Get to Know Marcus M-Positive Parker: Professional Life Coach and Founder of Driven Entertainment

Marcus M-Positive ParkerImagine the possibilities when you blend motivating and inspiring messages with rap music. If you really consider the power of rap and hip-hop music, its astronomical success and influence is immeasurable. In the wake of what some consider to be the most troubled of times, one Texan has worked tirelessly to encourage young people through personal testimony.

Marcus “M-Positive” Parker, a motivational speaker, motivational rap artists, certified professional life coach, and published author has taken on the daunting task of empowering youth through music. Having overcome his own trials, “M-Positive” has risen the ranks in the local community as a philanthropist and proven leader. He delivers what he calls “Motivational Rap”, a sound-byte that is free from foul language but includes true stories of survival in the face of adversity.

We checked in recently to take a listen to his recent release of the single “Long Time Coming” from his latest album ‘Motivational Rap, Ten Years Underground’ and took to the net to find out even more about this influential artist. Marcus has been featured in publications such as Crush Magazine and has published several books such as ‘The Product’, ‘The Final Product’ and ‘Secret to Selling Your Music Online’. His story is one of triumph when all odds seemed against him. From a difficult upbringing, Marcus emerged with a greater purpose; dedicated to using his story to change lives.  Check out this YouTube Video we dug up on M-Positive

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Marcus “M-Positive” Parker releases new chart-topping motivational smash hit “Long Time Coming”

Marcus M-Positive Parker Hip-hop, much like other styles of music functions to serve numerous purposes through its intent, lyrical content, and overall delivery. While for some it is merely a form of entertainment, for others it is an outlet to express their aversion to social constructs. Rap music, often correlated with the glorification of materialism drugs, sex, money, misogynistic views, and metaphors of violence and loathing has been unfortunately credited for many social ills and toxic messages that are sprinkled throughout the fabric of youths.  From those already impoverished to those who are highly privileged, and everyone in between, the impact of rap music is indelible. The truth is, there is another side of the art-form that considers a more positive stance when distributing lyrically relevant content to the most impressionable members of our communities.

While symphonies from the streets have earned their place among the most popular rap tracks in history, often enticing pliable minds with lucid imagery and salacious lyrics, there are a few artists who have enlisted the viral power of rap to wield the influence of positive energy and empowering messages. Best-selling author, motivational speaker, and lyricist Marcus “M-Positive” Parker is an artist that is using his music to preserve the community-oriented roots of rap where lyrics inspired and empowered. His latest release “Long Time Coming” from his album ‘Motivational Rap-Ten Years Underground’  is a pertinent observation on the direct impact that negative influences have had upon individuals struggling to find success in a world saturated with counterproductive experiences.

“Long Time Coming”,  a laid back track is delivered with unwavering truth and remarkable lyrical content. M-Positive sends a message of individuality, independent thinking, and resilience in the wake of tribulation. He clearly illustrates a well-defined purpose through each and every verse along with the resonating hook “…and all of my problems and hard times almost drove me insane but, still I had to try and maintain”. Without conforming to the commercial toxicity that has polluted airwaves over the last decades, Marcus conjures up a rare and refreshing perspective on life through the vessel of rap. With a distinct southern style beat and mellow cadence, the track will strike a chord with fans who are looking for a rousing piece of work that will uplift and motivate.

As a Texas native and certified underground artist, Marcus “M-Positive” Parker is an best-selling author, lyricist, motivational rap performer and speaker. His critically acclaimed music has been a positive force in the lives of the youth that he influences for over 10 years. Encouraging youth and teens to remain positive in the face of adversity, he has spoken and performed at numerous schools in Texas. Marcus has been featured in a multitude of publications, magazines, and on countless radio shows. His music has reached over 500,00 YouTube subscribers and the number continues to grow. Learn more about Marcus on his website


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New Music Video “Your Light (Let it Shine)” from Artist John Blake featuring Elisa Polanco

JohnBlakePicThere is no doubt that music is a powerful force in influencing society. Considering the viral success of Pharrel’s single “Happy”, music and video have connected people on a global scale in ways that one could never have imagined in the past. Independent artists are no exception when it comes to innovating imaginative ways to extend their reach and touch souls. Songwriter and recording artist John Blake has just released a video for his critically acclaimed single “Your Light (Let it Shine)” featuring Elisa Polanco. The video brings to life motivation and inspiration behind the single which was released earlier this year.

