Travel out of this world with the latest single “Constellations” from October Spree, now available on iTunes.

October Spree Constellations

The music has landed…

Somewhere between earth and beyond musical space lies the electronic artist October Spree. Drawing fans in to a delightful sound journey with his latest release titled “Constellations”, October Spree delivers an ultramodern love song that is tailored with impeccable production and exceptionally clever lyrical skill. With a sound that is reminiscent of the Owl City project, October Spree’s latest production is a remarkably spirited fusion of nostalgic ambiance and advanced, electronic elements joined together to uncover a revolutionary underground movement.

Although “Constellations” is an electronica track, it conveys well as a mainstream pop hit or easy listening contemporary track with added flare. The songs synthesized elements are reflective of early dance music, making it a versatile favorite that will appeal to a wide range of listeners spanning across many different musical preferences. The song comfortably meets and exceeds the influential sound for which electronic music is famously known for.

The vocal delivery on the track is presented with boyish charm and youthful energy yet, the lyrics speak to a deeper experience of a seasoned songwriter. October Spree does an excellent job of using metaphors to express the theme of the song, connecting the whimsical sound composition to the overall message.  Check out October Spree’s lyric video on YouTube for a closer look.

October Spree has done a phenomenal job delivering an innovative tapestry of sound through his latest single “Constellations”. The song which has already received accolades from around the digital music sphere is an enjoyable listen with a strong mainstream appeal. As the digital spins and downloads continue to swell, it evident that October Spree is an artist to watch for in 2014. Get the latest news and information on the Official October Spree Facebook Page.

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Explore the World with DJ & Producer Glender’s Newest Album “Lost in My Musical Memories”

Glender-Lost in My Musical MemoriesConnecting the world…

House music is probably one of the most instrumental styles by which an artist is able to constantly innovate new sounds, and sub-genres. The music not only possesses the ability to electrify a dance party but it offers an international appeal that may be considered second to none. It is truly a universal style, that when mastered, delivers an unprecedented amount of cultural relevance in music. Dance music is driven most often not by the lyrics or words, but by the conscious expression of energy and emotion through sound. This type of music requires a deeper examination into the style, initiating dialog and provoking thought. While many dance music composers and producers narrow their scope to one particular sound, there are few that expand their reach far beyond continental lines to create noteworthy and inspiring music.

International DJ and Producer  Glender is one such artist who has successfully garnered worldwide acclaim for his gifted artistry. After eight years, the highly regarded artist has released his most recent album titled ‘Lost in My Musical Memories’, a project that is jam-packed with heart thumping, high energy tracks. The album, written and produced by Glender for Niraya World, is an eclectic mix of original, experimental sounds and styles that take listeners on a virtual excursion across the world’s soundstage. The track “Far Away from Home”, is a poignant work, with a fitting title that captures the energy of the album. Listeners will truly feel that they have ventured away to parts unknown with each and every single one of Glender’s tracks.

Through each song on ‘Lost in My Musical Memories’, Glender captures the nuances in culture from various walks, in life, places, and faces throughout the album. Opening with the track “South Africa”, Glender welcomes fans with a bouncy drum beat, while incorporating some realistic animal and nature sounds, literally taking listeners into the outdoors. The track maintains a steadily high energy beat, later presenting soulful female vocals and wind instruments. “La Vida” , another exuberant track, also utilizes an infectious drum beat incorporated with Spanish male vocals to present a global sound mix while “Latin Side” is a more progressive sounding piece where the clave collides with jazzy piano chords.

Glender displays his diversity as an artist on tracks such as “Zi Zhu Xiao” where he transports listeners to the continent of Asia where the sounds offer a nostalgic ambiance, inspiring not only the audio but visual use of imagination to appreciate the cultural elements of the music. Glender works proficiently to blend multiple elements and effects into a remarkably powerful listening experience. Without uncovering all of the many surprises that Glender has in store for fans, we would certify this album as a digital “must have”.

