Transcending time: ‘For The Love of Music’ the new album from recording artist LiJames The Chosen sets the bar

LiJames The ChosenThere are few emcees that are able to transcend time. Those who do prove to be the most influential forces in our culture. A force to be reckoned with today is hip hop artist  LiJames The Chosen who just released his latest project ‘For The Love of Music’. The album is a definitive street symphony that speaks volumes about the current climate of society. The Chosen, a name given by his mother has gifted music fans with a crystal clear visuals and lyrical mastery not seen since the era of artists such as Tupac. ‘For The Love of Music’ is a progressive spin on the underground sound that catapulted hip hop to the mainstream decades ago. Evidence of LiJames’ musical influences and avid study of legendary emcees and musicians permeates throughout each and every track. LiJames The Chosen is redirecting hip hop fans to the long-awaited socially conscious origins of hip hop music.

‘For the Love of Music’ explores a myriad of themes on each of the album tracks. LiJames’ perspective throughout the album is not only genuine but refreshing. Like spoken word, the lyrical content is powerful, poetic, and driven by bona fide experiences that are faced everyday. His delivery radiates a voice of maturity and experience that is not often heard within the sounds of independent recording artists. Trudging through the lyrical battlefield, LiJames covers topics ranging from race relations and class to relationships, incarceration to world issues. In the album, he grapples with some of the toughest issues facing our nation, and does so from a highly relative perspective.

The critically acclaimed album which is already receiving rave reviews, has some really powerful tracks that will resonate with listeners. The track “Looking Out My Window” is gritty track that provides a view into a world that few who are on the outside can truly understand. The fact that an emcee can skillfully share the inner-workings of our culture is a symbol of the excellence that an artist like LiJames lends to the movement.

Another powerful track that will reverberate with fans is “Child Slavery” which exemplifies the depth of LiJames’ observations on world issues. Throughout his tracks, he shines light on the subject matter that is seemingly too politically incorrect to address in our current sphere. He switches up the tone of the album with the track “Life is Beautiful” which is a motivating anthem that inspires and influences a positive thought process. “Chocolate Girl” on the other hand, is a candid track that pays homage to natural sisters of the world, a nice diversion from the heavier content included on the album. The lyrical content on the album is balanced well in combination with the delivery and production.

Production on ‘For The Love of Music’ is among the strongest unleashed this year. There are some tracks that have a nostalgic feel such as “What A Shame” and “Knowledge is Power” while tracks such as “Remember Me” have a more progressive mainstream sound. The album incorporates skits, audio clips, and news footage to emphasize the overall story, working effectively to connect the content with current events and subsequently with the listeners. LiJames delivers phenomenal vocal quality in conjunction with a flawless flow. The album is a diverse collaboration that encompasses the authentic voice of underground hip hop but, conveys with the precision of a mainstream production.

Often compared to artists such as Nas, LiJames The Chosen has already been buzzing in the minds of loyal fans in the Big Apple and across the world, as his latest album has coveted thousands of digital downloads. Having jumpstarted his music life as a young kid listening to ciphers on the block, LiJames The Chosen, influenced by other neighborhood emcees later forged his own path to lyrical greatness. Given the middle name of “The Chosen” by his mother, it became early on that LiJames would find amazing experiences on the horizon. With an inclination for performance, his journey has led him to be one of the most sought after artists of our time.

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