Blake’s latest release exemplifies his vast scope of creativity as an artist, his ability to relate with fans in order to share his influential message, and his tenacity for performing far above the industry standards. The song which holds its own lyrically sends a chilling message about faith against adversity. The performance of John Blake along with Elisa Polanco speaks volumes about the depth of today’s pioneering artists. They are turning the tables on the mainstream while at the same time delivering a sound that undoubtedly appeals to pop culture followers.  Blake as a lyricist and songwriter is breaking molds and setting trends with his distinct and revolutionary style.

The video conveys razor sharp production and high-definition imagery. The production translates the uplifting message of the lyrics effectively while not only entertaining but touching on the core issues that are affecting individuals, families, and communities all over. As a voice of the people, John Blake shares a message of hope and  healing for the discouraged and manages to do so with an ever-present swagger that is often unseen among many aspiring artists. Fans will easily identify with the characters portrayed in the video and walk away feeling positively impacted. Check out John’s debut video on VEVO for “Your Light (Let it Shine)” featuring songstress Elisa Polanco.

On a steady climb upwards, John Blake is making a tremendous impact in the lives of those for whom his music touches. He is setting a new precedence for hip hop artists and empowering those in the world around him. He is a voice of today, producing a sound that is destined to transcend time and remain as an influential force in the future. Look for more information on artist John Blake on his official website

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Transcending time: ‘For The Love of Music’ the new album from recording artist LiJames The Chosen sets the bar

LiJames The ChosenThere are few emcees that are able to transcend time. Those who do prove to be the most influential forces in our culture. A force to be reckoned with today is hip hop artist  LiJames The Chosen who just released his latest project ‘For The Love of Music’. The album is a definitive street symphony that speaks volumes about the current climate of society. The Chosen, a name given by his mother has gifted music fans with a crystal clear visuals and lyrical mastery not seen since the era of artists such as Tupac. ‘For The Love of Music’ is a progressive spin on the underground sound that catapulted hip hop to the mainstream decades ago. Evidence of LiJames’ musical influences and avid study of legendary emcees and musicians permeates throughout each and every track. LiJames The Chosen is redirecting hip hop fans to the long-awaited socially conscious origins of hip hop music.

‘For the Love of Music’ explores a myriad of themes on each of the album tracks. LiJames’ perspective throughout the album is not only genuine but refreshing. Like spoken word, the lyrical content is powerful, poetic, and driven by bona fide experiences that are faced everyday. His delivery radiates a voice of maturity and experience that is not often heard within the sounds of independent recording artists. Trudging through the lyrical battlefield, LiJames covers topics ranging from race relations and class to relationships, incarceration to world issues. In the album, he grapples with some of the toughest issues facing our nation, and does so from a highly relative perspective.

The critically acclaimed album which is already receiving rave reviews, has some really powerful tracks that will resonate with listeners. The track “Looking Out My Window” is gritty track that provides a view into a world that few who are on the outside can truly understand. The fact that an emcee can skillfully share the inner-workings of our culture is a symbol of the excellence that an artist like LiJames lends to the movement.

Another powerful track that will reverberate with fans is “Child Slavery” which exemplifies the depth of LiJames’ observations on world issues. Throughout his tracks, he shines light on the subject matter that is seemingly too politically incorrect to address in our current sphere. He switches up the tone of the album with the track “Life is Beautiful” which is a motivating anthem that inspires and influences a positive thought process. “Chocolate Girl” on the other hand, is a candid track that pays homage to natural sisters of the world, a nice diversion from the heavier content included on the album. The lyrical content on the album is balanced well in combination with the delivery and production.