Glender’s album is a carefully processed delivery of  artistic ingenuity and cutting edge sounds that work effectively to connect listeners with the sights and sounds of the global landscape. ‘Lost in My Music Memories’ is not just a high-energy dance album, it tells a unique story, sharing with fans a personal journey that is not only physically moving but, thoughtfully inspiring. Check out a preview of Glender’s latest album on SoundCloud.

As a world-renowned DJ and producer, Glender has worked with many labels including Stereo Productions, Baroque, Sreet King, Aenaria, 4Kenzo, TKC Music, Magna, and more. His latest undertaking ‘Lost in My Music Memories’ was released on Niraya World and is already receiving rave reviews. Hailing from Portugal, he has dominated just about nearly all of the continents through his popular style. He is truly an international powerhouse, performing all over the world and entertaining over 20,000 people at Mexico’s ‘Festival de Corazon’ where he continued to grow in notoriety. With a growing list of artist productions under his belt, his latest album is on a brazen climb up the charts where he is currently holding strong in multiple house categories and sub-genres. Keep up with Glender on his Official Website:

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Producer & Composer Danny Blesses Fans with Latest Track “Amazing Grace”


International Influence.

If there were a race to determine which style of music is most likely to evoke change in an atmosphere, house music would certainly take the lead. With an influential power like no other, the music truly exemplifies the notion that music is indeed universal. The genre is embraced on an international scale, incorporated into many commercial tracks, and, often acts as a soundtrack in multiple arenas, our favorite being the club. Although stylistically the sound is readily recognizable, it takes a special artist to utilize genre specific characteristics along with advanced technology, and experimental qualities to deliver a ground-breaking sound.

Enters Serbian Producer and Composer Danny

Faith Hope Love Danny DJFresh off the cut with his latest release “Amazing Grace”, international producer and composer Danny has blessed fans with another underground jewel. Having already tucked away an astronomical sum of digital spins upon its release, “Amazing Grace” is an uptempo production with an airy and energetic feel. Utilizing a multitude of elements and dance music conventions, Danny creates a dynamic sound that takes listeners through the life of early electronic house music through its contemporary and more progressive signature.

Danny’s latest track is reminiscent of Britney Spear’s 2011 release of “Hold it Against Me”, produced by Max Martin & Dr. Luke. He effectively delivers a dance-worthy track with international appeal and supreme sound quality. Of course, you can’t just take our word for it; check out the video below for Danny’s newest release “Amazing Grace”

Hailing from Serbia, Danny is a world-renowned composer, producer, and DJ. As an accomplished pianist and keyboardist, he has a steadily growing catalog of original compositions, and mixes available for his ever-growing fan base. Listen to this and other music from Danny on YouTube.

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Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist Nacho Silvestre Debuts Cover of David Guetta’s “Titanium”

Nacho SilvestreWith the emergence of new media, independent artists are now able to touch music fans with a broader reach. The ability of an indie artist to demonstrate their raw talent and share candid moments with their fan base enables them to connect with listeners on a deeper level. There are hundreds, if not thousands of recording artists who have found fame through sharing sites such as YouTube while performing cover songs of popular artists. While many indie performers make the mistake of covering a song, attempting to sound exactly like the original artist; others have been able to deliver successful renditions of some of our favorite hits, by putting their own spin on the production, re-mixing, and applying components from different genres while creating a distinctive voice.

While scouring the web for new music; we came across Spanish acoustic singer-songwriter, and guitarist Nacho Silvestre who released a video cover for David Guetta’s “Titanium”. The single is song is included on his EP Union St. (Deluxe Edition), which is a new edition of his 2012 EP release entitled Union St. Through his rendition of the popular song, Nacho delivers a unique upbeat guitar version amplified by striking vocals and visual interpretation. The skilled musician gives fans access to a more folk sounding delivery of the hit; with minimal production and virtually no vocal enhancements. Because Silvestre’s version is unplugged, void of heavy electronic influences, the lyrics are easier to understand and appreciate. He does an excellent job of capturing the essence of a true indie artist with raw, uncut talent. If you don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Check out the latest video from Nacho Silvestre.

