Spring into style with the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION from Warby Parker

Warby Parker Spectrum Sun CollectionThe weather is finally warming up here at the beach after a brutal winter and much to my relief I am able to finally pack away my heavy sweaters and coats for lighter apparel and accessories. I have been on the prowl for some really stylish and affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses to jump-start the season and to be honest my D&G’s have seen their best days and I’m not sure I am willing to part with another $300 for frames this year. I recently came across Warby Parker and their SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with both the style and the price points of the line. The designs include some of the hottest trends for 2014 and they are definitely worth a peek.

I have compiled a mash-up of some of my favorite picks from the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION to give you just a few styling ideas for Spring 2014.

001 collage (1)1). Cat-Eye

The ‘cat-eye’ is a nostalgic style that has re-emerged for 2014 and Warby Parker has nailed it with their PIPER model. The PIPER’S shape is more rounded than earlier cat-eye frames and it is available in two awesome color options: Revolver Black and Woodland Tortoise. It is shaped in such a way that you can still show off a perfectly shaped brow line.

I opted to pair the Woodland Tortoise pattern with a sunny yellow dress and gold hinted accessories to complement the frame’s accents. Finish the look with a great transitional pair of faux leather boots, a popular trend this season.



Warby Parker Minnie

2). Think Pink, Go Green

Pink is going to be a hot color this season and Warby Parker’s MINNIE in Eucalyptus is the perfect accessory. Nothing screams “spring” more than pink and green so for this dose of fashion flavor, I paired this pink sleeveless top and embroidered shorts available at BellaDulce Clothing Boutique along with the MINNIE for a simple, fresh look.  The lenses are large and round offering the ultimate glam look. The MINNIE is also available in the color Striped Sassafras.



3). Mix it Up

Spring 2014 will bring plenty of mixing, matching, and contrast. I paired Warby Parker’s DEAN in Striped Olive with a contrasting black and white top, retro style palazzo pants, and in the spirit of pastels, a pair of mint green pumps. When it comes to accessories this season, the more the merrier, layer bracelets, rings, and necklaces for added bling. The DEAN is also available in the color English Oak.


Warby Parker Dean

4). Live, love, layer

Warby Parker DowningI absolutely love the look of layered tees but actually layering garments can get pretty uncomfortable as temperatures rise but the great thing about them is that you can peel them off one by one for maximum style. I am a little on the lazy side so I like my layers all-in-one. I dressed up this one-piece, contrasting tank top with Warby Parker’s DOWNING lens from the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION. I brought out the color accents in the shirt and shorts with a few accessories and in preparation for hot weather, added in a mesh flat.




5). Black & White and Cherry BlossomWarby Parker Hall too

While pink is a popular choice for 2014, black and white is holding strong withstanding the fashion test of time so why not join the two in fashionable matrimony? I love adding colorful accents to black and white styles and figured that the HALL frames in Cherry Blossom from the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION would make for a savvy collaboration. For this fashion fix, consider a basic black short set with a white blazer and silver accessories or a simple white romper, nix the blazer, add a pair of accented pumps and finish the look with off with the popular HALL frames for a look that is candy sweet and divalicious.

I am so looking forward to updating my specs this season with some pieces from the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION.

What is your favorite mash-up on Warby Parker?

Shop Warby Parker at www.warbyparker.com/eyeglasses and www.warbyparker.com/sunglasses

Clothing and accessories available at www.belladulceclothing.com.

Check out the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION from Warby Parker at www.warbyparker.com.

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Great Gift Ideas: Origami Owl by Independent Stylist Lindsay LoMele

Origami Owl Social JewelryWe came across another great find this past weekend and it is called Origami Owl. Independent Designer Lindsay LoMele, who also hosted the shopping event gave us the inside scoop on this customized, social shopping experience. Origami Owl lets you create your own unique lockets with personalized charms, chains, and dangles. I have attended many a jewelry making party and they are great opportunities to chat it up with friends while creating fun and memorable pieces.