Production on ‘For The Love of Music’ is among the strongest unleashed this year. There are some tracks that have a nostalgic feel such as “What A Shame” and “Knowledge is Power” while tracks such as “Remember Me” have a more progressive mainstream sound. The album incorporates skits, audio clips, and news footage to emphasize the overall story, working effectively to connect the content with current events and subsequently with the listeners. LiJames delivers phenomenal vocal quality in conjunction with a flawless flow. The album is a diverse collaboration that encompasses the authentic voice of underground hip hop but, conveys with the precision of a mainstream production.

Often compared to artists such as Nas, LiJames The Chosen has already been buzzing in the minds of loyal fans in the Big Apple and across the world, as his latest album has coveted thousands of digital downloads. Having jumpstarted his music life as a young kid listening to ciphers on the block, LiJames The Chosen, influenced by other neighborhood emcees later forged his own path to lyrical greatness. Given the middle name of “The Chosen” by his mother, it became early on that LiJames would find amazing experiences on the horizon. With an inclination for performance, his journey has led him to be one of the most sought after artists of our time.

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Need real hip hop? Look no further than the latest single “Soul Searching” by Emcee “Hemanifezt”

hemanifezt photoThe unique characteristics of hip hop have enabled it to evolve over time influencing numerous sub-genres. Although during this evolution, many commercial artists have drifted far way from empowering and socially aware tracks, indie artists who function outside of the mainstream still embrace strong lyrical content. Our artist of the week, Hemanifezt is an artist that delivers thought-provoking content through his work. His latest digital release is a single called “Soul Searching”. The track is bares a close resemblance to hip hop of the early to mid-90s when the lyrical content of hip hop was rich in-depth and cultural relevance and the music was influenced by soulful, retro-funk sounds, and earlier R&B music.

“Soul Searching” is a picturesque analysis of hip hop’s influence on life in one form or another. Hemanifezt brings some personal experiences into the lyrical storyboard illustrated on the track. He speaks to his listeners from an inspirational and motivational perspective. Through the track he has a powerful connection with fans and it is evident that he is a seasoned lyricist. His style can be described as Wu-Tang meets Common with a strong dose of Guru in that it reaches a deeper level requiring fans to truly engage with the music not only because of the sound but because of the thematic content. Early rap music in its infancy was often politically and socially conscious branded with haunting underground beats, paying homage to leaders and rebels who shaped and empowered the masses, making it stand out with such distinction that few could replicate it’s design effectively. Now, with the dawn of a new generation of hip hop enthusiasts upon us, Hemanifezt is likely to be one of the most empowering lyricists to bless the digital music-sphere.


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Powerful release “Changes” from John Blake Inspires

John BlakeEveryone has experienced those times when it seems as if the world is upon their shoulders and everything is going wrong. The desire to give up can be overwhelming but, there are times when we are at our lowest points and the only thing that can lift us up out of our darkest hour is a song. One artist has heard the voices of those who face struggle and has decided to share his response of encouragement and enlightenment.

Songwriter and recording artist John Blake joined forces with Elisa Polanco to deliver another earth moving track called “Changes”, a song that is emotionally stirring and inspiring by all accounts. The latest from a series of singles dropped this year, John selflessly opens his heart to the world once again evoking power through music.

Elisa sings on the hook “Everything changes, let go and give it a try, don’t let your life pass you by”, a memorable and relevant statement especially in the face of the most difficult struggles faced by many on a daily basis. John Blake who is recognized for reaching out to his fans through his music in a very direct and personal manner demonstrates his ability to address the issues that affect humanity at its core.

The daunting reality is that mainstream recording artists often avoid engaging with weighty issues that affect society in their music thus leading to a lack of connectivity with those most in need of strong, positive influences. Outside the world of materialistic glorification, glitz and glamour exist regular people who face everyday challenges looking for artists that they can relate to. John Blake, who is embarking on his own road to fame through raw authenticity is the artist of our generation that will motivate, inspire, and address the good, the bad, and the ugly much like Tupac and Biggie did in their time.

“Changes” is a powerful song that is capable touching of a multitude of individuals from various walks of life. The song is an easy listen with a flavor reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s before commercial hip-hop ventured slightly away from socially conscious productions. Blake delivers flawless bars and pertinent lyrical content while Elisa Polanco connects the verses with a contemporary R&B hook. From a motivating stance, the song is possibly one of the most inspirational collaborations of the year. Although the song is moving, the production yields a formidable secular presentation thus enabling it to reach a broad spectrum of listeners.

