Artist N Wolex Inspires Fans with New Single “No Regrets”

N_Wolex_LogoThe steady rise of indie music has given way to an eclectic generation of producers, songwriters, singers, instrumentalists, and composers. The delectable blending of musical influences are evident in the newest sounds that are emerging from millennium recording artists. Their styles are not only indicative of the convergence between musical sub-genres but, suggestive of the ramifications of social experiences. Influential forces behind music often rest within success and failure, overcoming adversity, personal journeys to self-discovery, and rebellion against social contracts. Composer Nicholas Wolex, known by the moniker “N Wolex” is one such artist that has emerged with social awareness in mind.  His latest release “No Regrets” is an introspective observation that resonates as a powerful stance on overcoming adverse climates and toxic relationships.

Revealing his depth as a passionate composer, N Wolex inspires fans with “No Regrets”. The song merges soulful, female R&B vocals with a deep musical score. A stirring piano performance takes holds of listeners reminiscent of a spiritual track. Energetic drums kick out a steady cadence that when fused with the vocals and chorus work seamlessly to express the energy of the song. The female vocals are warm and inspirational while roving through different ranges and chords with ease. Fans will find themselves engulfed in the thick emotional ambiance of the song’s production which mirrors an early 90s soul-album likened to artists such as Regina Bell, Stephanie Mills, and Babyface.

Inspired by his experiences living in South-East London, N Wolex’s composition expresses the measurable interactions and relationships that one encounters throughout a lifetime. His latest track exemplifies a prominent venture towards joining the art of music with life experiences through a colorful lens. Through the song lyrics, listeners are encouraged to have “no regrets” and are reminded of this during the lively and resilient chorus. “No Regrets” is a powerful track that is certain to inspire and motivate.

N Wolex, a former fashion and editorial model is a self-taught composer who now surrounds himself with music. Known as a societal storyteller, he has gathered his observations as native African living in South-East London into thought-provoking music, rooted in socially relevant content. His style has been compared to that of Jodeci and Lilly Allen and a unique blend of R&B pop. Focused on giving a voice for those who do not already have one, N Wolex is using his music to connect the world. Through the use of digital technology, he has been able to reach a wider audience however, he can be found in upcoming performances supporting the release of his 7″ “If You Had/”No Regrets”. Check out the sounds of N Wolex on Soudcloud.

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Singer-Songwriter Blessing Tangban Tops The Charts With Her Latest Release “Harrison”

Blessing TangbanRecently there has been an organic movement toward producing music in its most natural form. Independent artists are successfully drawing from earlier styles while using contemporary contexts to deliver forward-thinking compositions. The step away from overproduced tracks is a welcome experience for music listeners across the globe.  The single most crucial component that seems to be lacking across the current music scene is depth in lyrical content.  Indie artists, now more than ever, are poised and ready to respond to this current situation in more ways than one. The new indie artist creates their own lane many times composing their own music, writing their own songs, and producing their own albums. The advent of new media has enabled us to find these exceptional artists with the greatest of ease as they truly stand out among the weeds.

A beautiful rose that has emerged from the massive musical terrain is Blessing Tangban, an acoustic singer-songwriter based in the spicy city of New Orleans. A native of Nigeria, Blessing Tangban just released the latest single from her album ‘Nowhere Girl’ called “Harrison”, a beautiful acoustic track that is not only artistic, but emotionally stirring.

“Harrison” is not only a relevant piece of work, but it also conveys exquisite songwriting skill, unsurpassed vocals, and rarely seen musical prowess. Through this most recent release, Tangban reinforces the fact that she is indeed a triple threat; as a singer, songwriter, and musician, an undertaking that requires both innate abilities, professional training, and a serious dedication to one’s craft.

Blessing’s vocals throughout the song are melodic and soothing. She utilizes dynamic vocal changes throughout the piece which work effectively to express the emotion behind the musical work.  Often compared to artists such as Dido, Blessing performs at a higher octave adding to the youthful breadth of the song. Her notes are delivered with absolute precision and convey beautifully alongside the guitar accompaniment.