Hailing from Castellón, España, Nacho Silvestre emerged from a musical upbringing , getting his start as a drummer at the tender age of 9 years old. Alongside his band Smoking Cotton, he released 3 albums. Now embarking on his solo venture, Nacho has performed nationally and internationally impressing fans with his one-of-a kind vocals and guitar skills. Get the latest news from Nacho on his official website and follow him on Twitter @nachosilvestre.

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“Impossible Gray” The Latest Single from Singer Songwriter Michael Fitch

Michael Fitch Music The power to create noteworthy music is derived not only from learned skills, but an inclination to understand, create, and translate sound through a myriad of elements. Some artists continue to struggle uphill to nail down their style, to “get it”, while others, often nonconformists, work tirelessly to craft, evolve, and carve their own niche, comfortably stepping outside of already existing boundaries.

Musical Convergence..

Here we have the experimental artist, the creator who commands the attention of those who consume sound as a vital nutrient; we witness the convergence of genres into a striking composition and we crave more. Encounters with this type of artist are infrequent, but when they do occur they leave a lasting impression, and we take notice.

“Impossible Gray” the single from singer-songwriter, and musician Michael Fitch’s acclaimed album Life in Mondegreen is a sublime performance of distinct character. Having already received rave reviews, the song is truly an imaginative conglomeration of instrumental, and vocal elements; reflective of Fitch’s signature sound. “Impossible Gray” is an audacious divergence from the prevalence of pop sounds that so many artists are often associated with.

The song opens up with a symphony introduction and trailing piano chords behind distorted vocals that span with great elasticity; Fitch shifts quickly to more soulful sounding chords later in the song.  The song transitions to a more uptempo sound with melodious lyrics; the background wrapped with orchestra accompaniment and driven by percussive accents. Fitch effectively uses a broad spectrum of instruments to deliver a vibrant musical piece complimented by his strong vocals. The song meanders in and out of the lines of folk while delivering ambient electronic instrumentals, acoustic elements, and rock quality. “Impossible Gray” is a bold composition that speaks to listeners with complexity, inspiring a greater appreciation of what actually goes into developing such an artistic work.

Having grown up in Virginia, and now living in Philadelphia Michael Fitch cites musical influences such as the Allman Brothers Band, and Dickey Betts as well as many others, perhaps too many to name.  The gifted artist describes his style as lyrical, indie rock. He was exposed to music at an early age by his parents and is a self-taught instrumentalist. When asked about his music, Fitch states: “Mostly, I try to make sense of the world around me, while claiming my own space within it”. In addition to his album Life in Mondegreen released in 2013, he has also recorded Aprés La Guerre released in 2011. Check out to hear more from his latest album Life in Mondegreen.

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“Never Ending” The New Single from Franklin Manor

Franklin Manor Never Ending SingleThe single is “Never Ending” but, he is just beginning…

While it seems that modern popular music has reached a plateau with regards to innovation, leaving a lackluster residue once any novelty has faded, there are however, few artists that are able to develop progressive, cutting-edge music. The ability to utilize select elements from various genres to create a one-of-a-kind sound is exemplary of the evolution that has occurred over the last decades in music; where genres are not defined by hard boundaries and do not often fall into the categories that have been previously recognized.

One such artist that has successfully masaterminded a groundbreaking sound for the next wave of millennium music lovers is singer, composer, and producer Franklin Manor. Keen to the flavor of the new music fan, he enlists the unique components required to appeal to listeners who have outgrown mainstream productions, but are not committed staunchly to embracing a single genre.

Mixing it Up

Last year we were introduced to music remixes such as Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” featuring rapper Nelly and who can forget the 2007 release of “Apologize” from One Republic and producer Timbaland?  Both songs utilized a blend of musical elements to create a popular sound that crossed over into different genres while collectively capturing millions of spins in multiple markets.  Franklin Manor’s latest release “Never Ending” is the perfect example of just how original up and coming artists need to be in order to have staying power and gain a captive audience. The song playfully ventures outside the frontier of alternative music while still holding on to some of the genre’s distinctive conventions.

