Out of This World with The Hubs’ latest EP ‘Welcome to Beyond’

The Hubs The New Alternative

Across the musical soundstage there are young, new masterminds creating their own poignant moments in history. It is often impossible to categorize the sound of these new adventurers as they often extrapolate elements from multiple sound sources, influential predecessors, and new age experiences. They are a creative and rambunctious variety that are full of youthful spirit and a zest for life not seen since the early ages of rock. While stylistically the new wave of sound stays true to the conventions of alternative music; the new breed of rocker ventures far beyond the norm to establish themselves as a musical mainstay.

One youthful and energetic band that is steadily engraving their moment in history is known as The Hubs. Based in Bakersfield, California, The Hubs are set to unleash their latest EP ‘Welcome to Beyond’, a compilation of new age, and 90s inspired alternative tracks. The album features 8 noteworthy tracks that demonstrate the band’s diverse influence and musical prowess. Likened to bands such as Weezer, The Hubs delivers a progressive sound that is far beyond their years.

The EP opens with a raging guitar and drum performance called “Rocketship”, prepping listeners for an intense adventure. It is the perfect introduction to set the tone of the record which consistently delivers an unprecedented amount of masterful compositions, quality vocals, and avid songwriting. Tracks such as “Come Closer” is reminiscent of Modern English’s “I’ll Melt With You” while “Plastic Heart” feels like an early Nirvana sound illustrating the band’s skillful ability to capture the conventions of an alternative album while appealing to a newer generation.

The Hubs -Welcome to Beyond EPLyrically speaking, The Hubs are clearly experiencing an evolution. ‘Welcome to Beyond’ handles a myriad of themes and relatable topics. Although the EP consists of 8 tracks, listeners are able to get a feel for multiple experiences in one neatly packaged delivery. Tracks like “Rut” and “Beyond” are just two of the unexpected surprises included on the EP that offer a different tone and feel. Of course, we cannot give away all of the secrets tucked away in this  record, but fans will take delight in the playful and lighthearted energy that The Hubs bring.

Hailing from sunny Bakersfield, California, The Hubs’ members include Benjamin Montoya on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Tyler Ochart on Lead Guitar, Adam Vargas on Drums, and Alberto Torres on Bass. The band is greatly influenced by 90s alternative rock and power pop rock styles like that of world-renowned band Weezer as well as some blues rock. The band is excited to release their latest EP ‘Welcome to Beyond’, now available for streaming on SoundCloud.

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Acclaimed Guitarist & Vocalist Robert Valdes is Back with New Album ‘Return of The Rock’ -Pre-Order on iTunes


Master of Musical Design

There are artists who sing well, and there are artists who are capable of moving fans. The difference, is that the artist who moves fans is able to artistically create an individual style that is driven by an infectious sound and rooted in stimulating lyrical content. While this master of musical design may meet the traditional conventions of a specific genre, they are always experimenting with new sounds, staying ahead of the trends, and constantly evolving as an artist. Musicians of this caliber are rare and come along once ever so often. If you are lucky enough to come across one, it is certain that their songs will leave a lasting impression. Their projects often eclipse the lines of time; creating their own evolution one song at a time.

An artist that has mastered the challenge of creating timeless music is Robert Valdes, a rock vocalist and guitarist based in San Francisco, California. Having just released his long-awaited album ‘Return of The Rock’ on iTunes, Robert is positioned to be one of the greatest acts of our time. His critically acclaimed single “Over” is an emotional journey embarked upon with absolute abandon. The song provides a gripping look into relationships in the wake of difficult decisions. Valdes delivers a powerful vocal performance intertwined within an epic music arrangement. Reminiscent of artists such as Bryan Adams, Valdes hits chords that are absolutely out of this world, further intensifying the effect of the song’s message.

The Musical Journey

As an accomplished guitarist, Valdes shares with fans his longstanding relationship with music through “Over”. In addition to romantically composed piano chords, Valdes’ guitar performance rips throughout the song with a fervor, including a solo midway through the track. It is impossible not to be moved by the emotionally charged composition blending lead and background vocals into the vivacious accompaniment. Not only does the musical score bring fans into Valdes’ distinctive sound but the songwriting in “Over” reveals an artist that has created his own movement within the progressive rock domain.

Look for the upcoming worldwide release of Robert Valdes’ album ‘Return of The Rock’ scheduled for release on March 24th, 2014. Pre-Order your copy of ‘Return of the Rock’ on iTunes.

The critically acclaimed first single, ‘Over’ is available as the instant Grat Track and can be downloaded immediately. Pre-order your copy today! For more details visit Robert’s Official Website.

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GFsix Radio Show: The Ultimate Stop for Rockers, Gamers, and Insane Comedy

IGFsix Shownsane Gamer Posse on the Loose…

Who would guess that a team of XBox players would evolve into an all out movement while, coveting fans from around the globe one by one? The movement, is called GFsix Nation and if you’ve been too busy trying to find out new ways to twerk, we suggest giving those buns a break, scooping up the posse, and getting ready for some killer laughs. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a group of mad video gamers decide to launch their own branded radio program, we dare you to check out The GFsix Radio Show. Oozing with insanity not seen since Mancow, GFsix is the premier place to get your comedy fix.