In regards to the lyrical component of “Harrison”, Blessing’s songwriting is not only poetic, but consists of vivid imagery illustrated through her words. The song is composed in such a way that it tells a story that is relevant and easy to relate to especially in the realm of love songs. Tangban delivers a very strong and catchy chorus that is not only appealing to the listener but inspirational for anyone that experiences painful revelations.

It is evident that Blessing Tangban is the whole package and her latest single is just a glimpse into what this stunning artist can do. “Harrison” encompasses all of the qualities of a natural folk artist with unprocessed talent. Tangban successfully inspires fans through her use of carefully composed lyrics and meticulously designed musical accompaniment. Although the song explores the themes of love, pain, and loss, it manages to provide a traceable framework by which fans can connect with the lyrical content and the depth of the artist known as Blessing Tangban.

Blessing cites John Mayer as one of her biggest musical influences. Her style is often compared to artists such as Jewel and Dido and her music falls into the genre of folk. Currently holding down the Top 3 spot of Reverbnation, fans can listen to more music from Blessing directly on the site. Born in Nigeria and now based in the US, Blessing Tangban is positioned to be one of the greatest folk artists of our generation.

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Seattle band Whiskey N’ Rye brings back the classic American spirit with their self-titled debut album release: ‘Whiskey N’ Rye


Music Revolutions, Sound Evolutions

Whiskey N' RyeConsidering the impact of music in our lives, we are reminded that there are bands that make music, and there are bands that inspire cultural revolutions. Some bands take the stage for a fleeting moment, perhaps we recall their one or two chart topping hits, but we might be unable to recall their name. The fact is that when an artist puts their heart and soul into their music, it shows, their music is powerful, and their records are passed down from generation to generation. Their sound provokes a response, their words have depth, and their stage presence commands attention. Bands of this caliber are a rarity within the modern music scene but, they do exist and are making their way to the front and center-stage.

Emerging with an allure that has not been seen since the early ages of rock,  Seattle band Whiskey N’ Rye has unleashed their self-titled album ‘Whiskey N’ Rye’. As one of the most powerful releases of 2014, the album is an inventive production that bridges the elements of classic rock styles with contemporary American insight and artistic brilliance. Generally, when listening to a new album, there might be two or three tracks that really stand out and capture a listener’s interest. This is definitely not the case with ‘Whiskey N’ Rye’; the entire album conveys each and every song with resounding energy. There are times when artists opt to tell stories that are directly related to their personal experiences, making an album a little too inward and foreign from the listeners’ perspectives. This particular album does the exact opposite by telling a story that brings listeners into the experience by establishing an authentic context that is not only all-encompassing but highly relevant.

The band’s style, which is composed of blues, rock, and Americana elements is present throughout each track on the album giving it a signature sound. The compilation works masterfully to deliver varied sounds and flavor, a demonstration of the band’s musically diverse background and stylistic expertise. The album which was written by singer-songwriter Philip Lindholm consists of 10 rigorously composed pieces that incorporate a myriad of musical techniques, styles, and themes that work together in a cohesive manner to deliver an enjoyable listening experience.

Although all of the tracks on ‘Whiskey N’ Rye’ deliver their own rush of sound, there are a few that really stand out with remarkable distinction. The band opens up with “Bootlegger” an energetic rock song that is reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama”; the song emanates a strong traditional American vibe with down-home harmonica action and guitar play. The band changes up the vibe on the album with some slower tempo tracks such as “Until the End” and ” The Open Road”, a legendary example of thoughtful storytelling through songwriting.

Another track that really stands out is “Rebel Man, Pt. 1” an artistically composed piano solo that tells a story all of its own without the use of a vocalist. The inclusion of this track functions well to demonstrate the bands quality and skill as avid instrumentalists. Behind “Rebel Man, Pt. 1″ is a dynamic rock piece named Rebel, Man, Pt. 2” which has a stronger guitar focus as well as lead male, female, and background vocalists. Lyrically speaking, “Rebel Man, Pt.2” is one of the most profound tracks included on the record and it will definitely resonate with fans; it has an unusual chilling effect that lingers on after the song concludes.

Whiskey N’ Rye’s debut release of their self-titled album is bound to be one of the most notable undertakings of 2014. The album is a unique blend of various rock elements from earlier influences combined with contemporary stylistics making it an all-around phenomenal music find. Though each track on the album displays different aspects of rock, blues, and Americana styles; the band has in fact managed to deliver a striking sound.

