Artist John Blake Returns with New Smash Single “Pour It”

John Blake Pour It SingleFollowing closely on the heels of his latest smash single “Your Light (Let it Shine)” featuring Elisa Polanco, author, lyricist, and poet John Blake has released his newest single “Pour it”  featuring Tha Leerix. The track is an uptempo certified club banger laced with slick R&B vocals and intrepid rap lyrics.

With a thorough style not heard since the days of the 69 Boyz and 95 South, John Blake has emerged with what could be described as one of the hottest club tracks of the year. While delivering a certain southern flavor, the song actually transcends stylistic borders and emanates massive appeal. Blake, who is known for his poetic lyricism and in-depth observations will surprise fans with his latest undertaking which conveys through a lighter approach in terms of delivery and theme. Truly an imaginative artist, Blake demonstrates a wide scope of music experience as well as songwriting skill.

Having already coveted hundreds and thousands of digital spins, “Pour It” is a polished production that is cleverly composed in such a manner that it carries a progressive edge not seen in recent track releases from both mainstream and independent hip hop artists. As a pioneering millennial artist, Blake has raised the bar for indie artists, taking his sound to a new level that will be extremely difficult to match. The quality of the production really allows this record to resonate with fans and listeners which is why it is likely ablaze along the digital music-sphere.

Known as one of the most powerful lyricists on the indie circuit, Blake holds nothing back on “Pour It”. The verses are delivered with an authentic personality and energetic breath. His vocal presentation is crisp, clean, and easy to understand. The track which features Tha Leerix appropriately places vocal enhancements and ad libs, complementing the overall sound of the song. The hook does exactly what it is supposed to do, motivating fans and listeners to sing along with infectious prowess.

Blake does a great job of delivering a fun, danceable track, making it perfect for the club, or for thumping in the whip. The lyrical content is relevant making references to everyday experiences that men and women encounter. With a solid hip hop sound blended with R&B vocals, the song is definitely worth a listen and more than a few head nods.

Jonathan Burkett who goes by the moniker John Blake is not just an emcee and his craft extends  far beyond that of your everyday hip hop artist. Hailing from South Florida, John Blake is known for utilizing his unique sound to connect people with all things positive. His release of “Your Light (Let it Shine) featuring Elisa Polanco is a culmination of his unique approach. Sharing a certain emotion through his emotional lyrics, John places his heart on every record enabling fans to share in his views and perspectives. Known for his daring ability to speak his mind and create his own lane divergent from cookie cutter artists, John Blake is poised to be the voice of a new generation emerging in hip hop.

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Acclaimed Guitarist & Vocalist Robert Valdes is Back with New Album ‘Return of The Rock’ -Pre-Order on iTunes


Master of Musical Design

There are artists who sing well, and there are artists who are capable of moving fans. The difference, is that the artist who moves fans is able to artistically create an individual style that is driven by an infectious sound and rooted in stimulating lyrical content. While this master of musical design may meet the traditional conventions of a specific genre, they are always experimenting with new sounds, staying ahead of the trends, and constantly evolving as an artist. Musicians of this caliber are rare and come along once ever so often. If you are lucky enough to come across one, it is certain that their songs will leave a lasting impression. Their projects often eclipse the lines of time; creating their own evolution one song at a time.

An artist that has mastered the challenge of creating timeless music is Robert Valdes, a rock vocalist and guitarist based in San Francisco, California. Having just released his long-awaited album ‘Return of The Rock’ on iTunes, Robert is positioned to be one of the greatest acts of our time. His critically acclaimed single “Over” is an emotional journey embarked upon with absolute abandon. The song provides a gripping look into relationships in the wake of difficult decisions. Valdes delivers a powerful vocal performance intertwined within an epic music arrangement. Reminiscent of artists such as Bryan Adams, Valdes hits chords that are absolutely out of this world, further intensifying the effect of the song’s message.

The Musical Journey

As an accomplished guitarist, Valdes shares with fans his longstanding relationship with music through “Over”. In addition to romantically composed piano chords, Valdes’ guitar performance rips throughout the song with a fervor, including a solo midway through the track. It is impossible not to be moved by the emotionally charged composition blending lead and background vocals into the vivacious accompaniment. Not only does the musical score bring fans into Valdes’ distinctive sound but the songwriting in “Over” reveals an artist that has created his own movement within the progressive rock domain.