Get your beer bottles up but, be careful not to spill as GFsix, aired out of Ohio, will have you literally rolling on your arse with hilarious stories as told by Mr. Wesdog aka steelernation58. The show is a wildly entertaining mix of alternative music, prank calls, comedy sketches, band interviews, and batshit crazy skits such as “The Creepy Neighbor”. Topped with the “Funny Song of the Day”, one would have to wonder just how far these zany guys will go? But, don’t take our word for it, you’ll have to join the thousands of other GFsix fans to take a listen and we assure you will not be disappointed but we cannot guarantee that you won’t wet your chones.

The GFsix Radio Show airs every Saturday at 11PM EST on  over 13 stations. LISTEN NOW.

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Concept Artist Marty McKay Releases “Emptiness Returns” from His Latest Project ‘Sin’s Disciple’

Marty McKay Sins Disciple

The beautiful thing about Indie Artists is their ability to step outside of the parameters of mainstream music. They are often willing to go where other artists do not dare. They are musical hybrids that think outside the box to develop unique and impressionable sounds. Because of this, these artists garner a large underground following. They have an intrinsic ability to appeal to those that have been jaded by life’s winding curves and society’s need to coat with pleasantries the often stark reality that many individuals come to know on a daily basis. These music fans are indeed living outside of the worldly realm, longing for content that resonates with their experiences, music that speaks their truth no matter how ravishing or unsightly it may be.

When we came across Zürich Concept Artist Marty McKay’s latest release “Emptiness Returns” from his upcoming album release ‘Sin’s Disciple’, we immediately took notice of his distinct quality and sound. The song is a rap-rock fusion that is reminiscent of late 90s and early 2000s styles that were embraced by both sides of the underground and mainstream spectrum. Not too many artists are able to pull off this venture successfully but, McKay has managed to create an astute and conceptually solid music experience for his fans, one that tests the boundaries of artistic expression.

Imagine if you will, melting the sounds of Evanescence with Papa Roach and Linkin Park into a cherished piece of vinyl history. “Emptiness Returns” would be the quintessential example of how to create the perfect rock-rap record with significant power. The female vocalist complements McKay’s masculine musings over weighty guitars and drums. What is most powerful, much like many of rap-rock, and, alternative artists is McKay’s lyrical content. His songwriting delivers a hard lined approach to interactions between men and women that often leave them feeling disenchanted. The fact that an artist is able to discuss real topics within their music is refreshing and courageous at best.

If you enjoyed the 1995 film Se7en ‘s rendering of the 7 Deadly Sins, you’ll find McKay’s record to deliver another Marty McKayfascinating point of view through multiple, music genres. He describes his upcoming album as a “Modern-day interpretation of the 7 Deadly Sins”. Unlike many popular rap songs however, McKay’s album excludes the use of sampling and utilizes real instruments and live accompaniment. ‘Sin’s Disciple’ is scheduled to release on March 28th. Meanwhile, purchase Marty McKay’s latest single “Emptiness Returns” now available on Bandcamp.

Known as a conceptual artist, Marty McKay is also a singer, emcee, and songwriter. He cites some of his musical influences as Public Enemy, Iced-T, and one of our all time favorites Big Daddy Kane. With a certain gift for musical expression, McKay has developed an experimental sound that continues to evolve even through his most recent undertaking as executive producer of Project 7.  We are certainly looking forward to hearing more from this groundbreaking artist. Remember to keep your ear to the streets for more sounds from Marty McKay, and his upcoming album ‘Sin’s Disciple’, coming soon on March 28th.

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Music Duo JoeHero & Nina Surprise Fans with the Release of “Give Me Your Love” Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Give Me Your Love JoeHero & Nina Love is in the air...

Right on the heels of the most romantic holiday of the year, the international singing duo JoeHero and Nina have released a beautiful love ballad for Valentine’s Day called “Give Me Your Love”. The song is the 2nd single from their upcoming album ‘Voice to Follow’ which is scheduled for release on March 19th, 2014. If you are looking for a memorable soundtrack to add to your special evening, journey with JoeHero and Nina on their latest musical adventure.

Taking a break from their normally social inspired tracks, “Give Me Your Love” explores a different theme for the season.  Because of its composition, delivery, and timing, the song is absolutely perfect for the occasion. With a mellow ambiance, the song offers a seamless illustration of guitar chords, and tropical sounding drums. JoeHero and Nina’s vocals join together to create a wonderfully entrancing sound that carries listeners along their musical journey. “Give Me Your Love” contains the structural elements of an acoustic folk song but, it also has a distinct reggae vibe as well. Overall, JoeHero and Nina present a melodious display of unique sound and emotion through their personal lens. It is rare to find a such powerful duo that is able to translate their chemistry into a musical work of art so effectively.