It is evident that John Blake is on a mission and is making moves with his music which never fails to deliver. “Changes” is a sleek production with exceptional vocal and sound quality. Blake’s songwriting is virtually unrivaled when considering the current plight of the independent artist and the lack of original content distributed to the masses. The intent and purpose behind Blake’s music is not only placing him among the most sought after artists of today but it is changing lives one by one.

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International pop star Virginia Bright shines with her latest single “Coz You Are”

Virginia Bright Grammy

International Pioneering Pop Artist

This week we traveled abroad to discover international pop sensation Virginia Bright. It is not often that you come across an artist that is able to deliver such a diverse and eclectic flavor through their music, but when they do, it is worth venturing further to understand the origins of their unprecedented sound. International pop artist Virginia Bright has just released her latest single “Coz You Are”, a powerful master-mix of high energy music and luscious vocals. Considered a pioneering artist of her time, Virginia Bright has clearly knocked down barriers on an international scale having gained fame and notoriety as not only a singer, but also as an actress, dancer and film producer. A native of Madrid, Spain, Bright has maintained a stronghold on the industry from Europe all the way to the United States.

“Coz You Are” is the quintessential feel good song with a vibrant energy that is similar to Pharell’s song “Happy”. Virginia successfully joins elements of her Spanish roots, Afro-Latin rhythms, and modern dance flare to deliver a fun-loving track with massive international appeal. Bright has established herself as a cutting-edge performer and artist with a groundbreaking sound and style. Through her latest track she welcomes fans new and old into her radiant world with finesse and charm.

Having already been deemed an international icon in the Afro-European music scene, Bright’s latest release is a glimpse into the massive powerhouse whose music is drawn from her personal journey. Virginia shares with fans, a heartfelt look into self-discovery through “Coz You Are”. Although the song carries a light and breathless tune, Bright said that the song expresses the discovery of oneself and beauty through the eyes of another. She describes the song as being about “Unconditional love-the whole you, mind, body, and soul..where life is all like a big rainbow full of color.” She said “then is when I understood we are all one.”  The song’s lyrics truly do express the subtle nuances of self-actualization in a positive and energetic way. Bright allows fans to travel with her along a vivid journey full of imagery and delight, a journey that will not soon be forgotten.

In a time where many people are struggling to find inner peace,  failing to realize the true beauty that lies within, Virginia Bright has courageously reached out to fans, relating to them in such a way that is to be recognized and commended. Often times it is an uplifting song that reflects on the experiences of humanity that truly creates life changing events. What better way to touch the world and make a difference than through music, and Virginia Bright is doing just that.

Check out the video for “Coz You Are” on YouTube.


While not only sharing her personal experiences with fans through music, Virginia is dedicated to giving back to her community as well. A portion of the proceeds from “Coz You Are” will be distributed to her top 3 charities, Forward Organization, Pink for Africa, and the FAM Foundations.  Bright says “I wanted to do it this way, because it drives me and motivates me much more, in knowing that per download people make of my music or purchase of any of my merchandising related to “Coz You Are” we altogether will be making a huge contribution and great difference in the lives of many children and women out there.”

Recognized as a singer, dancer, actress, and film producer, Virginia Bright got her start in music very early playing the accordion and touring around Madrid with a band. Having performed an all girl-group, and a gospel group, she later secured performances on Spanish TV programming and performed back up vocals for popular artists such as Amparo Sandino. Her unique texture of musical styles has ushered her into opportunities such as performing for the “Don Omar, King of Reggaeton” concert as well as appearances at numerous venues around Europe. Known for fusing together hip-hop, salsa, jazz, pop, Zouk Makosa, and Buleria, Virginia Bright is affectionately known as Queen La. V. Now based in Los Angeles, California, Bright is poised to lead the international music scene with an ever-present energy that is not only essential in today’s music scene, but unequivocally surpassing all competition.

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