International pop star Virginia Bright shines with her latest single “Coz You Are”

Virginia Bright Grammy

International Pioneering Pop Artist

This week we traveled abroad to discover international pop sensation Virginia Bright. It is not often that you come across an artist that is able to deliver such a diverse and eclectic flavor through their music, but when they do, it is worth venturing further to understand the origins of their unprecedented sound. International pop artist Virginia Bright has just released her latest single “Coz You Are”, a powerful master-mix of high energy music and luscious vocals. Considered a pioneering artist of her time, Virginia Bright has clearly knocked down barriers on an international scale having gained fame and notoriety as not only a singer, but also as an actress, dancer and film producer. A native of Madrid, Spain, Bright has maintained a stronghold on the industry from Europe all the way to the United States.

“Coz You Are” is the quintessential feel good song with a vibrant energy that is similar to Pharell’s song “Happy”. Virginia successfully joins elements of her Spanish roots, Afro-Latin rhythms, and modern dance flare to deliver a fun-loving track with massive international appeal. Bright has established herself as a cutting-edge performer and artist with a groundbreaking sound and style. Through her latest track she welcomes fans new and old into her radiant world with finesse and charm.

Having already been deemed an international icon in the Afro-European music scene, Bright’s latest release is a glimpse into the massive powerhouse whose music is drawn from her personal journey. Virginia shares with fans, a heartfelt look into self-discovery through “Coz You Are”. Although the song carries a light and breathless tune, Bright said that the song expresses the discovery of oneself and beauty through the eyes of another. She describes the song as being about “Unconditional love-the whole you, mind, body, and soul..where life is all like a big rainbow full of color.” She said “then is when I understood we are all one.”  The song’s lyrics truly do express the subtle nuances of self-actualization in a positive and energetic way. Bright allows fans to travel with her along a vivid journey full of imagery and delight, a journey that will not soon be forgotten.

In a time where many people are struggling to find inner peace,  failing to realize the true beauty that lies within, Virginia Bright has courageously reached out to fans, relating to them in such a way that is to be recognized and commended. Often times it is an uplifting song that reflects on the experiences of humanity that truly creates life changing events. What better way to touch the world and make a difference than through music, and Virginia Bright is doing just that.

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While not only sharing her personal experiences with fans through music, Virginia is dedicated to giving back to her community as well. A portion of the proceeds from “Coz You Are” will be distributed to her top 3 charities, Forward Organization, Pink for Africa, and the FAM Foundations.  Bright says “I wanted to do it this way, because it drives me and motivates me much more, in knowing that per download people make of my music or purchase of any of my merchandising related to “Coz You Are” we altogether will be making a huge contribution and great difference in the lives of many children and women out there.”

Recognized as a singer, dancer, actress, and film producer, Virginia Bright got her start in music very early playing the accordion and touring around Madrid with a band. Having performed an all girl-group, and a gospel group, she later secured performances on Spanish TV programming and performed back up vocals for popular artists such as Amparo Sandino. Her unique texture of musical styles has ushered her into opportunities such as performing for the “Don Omar, King of Reggaeton” concert as well as appearances at numerous venues around Europe. Known for fusing together hip-hop, salsa, jazz, pop, Zouk Makosa, and Buleria, Virginia Bright is affectionately known as Queen La. V. Now based in Los Angeles, California, Bright is poised to lead the international music scene with an ever-present energy that is not only essential in today’s music scene, but unequivocally surpassing all competition.

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“Never Ending” The New Single from Franklin Manor

Franklin Manor Never Ending SingleThe single is “Never Ending” but, he is just beginning…

While it seems that modern popular music has reached a plateau with regards to innovation, leaving a lackluster residue once any novelty has faded, there are however, few artists that are able to develop progressive, cutting-edge music. The ability to utilize select elements from various genres to create a one-of-a-kind sound is exemplary of the evolution that has occurred over the last decades in music; where genres are not defined by hard boundaries and do not often fall into the categories that have been previously recognized.

One such artist that has successfully masaterminded a groundbreaking sound for the next wave of millennium music lovers is singer, composer, and producer Franklin Manor. Keen to the flavor of the new music fan, he enlists the unique components required to appeal to listeners who have outgrown mainstream productions, but are not committed staunchly to embracing a single genre.

Mixing it Up

Last year we were introduced to music remixes such as Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” featuring rapper Nelly and who can forget the 2007 release of “Apologize” from One Republic and producer Timbaland?  Both songs utilized a blend of musical elements to create a popular sound that crossed over into different genres while collectively capturing millions of spins in multiple markets.  Franklin Manor’s latest release “Never Ending” is the perfect example of just how original up and coming artists need to be in order to have staying power and gain a captive audience. The song playfully ventures outside the frontier of alternative music while still holding on to some of the genre’s distinctive conventions.