Word on the street is that this band puts on one amazing live show; so of course we had to take a peek. Check out this really awesome video of Whiskey N’ Rye performing live.

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Whiskey N’ Rye consists of band members Philip Lindholm, Colin McLaurin, Josh Tvrdy, Nolan Watt, and Marco Longo. Their style can be described as Americana, Roots-Rock, capturing the depth of American tradition and spirit through their music. Having nailed down the top spot for Roots-Rock on Reverbnation, the ban formed in 2013 and continues to do some serious damage with their unparalleled sound. The band’s polished sound comes as no surprise considering three of its members graduated from the world-renowned Berklee School of Music. On a steady upward journey, the band has no plans of stopping and is currently touring sharing their deeply rooted sound with adoring fans.  Hopefully you are lucky enough to catch these born stars live as they are known for lighting up the stage, in the meantime keep up with their latest music, news, and upcoming appearances on the band’s official website

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Get unchained with latest track from Minister G “Freedomtown”

Minister G Freedomtown

Socially Relevant, Painfully Real

Emerging as the voice of the streets, hip hop in its original form was an expression of adversity, struggle, and hope in a system where social constructs raised walls of disparity. Later, artists such as KRS-One utilized their styles to poetically influence and inspire those within the community with empowering lyrics, while other artists such as Tupac and Biggie, illustrated the stark reality of their experiences and that of fellow-men and women of color through their content.

Looking ahead, and presently peering into the current trends in hip hop music, one will find that the commercial presence of the genre does not often bring into focus the social, economic, and culturally relevant discussions of decades past. In fact, the morphing and hybridization of hip hop often conforms to stereotypical constructs that do not necessarily tell any story in particular nor express relatable stories from the streets. Listeners often fail to notice the myriad of misogynistic lyrics, and obscure images of material glorification because they are often paired with a catchy beat, a fun, easy-to-repeat hook, and some added shock value from an exclusive feature. The truth is, although as a society we have made great strides in narrowing certain gaps of imbalance, there are still stories from the other side, and it is often the Indie Artist who seizes the opportunity to tell their story.

Based in Canada, Minister G is leading the movement toward  delivering empowering and meaningful music to fans. His latest release “Freedomtown” off the album ‘Church fo’ da thugz’ speaks unwritten truth to listeners with authenticity, and astute contextual references. The song has all of the components of an underground hood anthem with mainstream energy. Along the journey of his steady climb, Minister G dropped sick bars over an epic hip hop beat while delivering a progressive cadence and polished hook. As Minster G says in “Freedomtown “reality bites hard”; and it certainly does. It takes an impressive artist who has had first hand experience in lending his personal challenges to a creative work, a work that will be appreciated for eons to come.

Having racked up thousands of digital plays and YouTube views, “Freedomtown” candidly addresses scores of issues plaguing communities, especially those of young black males. Where there is often a lack of positive male role models in music, Minister G’s latest project effectively influences and empowers younger fans, inspiring them to approach life from different perspectives; while still acknowledging from whence they have come. The song also works to educate fans and listeners outside of the bubble who may also find themselves in the weeds when it comes to appreciating the value and experiences of those who may have emerged from more humble beginnings.

Check out Minister G’s latest video for “Freedomtown” on YouTube.

Minister G who faced his own challenges as a young Haitian in Miami is now focused on using his music with a purpose and changing lives. The concept of “Freedomtown” was inspired by the critically acclaimed film “Scarface”. Minister G uses it to connect the lives of those in hoods from coast to coast, especially those of immigrants who are often disenchanted upon arriving to a place where discrimination and social boundaries are ever-present; later feeling the need to adopt society’s contrary labels and ideals. His latest album ‘Church fo’ da thugz’, which was mixed by a Grammy-Award winning team of engineers, is anticipated to spark a new wave of socially conscious music.

