and easy to relate to especially in the realm of love songs. Tangban delivers a very strong and catchy chorus that is not only appealing to the listener but inspirational for anyone that experiences painful revelations.

It is evident that Blessing Tangban is the whole package and her latest single is just a glimpse into what this stunning artist can do. “Harrison” encompasses all of the qualities of a natural folk artist with unprocessed talent. Tangban successfully inspires fans through her use of carefully composed lyrics and meticulously designed musical accompaniment. Although the song explores the themes of love, pain, and loss, it manages to provide a traceable framework by which fans can connect with the lyrical content and the depth of the artist known as Blessing Tangban.

Blessing cites John Mayer as one of her biggest musical influences. Her style is often compared to artists such as Jewel and Dido and her music falls into the genre of folk. Currently holding down the Top 3 spot of Reverbnation, fans can listen to more music from Blessing directly on the site. Born in Nigeria and now based in the US, Blessing Tangban is positioned to be one of the greatest folk artists of our generation.

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Explore the World with DJ & Producer Glender’s Newest Album “Lost in My Musical Memories”

Glender-Lost in My Musical MemoriesConnecting the world…

House music is probably one of the most instrumental styles by which an artist is able to constantly innovate new sounds, and sub-genres. The music not only possesses the ability to electrify a dance party but it offers an international appeal that may be considered second to none. It is truly a universal style, that when mastered, delivers an unprecedented amount of cultural relevance in music. Dance music is driven most often not by the lyrics or words, but by the conscious expression of energy and emotion through sound. This type of music requires a deeper examination into the style, initiating dialog and provoking thought. While many dance music composers and producers narrow their scope to one particular sound, there are few that expand their reach far beyond continental lines to create noteworthy and inspiring music.

International DJ and Producer  Glender is one such artist who has successfully garnered worldwide acclaim for his gifted artistry. After eight years, the highly regarded artist has released his most recent album titled ‘Lost in My Musical Memories’, a project that is jam-packed with heart thumping, high energy tracks. The album, written and produced by Glender for Niraya World, is an eclectic mix of original, experimental sounds and styles that take listeners on a virtual excursion across the world’s soundstage. The track “Far Away from Home”, is a poignant work, with a fitting title that captures the energy of the album. Listeners will truly feel that they have ventured away to parts unknown with each and every single one of Glender’s tracks.

Through each song on ‘Lost in My Musical Memories’, Glender captures the nuances in culture from various walks, in life, places, and faces throughout the album. Opening with the track “South Africa”, Glender welcomes fans with a bouncy drum beat, while incorporating some realistic animal and nature sounds, literally taking listeners into the outdoors. The track maintains a steadily high energy beat, later presenting soulful female vocals and wind instruments. “La Vida” , another exuberant track, also utilizes an infectious drum beat incorporated with Spanish male vocals to present a global sound mix while “Latin Side” is a more progressive sounding piece where the clave collides with jazzy piano chords.

Glender displays his diversity as an artist on tracks such as “Zi Zhu Xiao” where he transports listeners to the continent of Asia where the sounds offer a nostalgic ambiance, inspiring not only the audio but visual use of imagination to appreciate the cultural elements of the music. Glender works proficiently to blend multiple elements and effects into a remarkably powerful listening experience. Without uncovering all of the many surprises that Glender has in store for fans, we would certify this album as a digital “must have”.

Glender’s album is a carefully processed delivery of  artistic ingenuity and cutting edge sounds that work effectively to connect listeners with the sights and sounds of the global landscape. ‘Lost in My Music Memories’ is not just a high-energy dance album, it tells a unique story, sharing with fans a personal journey that is not only physically moving but, thoughtfully inspiring. Check out a preview of Glender’s latest album on SoundCloud.