The songwriting is simple yet, emotional and most appropriate. Fans will enjoy the whimsical nature of the duo, whose collaboration inspires listeners to sing in tune. Simultaneously, the two songbirds deliver a fun-loving chorus that captures the beauty of love, life, and music. Leaving their hearts on the world’s stage, JoeHero and Nina’s  “Give Me Your Love” is a clean and concise production that is delivered flawlessly, with music fans in mind. Get the latest scoop on JoeHero & Nina on their Official Website joeheroandnina.com. Check out their latest single “Give Me Your Love”, now available on SoundCloud.

A Gift from JoeHero & Nina to You

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‘Swell’: The Newest Album Release from Hollywood Drunks Makes Waves


Transcending Time…

Picture if you will, a swirling vortex blending the Gorillaz, Sublime, and The Beatles that rushes across several decades, slamming into spectators, erupting into what one might consider to be the most pivotal movement in music history. Behind all of the action, underneath all of the chaos, is Los Angeles band Hollywood Drunks who just released their album Swell, an eclectic mix of amusing styles compiled into a refreshingly accurate depiction of life’s nuances.

Collectively, the album features a blend of sounds that cannot be categorized into one particular genre. The song styles  range from alternative rock  to reggae, pop, and soul; perfect for the new generation of music lovers that tend to reach across different stylistic barriers by preference. It is rare to find a band that is successful at capturing a variety of sounds within one album while still maintaining cohesiveness and making sense. Tracks like “Get It” and “Wake You” exemplify the evolutions that the band has undergone to develop such a distinct style that resonates with fans.

The album boldly addresses the matters in real life that affect young 20 and 30 somethings; reminding them that while life is no picnic on the beach, a good dose of comic relief just might be the perfect remedy. One such track that nails the climate of the times is “Bankrupt” which describes financial devastation on top of a soulful mix; something many a person can relate to. Utilizing a humourous approach to deliver each track lightens the mood of what other indie artists might present as dark, heavy content. Every now and again, fans crave a break from the doom and gloom of anti-mainstream artists. They seek to be uplifted by real content that they can relate to, lyrics that inspire, and  themes that remind them that they are not dark entities circling a mindless matrix of drones, but rather humans who sometimes enjoy living life through even the worst of experiences. Through Swell, the Hollywood Drunks have seized this exact moment to connect with their fans; and they have done so effortlessly.

The title track “Swell” is an introspective record that explores the evolution of human experiences, change, and finding direction. While the album is filled with several reflective tracks,  there is a surprisingly, nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of furry friends, and simplistic contemplation. The band’s rendition of “Sesame Street” a delightful insertion of insane comedy that is somehow appropriate for the album’s message and theme.

Hollywood Drunks, who consider their style to be “whine free pop” consist of Paul Sandberg on Keys, Sebastian Sheehan on Drums and Percussion, Carl West on Bass, Lloyd Stuart Casson on Guitars, Bass, and Vocals, and Eric Winzenried on Vox. The band has already received rave reviews for their release and their fan base continues to swell, no pun intended. Check out more from Hollywood Drunks on their Official Website hollywooddrunks.net

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Indie Alternative Band Hemy & Marshall Climb Music Charts with EP Title Track “Rise & Fall”

Hemy & Marshall Rise & Fall“Rise & Fall” the title track from Indie Alternative band Hemy & Marshall’s latest EP (Rise and Fall) is lighting up the international soundstage. The Australian trio has collectively delivered an unblemished model of musical prowess. Although the band mixes it up on the indie scene, their latest project has all of the makings of a mainstream hit; which is probably why the song has tucked away thousands of plays in just a short while. The musical composition, songwriting, and vocals work in a cohesive manner to produce an exceptional example of soulful expression and imagination.

“Rise & Fall”, released just before Christmas is beautifully underscored by rich piano chords, amplified by full background vocals, and intensified by a fierce guitar performance. The score takes on a life of its own, carefully enveloping fans into an ultimate listening experience. With a moderate tempo, the track is an easy listen but transitions effectively to capture the energetic nature of the vocals. The arrangement reaches deep within the heart and soul of indie music making it a fantastic digital discovery to add to your collection.

The band delivers lucid storytelling with vivid expression very much like that of a country song but, the lead vocalist’s energy behind the lyrics is of a rebellious and unruly nature often seen in alternative styles. The lyrics are not only well crafted but they are of a tuneful variety; encouraging the listener to either sing along or ferociously press replay. “Rise & Fall” overall is an inspiring production that delivers purposeful content and a relevant message.

Hailing from Australia, Hemy & Marshall is an inventive band that continues to grow their imprint on music’s international map. The band which is currently ranked at #3 on Australia’s Indie Alternative Charts on Reverbnation, features Hemy on vocals, Marshall on acoustic guitar, and Aaron on guitar. With numerous live performances under their belt, and an online fan base that is bursting at the seams, Hemy & Marshall are setting the precedent for indie artists worldwide. Listen to the latest single from Hemy & Marshall on SoundCloud.

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