Lighting Up Indie Rock: A Look into ‘Neon’ the New Album from VITNE

VITNE NEON ALBUM From continent to continent, VITNE fans are on fire with excitement for the release of the metal rocker’s latest album Neon. 80’s hair band lovers will definitely want to strap up for the album’s wildly nostalgic ride. Reminiscent of bands like Poison, Kiss and Van Halen, VITNE’s sound transcends time and musical space with the greatest of ease. Hop on your motorcycle, dust off those chaps, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

One word to describe the album Neon would be “highspeed”. The sound, deeply rooted in ripping guitars and powerful vocals will take fans on a full-bodied journey filled with vivid imagery and detailed storytelling. The album, although comprised of high energy, upbeat compositions, VITNE does deliver a few surprises for fans, shedding light on the artist’s breadth of musical diversity and influences. The popular single “Silhouette” is a beautifully composed listening experience with a slower tempo. The word around the rockosphere is that videos for the  singles “Silhouette” and “Destroyer”  off the Neon album have amassed over 10,000 YouTube views and counting since their debut.

VITNENeon is a righteous mix of metal, electronic, and acoustic sounds with an illustrious retro vibe and contemporary appeal. It is a “feel good” album that is an absolute must have for rock collectors and metal aficionados. From the depth of VITNE’s songwriting to the musical composition and high-quality production, Neon is an exceptional work of art and skill.

VITNE, who got an early start as a young musician lists influences such as Elvis Presley, Kiss, and Mötley Crüe. From his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina to now living in Norway, VITNE is poised to dominate the rock world’s landscape with an ever-present fury.

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