Look for the upcoming worldwide release of Robert Valdes’ album ‘Return of The Rock’ scheduled for release on March 24th, 2014. Pre-Order your copy of ‘Return of the Rock’ on iTunes.

The critically acclaimed first single, ‘Over’ is available as the instant Grat Track and can be downloaded immediately. Pre-order your copy today! For more details visit Robert’s Official Website.

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Indie Alternative Band Hemy & Marshall Climb Music Charts with EP Title Track “Rise & Fall”

Hemy & Marshall Rise & Fall“Rise & Fall” the title track from Indie Alternative band Hemy & Marshall’s latest EP (Rise and Fall) is lighting up the international soundstage. The Australian trio has collectively delivered an unblemished model of musical prowess. Although the band mixes it up on the indie scene, their latest project has all of the makings of a mainstream hit; which is probably why the song has tucked away thousands of plays in just a short while. The musical composition, songwriting, and vocals work in a cohesive manner to produce an exceptional example of soulful expression and imagination.

“Rise & Fall”, released just before Christmas is beautifully underscored by rich piano chords, amplified by full background vocals, and intensified by a fierce guitar performance. The score takes on a life of its own, carefully enveloping fans into an ultimate listening experience. With a moderate tempo, the track is an easy listen but transitions effectively to capture the energetic nature of the vocals. The arrangement reaches deep within the heart and soul of indie music making it a fantastic digital discovery to add to your collection.

The band delivers lucid storytelling with vivid expression very much like that of a country song but, the lead vocalist’s energy behind the lyrics is of a rebellious and unruly nature often seen in alternative styles. The lyrics are not only well crafted but they are of a tuneful variety; encouraging the listener to either sing along or ferociously press replay. “Rise & Fall” overall is an inspiring production that delivers purposeful content and a relevant message.

Hailing from Australia, Hemy & Marshall is an inventive band that continues to grow their imprint on music’s international map. The band which is currently ranked at #3 on Australia’s Indie Alternative Charts on Reverbnation, features Hemy on vocals, Marshall on acoustic guitar, and Aaron on guitar. With numerous live performances under their belt, and an online fan base that is bursting at the seams, Hemy & Marshall are setting the precedent for indie artists worldwide. Listen to the latest single from Hemy & Marshall on SoundCloud.

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Tiffini Truth Ignites with Her Latest Track F.E.A.R.

Tiffini Truth FEARWhat do you get when you mix an industrial power tool with a gorgeous contortionist who just so happens to be a singer-songwriter? Our guess is one electrifying display of artistic expression. The artist is Tiffini Truth; the song is “F.E.A.R”, and the end result is an extraordinary exhibition of performance art and sound.

The Canadian vocalist, who is known for showstopper performances recently released a video on YouTube for her single “F.E.A.R.” which stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Performing eerily poignant lyrics over a dark rock track, Tiffini describes her sound fittingly as Industrial Blues, an emerging genre that has pioneered to set itself apart from commercial rock and metal music. With a name moniker equally as appropriate, Tiffini Truth dares to explore content that many artists are too craven to address.

Lyrically speaking, F.E.A.R. wades on the darker side of the currently muddy waters which exist in popular genres. Truth delivers an evocative performance that is void of worldly inhibitions which allows the song to act as an exhilarating  burst of reality.

Check out F.E.A.R. from Tiffini Truth

Truth incorporates the grinding sound of metal through out the song which adds to the dark and gritty ambiance of the track along with hollow banging drums and instrumentals. Vocal distortions underscore the lead creating an unearthly sound possessing the power to beguile the listener. Tiffini Truth has done a fine job of drawing on her experiences as a performance artist into her music while delivering a powerful  message.

Tiffini Truth is a Grind Artist who performs at live events, using an industrial grinder against metal to create a spectacular display of flying embers to the beat of metal music. One of very few artists of this kind, she has taken her craft to the next level by composing and writing her own music. Truth has been featured in numerous publications, has performed at many venues, and has a growing collection of media including photos and videos, available for her fans.

