Need real hip hop? Look no further than the latest single “Soul Searching” by Emcee “Hemanifezt”

hemanifezt photoThe unique characteristics of hip hop have enabled it to evolve over time influencing numerous sub-genres. Although during this evolution, many commercial artists have drifted far way from empowering and socially aware tracks, indie artists who function outside of the mainstream still embrace strong lyrical content. Our artist of the week, Hemanifezt is an artist that delivers thought-provoking content through his work. His latest digital release is a single called “Soul Searching”. The track is bares a close resemblance to hip hop of the early to mid-90s when the lyrical content of hip hop was rich in-depth and cultural relevance and the music was influenced by soulful, retro-funk sounds, and earlier R&B music.

“Soul Searching” is a picturesque analysis of hip hop’s influence on life in one form or another. Hemanifezt brings some personal experiences into the lyrical storyboard illustrated on the track. He speaks to his listeners from an inspirational and motivational perspective. Through the track he has a powerful connection with fans and it is evident that he is a seasoned lyricist. His style can be described as Wu-Tang meets Common with a strong dose of Guru in that it reaches a deeper level requiring fans to truly engage with the music not only because of the sound but because of the thematic content. Early rap music in its infancy was often politically and socially conscious branded with haunting underground beats, paying homage to leaders and rebels who shaped and empowered the masses, making it stand out with such distinction that few could replicate it’s design effectively. Now, with the dawn of a new generation of hip hop enthusiasts upon us, Hemanifezt is likely to be one of the most empowering lyricists to bless the digital music-sphere.


Listen to “Soul Searching” by Hemanifezt now streaming on SoundCloud.

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