Singer-Songwriter Blessing Tangban Tops The Charts With Her Latest Release “Harrison”

Blessing TangbanRecently there has been an organic movement toward producing music in its most natural form. Independent artists are successfully drawing from earlier styles while using contemporary contexts to deliver forward-thinking compositions. The step away from overproduced tracks is a welcome experience for music listeners across the globe.  The single most crucial component that seems to be lacking across the current music scene is depth in lyrical content.  Indie artists, now more than ever, are poised and ready to respond to this current situation in more ways than one. The new indie artist creates their own lane many times composing their own music, writing their own songs, and producing their own albums. The advent of new media has enabled us to find these exceptional artists with the greatest of ease as they truly stand out among the weeds.

A beautiful rose that has emerged from the massive musical terrain is Blessing Tangban, an acoustic singer-songwriter based in the spicy city of New Orleans. A native of Nigeria, Blessing Tangban just released the latest single from her album ‘Nowhere Girl’ called “Harrison”, a beautiful acoustic track that is not only artistic, but emotionally stirring.

“Harrison” is not only a relevant piece of work, but it also conveys exquisite songwriting skill, unsurpassed vocals, and rarely seen musical prowess. Through this most recent release, Tangban reinforces the fact that she is indeed a triple threat; as a singer, songwriter, and musician, an undertaking that requires both innate abilities, professional training, and a serious dedication to one’s craft.

Blessing’s vocals throughout the song are melodic and soothing. She utilizes dynamic vocal changes throughout the piece which work effectively to express the emotion behind the musical work.  Often compared to artists such as Dido, Blessing performs at a higher octave adding to the youthful breadth of the song. Her notes are delivered with absolute precision and convey beautifully alongside the guitar accompaniment.

In regards to the lyrical component of “Harrison”, Blessing’s songwriting is not only poetic, but consists of vivid imagery illustrated through her words. The song is composed in such a way that it tells a story that is relevant and easy to relate to especially in the realm of love songs. Tangban delivers a very strong and catchy chorus that is not only appealing to the listener but inspirational for anyone that experiences painful revelations.

It is evident that Blessing Tangban is the whole package and her latest single is just a glimpse into what this stunning artist can do. “Harrison” encompasses all of the qualities of a natural folk artist with unprocessed talent. Tangban successfully inspires fans through her use of carefully composed lyrics and meticulously designed musical accompaniment. Although the song explores the themes of love, pain, and loss, it manages to provide a traceable framework by which fans can connect with the lyrical content and the depth of the artist known as Blessing Tangban.

Blessing cites John Mayer as one of her biggest musical influences. Her style is often compared to artists such as Jewel and Dido and her music falls into the genre of folk. Currently holding down the Top 3 spot of Reverbnation, fans can listen to more music from Blessing directly on the site. Born in Nigeria and now based in the US, Blessing Tangban is positioned to be one of the greatest folk artists of our generation.

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