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Bringing Self-Expression Center Stage: Arts Out Loud Event at BailaFuzion Dance Studio

Band Dear Adamus

Band Dear Adamus

Marquita Bianca, sought after performance artist and owner of BailaFuzion Dance Studio along with published author and spoken word poet Terell K. Mercer teamed up to present “Arts Out Loud: Diversity in the Arts Showcase”, the first in a monthly series.  The Friday night event was held inside of the beautifully designed BailaFuzion Dance Studio on Holland Road, in Virginia Beach. “Arts Out Loud” or A.O.L. is an intimate gathering that showcases a number of artistic styles including spoken word, poetry, music, dance, and the visual arts.

While held in a cozy setting with an eclectic ambiance,  the event featured an array of talented artists based in Hampton Roads, affectionately known as the “757” or “7 Cities” by locals. Highlighted performers of the evening included author and spoken word artist Susette “Sdot”, poet Beautiful Dizaster, Champ the Poet, and band Dear Adamus. In addition, the work of visual artist Andre Davis was on display and is currently being exhibited during the month of February in the studio. Each artist brought a unique flavor to the showcase, sharing with the captured audience, some of the stories behind their work.

The event provided a constructive platform for the young artists to share, collaborate, and network in a supportive environment. The venue was filled with attendees who eagerly awaited each special guest and welcomed them to the stage with plenty of encouragement and a great deal of love. The artistic elements presented, effectively delivered a 4-dimensional gallery of creative expression in an interactive setting.

If you are looking for a unique and entertaining night out, definitely check out Arts Out Loud: Diversity in the Arts Showcase every month at BailaFuzion Dance Studio.

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2014 Grammys: When Certain Lines in Music Become A Little Too Blurred

HIP HOPAs an underground Hip Hop artist extraordinaire and songwriter in my past life, watching annual music awards shows was always a given. Nevermind the freakishly overt attempts to be extra-weird, the Grammys by far were my favorite because it was expected that I would get to see my favorite songs of the year performed live by my favorite artists. I would, in my expansive Indie Hip Hop artist mind, imagine that I would some day approach the stage with some trendsetting, urban attire to accept an award with my crew beside me. Finally, the world would take notice of all of our hard work! Back then, it took a great deal of work to make it to center stage. Afterall, we had barely stretched far enough for our music to reach an entire coast but still we worked.

We were underground because we were truly different; our music told stories from different walks of life, our music inspired change, our music empowered, our music was born from influences like KRS One, Erik B. and Rakim, GZA, Nas, Black Thought, and Biggie. We were anti-commercial, yet wanted to garner all of the fame and success that comes along with what else? A commercial hit.

Above all else, we were Hip Hop. My crew, consisting of the most raw talent would spit elaborate bars spontaneously; yet somehow it all made sense; we could relate, and we had a purpose. My crew, would collaborate and create, joining minds to develop sounds that trumped any sing-song pseudo rap by a pop culture celebrity. Our tales were unbelievably real as they were drawn from our experiences as young scholars, teachers, minorities, artists, friends, children, siblings, lyrical scientists, as we navigated through the muddy waters of life, aspiring to be successful, overcoming social adversity and stereotypes, wishing to have influence, possessing hushed voices needing to be heard. We were not narrowly focused on one style, our mixed influences and exposure to multiple genres were evident in our sound therefore creating a hybrid of honest music from the streets but, always staying true to the underground. We didn’t pop bottles and push whips although it would have been grand. We instead envisioned, we dreamed, we wrote, we created, we produced, embracing our own climb to wisdom through music.

So, I get young artist Lorde‘s attempt at “keeping it real”, with her single “Royals” yet, somehow hearing it rotated on urban Hip Hop stations makes me cringe if not feel the overwhelming need to vomit as do many of today’s mega hip hop hybrids that excel to the top of the charts. Often times, these songs are truly meaningless, overproduced, and so overpowered by bubble gum popping beats that you would expect from a children’s jingle instead of a true work of art. I understand the need of an artist to chart their own path and “stand out from the rest”, but when you haven’t a clue about the origins of a genre neither through direct experience or taking the time to learn it, what you end up with is a lack of authenticity, which is exactly what the song “Royals” represents.