“Never Ending” is an up-tempo track with solid rock vocals while maintaining the instrumental components of an experimental dance composition.  The song fades in with a slow intro and lingering piano chords but quickly builds into a high-energy burst of artistic adventure. Franklin Manor presents rebellious edge that cuts with great depth through the use of progressive guitars, hard drums and some electronic vocal play. He delivers intense energy throughout the breadth of the song but, the single appropriately drifts out into a slow fade brining the listener down from an insanely, untamed ride.

The songwriting in “Never Ending” yields remarkable characteristics to include socially conscious yet, memorable verses and a chant-worthy chorus. To describe Franklin Manor’s songwriting as skillful would certainly not do him any justice. When we talk about the Independent Artist and the alternatives to mainstream music, we are often conditioned to seek the antithesis of pop culture however it takes a gifted songwriter to develop meaningful content and deliver it in such a way that it is widely accepted beyond the underground as Franklin Manor has done.

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Single “It Ain’t Easy” from Singer-Songwriter J.P. Kallio’s Upcoming Album ‘Northern Boy’

J.P. Kallio It Ain't EasyWe are excited to announce that Finnish born singer-songwriter, and master guitarist J.P. Kallio unleashed his first single “It Ain’t Easy” from his debut solo album Northern Boy which is due to be released on March 25th 2014. Kallio who has been songwriting and playing music since he was very young is known for playing with bands Silotar and Boneyard Bastards. His recent project however, highlights the exceptional musical gifts that J.P. Kallio is known for.

“It Ain’t Easy” blends with great care the folk, country, and acoustic rock genres into a synergistic work of heartfelt expression. Kallio’s guitar performance compliments his unique and extraordinary vocal skill. It is evident that J.P. Kallio is not only an outstanding vocalist and instrumentalist but a skilled songwriter as well. As an indie artist, he has mastered the perfect combination necessary to deliver a fantastic performance.

J.P. Kallio successfully navigates through the hills and valleys of storytelling in “It Ain’t Easy” with blunt realism. If there has never been a wake up call heard ‘round the world, Kallio has just made one….so fans take note. Although a bittersweet dose of real-life, the track is mysteriously loveable. It is most fascinating because of the perspective from which the story of dying love is told. There are plenty of surprises but, we can’t give away all the secrets so you’ll have to take a listen.  Although the lyrics rouse feelings of sadness and pain, they are in actuality quite empowering for anyone facing difficult decisions in a relationship. Fans will appreciate the connection between the lyrics, storytelling, and their personal experiences through the scope of the artist. There is nothing more powerful than an artist’s ability to connect with their fans on a deeper level and of course to create meaningful content that provokes and inspires; J.P. Kallio has done just that.

J.P. Kallio who is based in Dublin, has performed at numerous venues and with several bands throughout his musical career. With the upcoming release of his debut album, Kallio continues to write more songs than he can count, often times capturing a single moment, unrehearsed, and unplugged. We are just so pleased that he has chosen to share these moments with his fans. If you are eagerly anticipating the release of J.P. Kallio’s debut album, like we are, mark your calendar for March 25, 2014. In the meantime, take a listen to his latest single “It Ain’t Easy” on SoundCloud. If you haven’t jumped on this talented artist’s fanwagon, join him as  fan on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @jpkalliomusic.

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Starstruck with UK Singer Songwriter & Musician Arron Brown

Singer Songwriter Arron BrownElectronic Pop artist Arron Brown from the UK recently dropped his EP Think of You. Compared to acts such as Owl City and Blink 182, Arron’s infectiously melodic sound is gaining strength across the globe. His newest project is the culmination of a gifted vocalist, exceptionally talented musician, and heartfelt songwriter.

The title track of the EP Think of You is a mellow love song placed over a fun-loving electronic dance track with an upbeat pop feel. Brown’s vocals are as smooth as warm honey drizzled over this ode to lost love. The song’s chorus transitions into an upbeat hook and then into a down-tempo versus creating a dynamic wave of sound. Lightly synthesized instrumentals grace the track with an ample signature while not overpowering Brown’s performance. The single has been well received by adoring fans who are undoubtedly growing in numbers with each spin in the virtual world of sound.

Think of You demonstrates Arron Brown’s songwriting ability, which is beyond extraordinary.  Brown who has performed cover songs YouTube has truly fashioned his own unique voice as an artist; a voice that is being heard loud and clear across the musical landscape. ‘Miss You’, another highly acclaimed single from Think of You expresses Brown’s craft as a lyricist from the heart. The song’s lyrics are not only composed in a crafty manner but they are full of sentiment and depth.

Arron Brown treats fans to a melodic track called “StarGazing” follows a similar tempo expression as “Miss You” but it breaks away into a lengthy piano solo half way through the song and then into an epic fade. It is refreshing to see a young artist who is able to create such a beautifully produced track and a well thought out presentation throughout the entire EP.

While, Arron Brown, may be a self-proclaimed “star gazer”, his tunes have us totally starstruck and we cannot wait to hear what he comes up with next. Listen to more from UK singer-songwriter Arron Brown on SoundCloud. Purchase a copy of Arron’s EP Think of You on Bandcamp.

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