“Never Ending” is an up-tempo track with solid rock vocals while maintaining the instrumental components of an experimental dance composition.  The song fades in with a slow intro and lingering piano chords but quickly builds into a high-energy burst of artistic adventure. Franklin Manor presents rebellious edge that cuts with great depth through the use of progressive guitars, hard drums and some electronic vocal play. He delivers intense energy throughout the breadth of the song but, the single appropriately drifts out into a slow fade brining the listener down from an insanely, untamed ride.

The songwriting in “Never Ending” yields remarkable characteristics to include socially conscious yet, memorable verses and a chant-worthy chorus. To describe Franklin Manor’s songwriting as skillful would certainly not do him any justice. When we talk about the Independent Artist and the alternatives to mainstream music, we are often conditioned to seek the antithesis of pop culture however it takes a gifted songwriter to develop meaningful content and deliver it in such a way that it is widely accepted beyond the underground as Franklin Manor has done.

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A Deeper Look at Underground Oceans’ Latest Single “I Still Wish You Were Mine”

Underground Oceans Single I  Wish You Were MineWhile digging through the digital crates of new releases one particular single caught our attention with a blinding ray of light. The band is called Underground Oceans; the song “I Still Wish You Were Mine” ; the man behind the band is named Brett Stewart. If you are a devoted acoustic rock fan, our recommendation is to pop in your ear buds, grab a cold brewski and take a listen because artists like this don’t come along very often.

“I Still Wish You Were Mine” is the 2nd single from Underground Oceans’ latest album Broken Heart Gadgeteers; released just this month. The song itself is a satisfying blend of passionate songwriting, melodious vocals, and cascading musical expression. As Stewart sings on the outro, “I’ll be your one man band”…and that he is, fans are left intrigued by such an unrivaled approach. The established musical artisan plays each and every instrument on the track as if there are multiple instrumentalists; he indeed has ventured down a road that very few are actually able to travel successfully.

The vocals on “I Still Wish You Were Mine” are highly developed, mature, and ear-pleasing. Stewart has a warm voice that sings as if it has lived ages past yet, his vigorous delivery abounds with carefree youthfulness. The single is reminiscent of sounds brought to us by timeless performers such as Eric Clapton. Stewart’s songwriting ability as indicated by this latest piece of work, also extends beyond a borderless region where the heart and soul of music lives.

Exploring the dimensions of human relations, Underground Oceans produced an enjoyable love song with a warmhearted acoustic feel. Fans will enjoy the savvy use of instrumentals, guitar performance, and sound technique as well as the ultra soulful rock vocals of Brett Stewart. Stewart has a broad range of musical projects available for your listening pleasure on his official website A seasoned performer, he is known for his collaboration with Larson Ross on ‘The Twin Thieves’ and ‘Loss of Peaceful Places’. Check out more from Brett Stewart and Underground Oceans’ live performances on YouTube .  You can also snag a few soundbytes  from  his latest single “I Still Wish You Were Mine” on SoundCloud.

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Mariana Bridges EP: The Newest Release from Group Scan Hopper Takes A Progressive Leap

Mariana Bridges EP Scan HopperWe recently had the opportunity to take a listen to the new project from the group Scan Hopper’s called Mariana Bridges EP. The album is a daringly progressive leap across a massive musical soundscape. Delivering a multitude of sounds and styles, Scan Hopper’s reach expands widely across numerous decades. Mariana Bridges is a kaleidoscope of color and sound emanated with bold lyrics and vigorous sound effects. The album features 7 tracks that are arranged for listening in a continuous 13-minute set.

Mariana Bridges is filled with up-tempo, energetic tracks filled with haunting special effects and lingering reverbs. Experiencing the EP is comparable to taking in a live theatrical performance. Word has it that member Scott Hopkins recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered the entire album in his bedroom. The combination of acoustic sound, electronic instrumental components, and a multitude of special effects create a full-embodied listening experience. The band enlisted a remarkable use of sounds such as animals, horns, drums, sirens, echoes, and dark electronic piano chords to deliver a unique, experimental adventure.

