Enter the sounds of Jon Yoon: Ukulele Acoustic Artist and his new EP ‘Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things in Between’

Jon Yoon Acoustic Performer

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Unconventional Sound & Style

Sometimes the best music arrives into our world from the most unlikely of places. We are often driven to believe that defining music in terms of its authenticity requires that it conforms to certain standards set by different authors however, music in and of itself is the absolute expression of individuality and creativity. When exploring the earliest forms of music and instruments, we learned that while some instruments were developed with great intricacy, others were very simple in terms of design and function yet, produced an unforgettable sound. Independent artists, working within their distinct frameworks are often able to capture the beauty of unconventional instruments delivering an unmatched sound and style. Singer-Songwriter Jon Yoon is just one of the few artists who have dared to think outside of the box in order to deliver groundbreaking music for his fans.

Seattle musician Jon Yoon has released his latest EP ‘Purple, Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things in Between’, a unique acoustic, and uncut performance. Fans who truly enjoy a thoughtful listening experience will be pleased to know that Jon Yoon uses a ukulele to accompany his vocals throughout the entire album; a refreshing break from hardline rock and metal thrashing. Though seemingly an unlikely instrument of choice for contemporary music makers, the ukulele has a long history that dates back as far as the late 1800s but, it is still used to day in many parts of the world. With a distinct sound, and natural ambiance; the ukulele is the perfect complement to poetic lyrics and lighthearted songwriting. Yoon manages to deliver all of the above and so much more on this surprising and sprightly record.

‘Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things in Between’, written and composed by Jon Yoon is a heartfelt exploration of love, heartache, and resilience. Yoon performs each song on the album with exquisite finesse, articulating his emotion through not only the song lyrics but through each of the chords played on the ukulele. The album is a nice blend of slow, mid-tempo, and upbeat tracks creating a nice dynamic throughout the spin. Although the ukulele has a classic, earthy vibe, Jon’s manipulation of the chords convey a progressive sound that is both appealing and remarkable. The contemporary sound can be heard on the track “Lucky” which delivers more of a catchy pop sound that would easily fit into the mainstream music stage.

An intoxicating listening experience

The EP reveals great strength through the vocal and musical performance as well as the crisp production. Offering fans a broad spectrum of sounds, Jon Yoon’s track “Trouble” is another example of his ability to create an intoxicating listening experience. The performance and songwriting on this particular track possesses a Bruno Mars quality that is not only rare but remarkable by all accounts. “Hey Mariana” is another really powerful and uplifting track that Yoon includes on his EP. Switching gears slightly, this track presents a differing vibe that resembles an acoustic rock performances. The EP consists of 6 tracks in total, all of which are definitely worth a listen.

Having written and composed all of the songs on his EP, Jon Yoon has proven himself to be a stellar songwriter. The lyrics on the album are airy, energetic and delivered with a youthful vigor not seen since the early life of pop music. His unabashed wordplay and amusing themes make even the most heart-wrenching song a joy to listen to. Jon Yoon is defining what the new indie artists will be aspiring to; thinking outside of the box, and creating indelible art through music.

Calling Seattle, Washington home, Jon Yoon is one of the leading Ukulele Acoustic Pop artists of our time. A trained musician, Jon cites influences such as Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, and many others in crafting his distinguished style. In addition to writing original songs and performing some covers of popular music, Jon can often be found entertaining crowds at the Pike Place Market. Visit Jon’s Official Website at www.jonyoonmusic.com for the latest news about his album.

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