Get to Know Marcus M-Positive Parker: Professional Life Coach and Founder of Driven Entertainment

Marcus M-Positive ParkerImagine the possibilities when you blend motivating and inspiring messages with rap music. If you really consider the power of rap and hip-hop music, its astronomical success and influence is immeasurable. In the wake of what some consider to be the most troubled of times, one Texan has worked tirelessly to encourage young people through personal testimony.

Marcus “M-Positive” Parker, a motivational speaker, motivational rap artists, certified professional life coach, and published author has taken on the daunting task of empowering youth through music. Having overcome his own trials, “M-Positive” has risen the ranks in the local community as a philanthropist and proven leader. He delivers what he calls “Motivational Rap”, a sound-byte that is free from foul language but includes true stories of survival in the face of adversity.

We checked in recently to take a listen to his recent release of the single “Long Time Coming” from his latest album ‘Motivational Rap, Ten Years Underground’ and took to the net to find out even more about this influential artist. Marcus has been featured in publications such as Crush Magazine and has published several books such as ‘The Product’, ‘The Final Product’ and ‘Secret to Selling Your Music Online’. His story is one of triumph when all odds seemed against him. From a difficult upbringing, Marcus emerged with a greater purpose; dedicated to using his story to change lives.  Check out this YouTube Video we dug up on M-Positive

If you are looking for some positive music to add to your collection, check out Marcus’ latest album ‘Motivational Rap, Ten Years Underground’ now for sale on iTunes.