Step into Spring: Footwear Forecast

Step into Spring
3 Shoe Trends to Look for this Spring
Considering there are so many shoe trends for Spring 2013, we have selected just a few to discuss this week. When shoe shopping for the latest trends, keep the following items in mind: holographic, mesh, and mixed-media.
Holograms minus the Jem
When it comes to footwear, holographic designs are definitely trending this season. Whether it is just the heel, or the entire shoe, the array of colors that iridescent shades are bold, unique, and seemingly futuristic. Heels, sandals, lace up shoes, and sneakers all can be found with the new hologram look.
Stay fresh with mesh
Keeping in line with see-through trends this season, you will definitely want to snag a pair of mesh heels, flats, or sandals for Spring 2013.
Mixed-Media flavor
Mixed-media is also trending for Spring 2013 footwear styles. Mixed-Media combines, different fabrics, textures, and patterns to create a look. Shop the latest mixed-media footwear which can be found incorporated into the wedge sneaker styles, sandals, and also flats to make a bold, unique statement.
What is your favorite shoe trend for Spring 2013?
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