While it is clever to poke fun at those who enjoy popping bottles of Cristal and pushing Maybach’s, while shinning up some gold fronts and then finally deciding to write a rap song about it; I’d have to wonder about a 17-year old who basically has aspired to do the same. Imagine, a neophyte, attempting to make a statement, while making a mockery of thousands before her.  Had artists before her time not ventured down the road of shiny whips and new kicks,  young Lorde would not have had the content needed to write her hit song, a song that is about as far from Hip Hop as Miley Cyrus’ single “We Can’t Stop”. Word of advice, perhaps you can’t stop, but you probably should. Rocking faux fronts, big ass hoops, and twerking is about as far removed from hip hop as a gothic-like comedian insinuating that their music is more real than that of the “wanna be royals”. Let’s face it, it isn’t music that matters, its money and in the grand scheme of things, many artists today are extremely in the dark, or are they?

From windy blocks in New York City where b-boys and b-girls battled it out with boom boxes on full-blast, to emcees beatboxing in the subways while their herringbone chains swayed in unison, to cypher battles at underground shows, the lines of Hip Hop have indeed become a little too blurred (no pun intended). From a sound that supposedly incited violent acts and rage against the police in the “hood”, music once considered evil and a bad influence, all the way to the kids in the midwest who embraced artists like Eminmen, making hip hop somehow more acceptable, the lines of Hip Hop have blurred.  With varying shades of black, to grey, and white, yet somewhere along these traces lies a world of misunderstanding, lack of knowledge, and lack of unity that the music and culture was once deeply rooted in. We continue to incorrectly categorize, creating sub-genres, of sub-genres of a style that when it was in its most uncut form, provided a voice of empowerment for those that may not have otherwise had one. Now overshadowed by comic relief from remote islands, oceans away, in an age where a single Top40 hit that garners enough spins can place a once unknown face in the forefront of influence, on the worlds hip hop stage, the lines have certainly been crossed. With the money and fame earned at the expense of music’s pioneers, the silencing of Indie artists struggling to make it to the top, what is the message that will be sent to the masses, and how will it be received?

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Single “It Ain’t Easy” from Singer-Songwriter J.P. Kallio’s Upcoming Album ‘Northern Boy’

J.P. Kallio It Ain't EasyWe are excited to announce that Finnish born singer-songwriter, and master guitarist J.P. Kallio unleashed his first single “It Ain’t Easy” from his debut solo album Northern Boy which is due to be released on March 25th 2014. Kallio who has been songwriting and playing music since he was very young is known for playing with bands Silotar and Boneyard Bastards. His recent project however, highlights the exceptional musical gifts that J.P. Kallio is known for.

“It Ain’t Easy” blends with great care the folk, country, and acoustic rock genres into a synergistic work of heartfelt expression. Kallio’s guitar performance compliments his unique and extraordinary vocal skill. It is evident that J.P. Kallio is not only an outstanding vocalist and instrumentalist but a skilled songwriter as well. As an indie artist, he has mastered the perfect combination necessary to deliver a fantastic performance.

J.P. Kallio successfully navigates through the hills and valleys of storytelling in “It Ain’t Easy” with blunt realism. If there has never been a wake up call heard ‘round the world, Kallio has just made one….so fans take note. Although a bittersweet dose of real-life, the track is mysteriously loveable. It is most fascinating because of the perspective from which the story of dying love is told. There are plenty of surprises but, we can’t give away all the secrets so you’ll have to take a listen.  Although the lyrics rouse feelings of sadness and pain, they are in actuality quite empowering for anyone facing difficult decisions in a relationship. Fans will appreciate the connection between the lyrics, storytelling, and their personal experiences through the scope of the artist. There is nothing more powerful than an artist’s ability to connect with their fans on a deeper level and of course to create meaningful content that provokes and inspires; J.P. Kallio has done just that.

J.P. Kallio who is based in Dublin, has performed at numerous venues and with several bands throughout his musical career. With the upcoming release of his debut album, Kallio continues to write more songs than he can count, often times capturing a single moment, unrehearsed, and unplugged. We are just so pleased that he has chosen to share these moments with his fans. If you are eagerly anticipating the release of J.P. Kallio’s debut album, like we are, mark your calendar for March 25, 2014. In the meantime, take a listen to his latest single “It Ain’t Easy” on SoundCloud. If you haven’t jumped on this talented artist’s fanwagon, join him as  fan on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @jpkalliomusic.

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