As a world-renowned DJ and producer, Glender has worked with many labels including Stereo Productions, Baroque, Sreet King, Aenaria, 4Kenzo, TKC Music, Magna, and more. His latest undertaking ‘Lost in My Music Memories’ was released on Niraya World and is already receiving rave reviews. Hailing from Portugal, he has dominated just about nearly all of the continents through his popular style. He is truly an international powerhouse, performing all over the world and entertaining over 20,000 people at Mexico’s ‘Festival de Corazon’ where he continued to grow in notoriety. With a growing list of artist productions under his belt, his latest album is on a brazen climb up the charts where he is currently holding strong in multiple house categories and sub-genres. Keep up with Glender on his Official Website:

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Acclaimed Guitarist & Vocalist Robert Valdes is Back with New Album ‘Return of The Rock’ -Pre-Order on iTunes


Master of Musical Design

There are artists who sing well, and there are artists who are capable of moving fans. The difference, is that the artist who moves fans is able to artistically create an individual style that is driven by an infectious sound and rooted in stimulating lyrical content. While this master of musical design may meet the traditional conventions of a specific genre, they are always experimenting with new sounds, staying ahead of the trends, and constantly evolving as an artist. Musicians of this caliber are rare and come along once ever so often. If you are lucky enough to come across one, it is certain that their songs will leave a lasting impression. Their projects often eclipse the lines of time; creating their own evolution one song at a time.

An artist that has mastered the challenge of creating timeless music is Robert Valdes, a rock vocalist and guitarist based in San Francisco, California. Having just released his long-awaited album ‘Return of The Rock’ on iTunes, Robert is positioned to be one of the greatest acts of our time. His critically acclaimed single “Over” is an emotional journey embarked upon with absolute abandon. The song provides a gripping look into relationships in the wake of difficult decisions. Valdes delivers a powerful vocal performance intertwined within an epic music arrangement. Reminiscent of artists such as Bryan Adams, Valdes hits chords that are absolutely out of this world, further intensifying the effect of the song’s message.

The Musical Journey

As an accomplished guitarist, Valdes shares with fans his longstanding relationship with music through “Over”. In addition to romantically composed piano chords, Valdes’ guitar performance rips throughout the song with a fervor, including a solo midway through the track. It is impossible not to be moved by the emotionally charged composition blending lead and background vocals into the vivacious accompaniment. Not only does the musical score bring fans into Valdes’ distinctive sound but the songwriting in “Over” reveals an artist that has created his own movement within the progressive rock domain.

Look for the upcoming worldwide release of Robert Valdes’ album ‘Return of The Rock’ scheduled for release on March 24th, 2014. Pre-Order your copy of ‘Return of the Rock’ on iTunes.

The critically acclaimed first single, ‘Over’ is available as the instant Grat Track and can be downloaded immediately. Pre-order your copy today! For more details visit Robert’s Official Website.

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Music That Transcends Time: The Latest Sounds from Songwriter Sam Conjerti

Sam ConjertiSome of the greatest music on earth consists of those songs which remain firmly implanted in the minds of listeners. The most powerful songs, often referred to as  classics, inspire generations of people from various walks of life. In order for an artist to fully express the breadth of their work, they often immerse themselves in many styles, drawing from many different genres and time periods to communicate with fans. These artists creatively approach the challenges in the music industry by adapting to the changing climate of the times while finding unique ways to appeal to music lovers.

Independent artists often demonstrate a broad variety of exposure within their music as they utilize characteristics of different genres to develop their distinct sound. The ability of an artist to transcend time through their music, indicates their innate nature to create meaningful productions that influence and inspire.

Seasoned songwriter Sam Conjerti is the perfect example of an artist whose work travels through the boundaries of music, space, and time. His work, which is currently available for listening on IMRadio, is a beautiful catalog of vintage, contemporary folk, classic rock, and jazz styles. Conjerti does an amazing job of capturing the elements of each genre through masterful songwriting, and polished production. Songs such as “I Got All That You Deserved” deliver a blend of contemporary mastering and retro vibes while songs such as “Distant Morning” offer an epic orchestra arrangement that is most captivating. 

Conjerti’s sound is reminiscent of performers such as Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan whose popular sounds were cultivated through the conventions of many different genres. Although, Sam Conjerti’s latest songs lean more toward upbeat and romantic themes rather than those that are more politically charged, the musicality is very similar to the rambunctious nature found in songs of the 1960s. Bold storytelling amid the sound of compelling acoustic accompaniment adds a strong degree of energy and distinction to Conjerti’s sound.

As an accomplished songwriter, Sam Conjerti formulates relative and enjoyable content while dealing with topics of love and relationships. As a lyricist, his compositions have a wide appeal and can be translated into styles ranging from pop to rock, country, and soul, much like that of the Beatles. It is this skillful use of wordplay that has garnered Sam numerous accolades from fans and colleagues.

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