With Origami Owl, there are literally hundreds of charms to choose from as well as rhinestones, Origami Owl Lindsay LoMeleinitials, and a vast selection of themes for all walks of life. The jewelry is very sturdy and has plenty of bling. The lockets can be filled with as many or as few charms as you perfer. The wide selection of chains, and plates, is perfect for mixing and matching bracelets and necklaces for an eye-catching look.

I loved Origami Owl so much, I  just had to snag a piece for my mini. I opted for a simple bracelet with a handbag and floral charm. What I love most about the bracelet is the rhinestone accent around the edge of the locket. The bracelet shines really well , and is very dainty looking. The locket is delivered in a cute decorated pouch which is placed inside of a tiny gift box that is shaped like a takeout container. It was absolutely adorable and made for the perfect surprise gift for my mini.


Origami Owl Display at FlipFlop Events Craft & Vendor Show

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Stylish Nails without Going to the Nail Salon: Check Out Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry Kimberly Cassista Independent ConsultantWhile running a boutique, managing multiple projects for clients, and making runs to cheerleading practice; somewhere between dinner and laundry, I often find that my nails are a jagged, hot mess. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually went to a nail salon, and when I did, I am almost embarrassed to say that I ended up picking the tips off once they had grown out to the very ends of my own nails, not the cutest sight around, but what can I say, I am a busy entrepreneur on the go, who has time for nails!?

As you can imagine, when I bumped into Independent Nail Consultant, Kimberly Cassista with Jamberry at the Flip Flop’s Vendor Event, the timing could not have been more perfect. I knew immediately that Jamberry would be the perfect solution to my nail woes. Due to the nature of my business, I really cannot neglect my nails as uneven, and ragged as they are because I am constantly meeting and greeting new people at networking events, and of course I want to give the best impression. I am not talking about slapping on a quick coat of polish before running out the door, nor going to the nail salon and spending $35 bucks or more, I am talking about stylish convenience, a must have for anyone that is on the go.

Kimberly was amazing and provided a quick demo on Jamberry and, I was immediately sold. The nail wrap is a simple appliqué that is placed on the natural nail. The application is painless, unlike having your cuticle clipped and nail-bed sanded with a power tool like at the salon. The selection of colors and patterns is so vast that you can literally have a new look every week; with thousands of options to choose from. Most importantly the price is amazing and much more cost-effective than trips to the salon.

I tried out the ‘Cheer’ pattern which is part of the sports collection. The application was quick, easy, and painless. The nails looked absolutely fabulous and, you can even apply them on your toe nails. Jamberry offers french tips, animal patterns, sports themes, and many other one-of-a-kind artistic designs; including digital camo patterns. This product is perfect for women, teens, and younger girls who typically enjoy colorful nail polish. They are durable, and can easily be used to complement any outfit. They wear for about two weeks and remove is a breeze. One sheet includes 18 wraps and can be used for up to 5 or more applications. Check back to see some of our favorite Jamberry styles.

Jamberry was launched in 2010 by three sisters who were looking for a cost-effective alternative to pricey nail salon visits. There is more great news, Jamberry nail wraps are  Gluten Free, Vegan, and they are made in the USA! Shop now or host your own Jamberry Styling Party with Independent Consultant Kimberly Cassista at kimberlycassista.jamberrynails.net.

Graduation Styles 2013

Graduation Looks 2013

‘Tis the season for caps and gowns, celebrations, and recognizing achievements in school and beyond. Graduation day is a memorable event for both college and high school grads so having just the right outfit is a must. After all, what better time is there to capture candid moments with family and friends than on that special day.



DIY: Dance Style

Dancing Queens

Create this dance inspired look including a cropped tee like the one pictured by Pineapple, paired with leggings by Akira and some Pastry kicks. Stash all of your dance gear in a coordinating backpack like the Victoria Secret buckle backpack shown above.

Finish off this look with a glossy, stained lip and make your eyes pop with bold color and a little shimmer on the lids.

Pineapple heart shirt
$14 – newlook.com

Pineapple black top
$14 – newlook.com

Pastry high top trainers
$120 – welikefashion.com