The lyrical content of Scan Hopper’s undertaking is extremely forward thinking, although underscored by nostalgic ambiance. The album is filled with an array of wordplay, profound messages, and emotional exploration. They lyrics are playful, catchy, and upbeat motivating the fans not only to sing with the band but to gather a deeper significance from each verse.

Mariana Bridges EP is the third album release by the Austin-based band. The project features Scott Hopkins, David Thomas Jones of ‘Watch Out for Rockets’ (and acclaimed solo EP project Comfort Creatures), Bian Purington founder of My Education, Rachael Shaw, and former group member Ryan Nelson. Listen to the latest project from Scan Hopper on Bandcamp. The EP is currently available for purchase through iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, and many others.

‘Faith, Hope, Love’ New Electronic Dance Single from Producer & Composer Danny

Faith Hope Love Danny DJDJ Danny, a progressive house musician has rung in the New Year with  his latest project called “Faith, Hope, Love”, an electronic dance lover’s delight. The internationally renowned DJ recently released the record on YouTube and it is steadily gaining plays with each passing moment.

Danny, who is an accomplished musical professional got an early start in the art as a youth. An avid pianist and keyboardist, he is known for producing some of the greatest house music in the world. One thing is for certain his latest track “Faith, Hope, Love” is a certified win. Fans will be drawn into the contagious sound of thumping drums and energetic piano vibes.

The track is bursting with high energy and is an all-around club classic, one that will certainly get a crowd amped up and moving on the dancefloor. The interwoven vocals “Faith, Hope, Love” are soothing and placed perfectly within the track to give it an added pop. Danny composed this track in such a genius manner that all of the instrumental elements work together to create a lasting musical impression. While built upon the framework of the classic house genre; the track stands out as being extremely progressive; serving a contemporary listener who truly understands the origins of such high energy productions. We cannot wait to liven up our upcoming event’s with Danny’s “Faith, Hope, Love” and wonder what he will dream up next. In the meantime, check out his latest video on YouTube.

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Starstruck with UK Singer Songwriter & Musician Arron Brown

Singer Songwriter Arron BrownElectronic Pop artist Arron Brown from the UK recently dropped his EP Think of You. Compared to acts such as Owl City and Blink 182, Arron’s infectiously melodic sound is gaining strength across the globe. His newest project is the culmination of a gifted vocalist, exceptionally talented musician, and heartfelt songwriter.

The title track of the EP Think of You is a mellow love song placed over a fun-loving electronic dance track with an upbeat pop feel. Brown’s vocals are as smooth as warm honey drizzled over this ode to lost love. The song’s chorus transitions into an upbeat hook and then into a down-tempo versus creating a dynamic wave of sound. Lightly synthesized instrumentals grace the track with an ample signature while not overpowering Brown’s performance. The single has been well received by adoring fans who are undoubtedly growing in numbers with each spin in the virtual world of sound.

Think of You demonstrates Arron Brown’s songwriting ability, which is beyond extraordinary.  Brown who has performed cover songs YouTube has truly fashioned his own unique voice as an artist; a voice that is being heard loud and clear across the musical landscape. ‘Miss You’, another highly acclaimed single from Think of You expresses Brown’s craft as a lyricist from the heart. The song’s lyrics are not only composed in a crafty manner but they are full of sentiment and depth.

Arron Brown treats fans to a melodic track called “StarGazing” follows a similar tempo expression as “Miss You” but it breaks away into a lengthy piano solo half way through the song and then into an epic fade. It is refreshing to see a young artist who is able to create such a beautifully produced track and a well thought out presentation throughout the entire EP.

While, Arron Brown, may be a self-proclaimed “star gazer”, his tunes have us totally starstruck and we cannot wait to hear what he comes up with next. Listen to more from UK singer-songwriter Arron Brown on SoundCloud. Purchase a copy of Arron’s EP Think of You on Bandcamp.

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