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Uncover the Origins of American Spirit with Band Hotel Union’s Latest Release “The Highway Ghost”

Hotel Union Highway GhostEmerging from the Roots…

Sometimes the most appealing music is that which is delivered in its most purest form. All too often along the modern soundscape, the sound and feel of music is so saturated with pop culture trends that specific genres are virtually unidentifiable, the content relatively detached from human experience, and the true intent of an artist’s message often overshadowed by bells, whistles, and glamour unrelated to social awakenings. It takes a gifted artist, much like Bob Dylan, who with his musical prowess was able to preserve not only the culture of the American spirit in a time capsule of sorts but, to also inspire others with his music. The modern re-emergence of the indie rock artist is yielding a new generation of singers, songwriters, and musicians who possess an understanding of music’s origins that is not only refreshing but remarkable. They are redefining the status quo and making certain that their voices are heard.

Enters Hotel Union, an All-American rock duo from Portland, Oregon and their latest single “The Highway Ghost” from their upcoming album ‘Youngblood’. Comprised of Matt Brown and Ryan Root, the band is poised to lead the modern-rock and Americana music movement. This comes as no surprise after we stopped by their official website to take a listen to the single. The song conveys the energy and ethos of the American experience. The lyrical composition in unison with acoustic elements, and additional instrumental accompaniment keeps the song deeply rooted within the genre of Americana to deliver its distinct sound. Although the tone and delivery of the song is rather nostalgic, it does offer a modern and youthful feel thus enabling it to appeal to a broad audience.

Lyrically, the song follows the form of folk and country styles as it incorporates elements of storytelling while theHotel Union Band vocals are more rock-based. Through “The Highway Ghost”, the band works to present a relevant picture of an individual’s experience. The musical compositions corresponds directly with the tone and energy of the vocals, conjuring thematic images of the bands’s message. The song is a great listen, reminiscent of gritty dirt-road, rock anthems while capturing the intrinsic nature of All-American youth.

Hotel Union describes their music as a “blend of retrospective rock and modern-day Americana“. They focus on what they call a “crafting process” by which their music is kept simple; the dynamic team writes and composes all of their work exclusively. While both Matt and Ryan are working towards careers in the music industry as songwriters, they have already started making successful gains having received placements on national TV, radio, and a live bill with Grammy Award Winner Macklemore. Hotel Union is currently in the mastering phase of their debut album ‘Young Blood’ The full EP is currently available for listening on

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Journey with Rivers Rubin on His Latest Album “Static on the Water”

Static On The WaterPioneering Artistry

The evolution of folk music over time caused an emergence of contemporary folk artists who have successfully formulated cutting edge sounds while adhering to the traditional distinctions of the genre. The new wave of singer, songwriters, composers, and musicians are not only tech-savvy but posses all of the qualities needed to innovate new styles and pioneer new ways of communicating their art form with the masses. The new age music producer often utilizes unconventional methods to develop and distribute their message. The end result of non-traditional productions underscored by traditional conventions is a contemporary hybrid driven by a synergistic expression of meaningful content.

One of the most successful and unconventional artists today is Singer-Songwriter, and composer Brett Stewart. Stewart  just released his latest project entitled “Static on the Water” using the new moniker “Rivers Rubin”. Rivers’ style on the recent album might be described as eclectically nonconforming and passionately pragmatic. “Static on the Water” is a picturesqe journey through a myriad of emotions and experiences compiled into an elaborate display backed by a meticulous musical composition.

Although stylistically true to form, “Static on the Water” is not your average folk album. Rivers Rubin developed  a unique, conceptual album that connects with listeners through intricate storytelling. Painstakingly, Rubin travels with fans from the introduction to the conclusion lyrically painting vivid images inspiring fans to reach within the depths of their imaginations to truly experience each and every track, while connecting with them on a personal level. Throughout the album debut, fans are introduced to the broad scope of Rivers Rubin as an imagineer, songwriter, and musician who takes his sound to the next level.

No Tall Tales

The tracks on “Static on the Water” are definitely strong conveying flawlessly with each and every play. The tone of the album presents a nostalgic feel of early American spirit in a contemporary voice and folk rock framework. The album opens with “Overture of the Stars” introducing fans to the main character that Rubin identifies as the “Hero” who is encountered throughout the entire album. Rivers Rubin was ingenious to develop the album into a storybook connecting in a cohesive manner, the style of storytelling that folk music is known for. Often times, the tracks on an artist’s albums are seemingly random and do not connect well making it difficult for listeners to follow its meaning. Rubin on the other hand, has nailed the creation of a meaningful conceptual album in a strikingly precise manner.

