Pianist Jeffrey Hampton Captivates Fans with Samuel Barber’s Ballade, Op. 46

Jeffrey HamptonOne of the most captivating and impressive instruments on earth is the piano. The piano has the distinct ability to drive a composition through multiple sound layers. Through the expression of a meticulous pianist, the piano keys articulate almost any emotion that one can imagine. It can can make us feel agile and energetic, or dark and sorrowful, it can bring life and animation to objects that are otherwise dead.  A well-composed piano score can engulf listeners into a fanciful world of imagination and wonder. Contemporary pianists,sharing their prowess with the world, reach to pieces by Bach, Chopin, and others to illustrate the intricacies of musical expression. A pianist who has decided to share his personal journey with one of the world’s most famed instruments is Jeffrey Dean Hampton.

Jeffrey Hampton recently covered the works of Samuel Barber and released a video on YouTube for Ballade, Op. 46, the last of the composers works written before his death. Through his masterful rendition, Hampton effectively delivers the looming, dark emotion of the piece. As the piece progresses, Jeffrey flawlessly executes the agitato with relentless vigor and conviction. The overall effect is a dynamic interpretation of the score that fuses sharp phrases with melodious, lingering chords. Check out the video of Jeffrey Dean Hampton playing Samuel Barber’s Ballade Op. 46 below.

Through his expression of Ballade Op. 46, Jeffrey has illustrated not only the longstanding legacy of Samuel Barber’s work but, his own dedication in rendering such a monumental piece. Fans will take pleasure in the skillful translation of the composition while feeling the effects of the energy and emotion that go into composing and mastering a work. Jeffrey breathes a fresh breath of contemporary energy onto a classical jewel.

Having embarked upon his musical journey with the piano at 8 years old, Jeffrey Hampton currently studies at Indiana State. Known for his youthful energy and enthusiasm, his style has garnered him accolades from fans and peers all over. Inspired by the works of Brahams, Schumann, Chopin, and many others, Hampton’s work can currently be heard on his official website www.jdhpiano.com. He possesses a wide musical scope which includes not only classical, but contemporary pop sounds as well. While we await Jeffrey’s next musical sound-byte, eager fans will be excited to know that Jeffrey’s full album release is on the horizon.

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