Summer Shade: Seasonal Eyeshadow Colors to Try

Summe Shades

The summer season is the perfect time to have fun various eyeshadow colors. Purples, yellows, greens, and pinks are great options to choose when selecting the perfect seasonal look. Look for bright pigments and experiment with blending two or more colors to achieve just the right look or to create new colors. Do not be afraid to put your creativity to work and craft a stunning look for any occasion.


NARS Cosmetics matte eyeshadow
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Top Makeup Trends for Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Trends in Cosmetics

Top Makeup Trends for Spring 2013

The top makeup trends for Spring 2013 are non-tradional for the season with an hint of 80’s flare. While wearing blue eyeshadow after the 80s may have been considered a faux pas, the color has returned this season in a variety of hues. Would you wear blue eyeshadow and eyeliner?

Thin is not always in

When it comes to eyebrows, the bushier…the better. Actress Camilla Belle who starred in the film ‘From Prada to Nada” has gorgeous, full eyebrows. Actress Lily Collins also has beautiful full brows. This top makeup trend for 2013 makes a bold statement.

Get Sun-Kissed before Summer

Spring is here, and summer is fast approaching but you can maintain sun-kissed skin anytime by including a light bronzer application during your routine. Stila Cosmetics Bronzer not only provides an added glow but it also includes moisurtizer with SPF20 protection.

Pucker Up for Red Hot Lips

Luscious lips are back for Spring 2013 but with much more color. Look for bright lip color in various hues of red. Do not be afraid to experiment. Finding the right color of red lipstick can be a challenge. Nailing the perfect look may take some trial and error but to get you started we recommend the Tarte Cosmetics Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick which includes mango, avocado, and also shea butter.

Go Faux

Faux Sure! Extend your oculus-tresses by adding in some additional lashes or falsies. Lashes by Katy Perry from Eyelur are available for under $20.00