Rubin is poised to be one of the leading songwriters of our time. The themes delivered on the album are done so in an unambiguous manner with skillfully crafted vocals. The lyrics are gritty and realistic but composed in such a deliberate way that they effectively demonstrate Rubin’s link to music as a whole and his growing relationship between content and his fans. Songs such as “Regretful Valentine” and “Fallen Empires” paint painfully real portraits of human interactions while other tracks such as “I’m Ready, I’m Leaving, I’m Gone” provide a more candid expression of the character’s story while presented in a more upbeat tone, appropriate for the progressive nature of the album. Fans are able to experiences the highs and lows, losses and victories of Rubin’s main character as seen in the title track “Static on the Water”.

Rivers Rubin’s performance in “Static on the Water” is not only lyrically theatrical but musically epic as well. Having not only written all of the songs on the album, he also single-handedly recorded and produced the entire project, a tremendous undertaking for an indie artist. He delivers vibrant guitar accompaniments throughout the entirety of the album, one of the most powerful displayed in “Driving Northside Radio” which captures the essence of the character in the moment of the album. Rubin consistently delivers on each track contained in the album. As mentioned in his album liner notes, Rubin presented a clear beginning and end to his story and it is most certainly worth a listen, played in one sitting to really draw from the albums intricacies.

“Static on the Water” is a carefully crafted work that truly demonstrates River Rubin’s skill not only as a singer-songwriter, and musician, but a musical inventor. The album is a culmination of unconventional technique and unparalleled artistry. Rubin effectively connects with fans on a personal level through the use of imaginative themes and distinct musical compositions. He is truly a millennium artist on the rise possessing the intrinsic ability to develop striking works that influence and inspire.

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Out of This World with The Hubs’ latest EP ‘Welcome to Beyond’

The Hubs The New Alternative

Across the musical soundstage there are young, new masterminds creating their own poignant moments in history. It is often impossible to categorize the sound of these new adventurers as they often extrapolate elements from multiple sound sources, influential predecessors, and new age experiences. They are a creative and rambunctious variety that are full of youthful spirit and a zest for life not seen since the early ages of rock. While stylistically the new wave of sound stays true to the conventions of alternative music; the new breed of rocker ventures far beyond the norm to establish themselves as a musical mainstay.

One youthful and energetic band that is steadily engraving their moment in history is known as The Hubs. Based in Bakersfield, California, The Hubs are set to unleash their latest EP ‘Welcome to Beyond’, a compilation of new age, and 90s inspired alternative tracks. The album features 8 noteworthy tracks that demonstrate the band’s diverse influence and musical prowess. Likened to bands such as Weezer, The Hubs delivers a progressive sound that is far beyond their years.

The EP opens with a raging guitar and drum performance called “Rocketship”, prepping listeners for an intense adventure. It is the perfect introduction to set the tone of the record which consistently delivers an unprecedented amount of masterful compositions, quality vocals, and avid songwriting. Tracks such as “Come Closer” is reminiscent of Modern English’s “I’ll Melt With You” while “Plastic Heart” feels like an early Nirvana sound illustrating the band’s skillful ability to capture the conventions of an alternative album while appealing to a newer generation.

The Hubs -Welcome to Beyond EPLyrically speaking, The Hubs are clearly experiencing an evolution. ‘Welcome to Beyond’ handles a myriad of themes and relatable topics. Although the EP consists of 8 tracks, listeners are able to get a feel for multiple experiences in one neatly packaged delivery. Tracks like “Rut” and “Beyond” are just two of the unexpected surprises included on the EP that offer a different tone and feel. Of course, we cannot give away all of the secrets tucked away in this  record, but fans will take delight in the playful and lighthearted energy that The Hubs bring.

Hailing from sunny Bakersfield, California, The Hubs’ members include Benjamin Montoya on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Tyler Ochart on Lead Guitar, Adam Vargas on Drums, and Alberto Torres on Bass. The band is greatly influenced by 90s alternative rock and power pop rock styles like that of world-renowned band Weezer as well as some blues rock. The band is excited to release their latest EP ‘Welcome to Beyond’, now available for streaming on SoundCloud.

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