BellaDulce dishes on the best & worst trends for 2014 on with DJ Vikky

BellaDulce Clothing at Nerd-fm.netI stopped by the studio to check out our glitter girl Vikky’s new streaming radio show. In addition to the fact that I was reminded just how awesome Kat Deluna’s music is, I had a great time dishing the deets on the latest news with BellaDulce Clothing Boutique and of course without a doubt Glitter & Stilettos my personal baby. Vikky and I go a ways back as she was one of our first featured models for BellaDulce Clothing so it is one, great to see this lovely Dominicana achieve such great success and two, heart-warming to know that she was willing to spend some time discussing our latest projects. Girl-power truly comes from women who can support each others’ endeavors.

It has been an extra busy week here in Glitterville and the month of May will be jam-packed with plenty of new indie artist features from all over the world. We wrapped up April with a great piece on international pop artist Virginia Bright. For the month of May, we’ll also dig a litter deeper into some of the Spring and Summer fashion and makeup trends to be on the look out for. I am stoked that festival season is about to launch here at the beach so we’ll be on the prowl for what’s hot and happening by way of entertainment and cultural events. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest news and information. May your days be filled with glitter and stilettos.





Top spring 2014 eyewear trends with Warby Parker


Wearing Warby Parker BURKE eyeglasses in Tennessee Whiskey

All year-long I had been debating whether or not to retire my Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses and I have finally decided that it is time to part with the highly expensive frames in exchange for something more cost-effective and a style that allows me to show off my eyes just a bit more. I stumbled across the Spectrum Sun Collection from Warby Parker and was impressed by the sleek design of the sunglasses and the amazingly affordable prices. In addition, they recently released their Spring 2014 Collection which is equally as diverse in style and fit. Parting with $300 for my D&G frames was moderately painful considering how much of that I could have actually put toward my clothing wardrobe but the world is our oyster, is it not? So, I decided to take a closer look into Warby Parker to check out latest and greatest.

Warby Parker actually allows you to test drive 5 pairs of lenses from their collections and they ship directly to your house. This is so much better than the awkward experience of shopping in Lenscrafters where you are face to face with a salesperson who doesn’t necessarily tell you that those $300 frames look absolutely horrible on your face. What strikes me the most about Warby Parker’s Spring 2014 collections are the trendsetting designs, comfortable fit, and great value. The frames are so diverse that they can be dressed up, dressed down, and they have plenty of options available for both men and women.

I’m going to highlight a few of the pieces that I received through Warby Parker’s “Home Try-On” program. I was so excited about sharing my new find after trying on the BURKE eyeglasses that I enlisted the help of my bestie and sister Marquita Bianca to mash-up some really nice styling examples of some pieces from the Spring 2014 Collection. I mean if you are going to rock some sweet lenses, you definitely have to jazz up a fly ensemble, am I wrong? Take a look at a few of the pieces of eyewear that you can look for this Spring.

Warby Parker Seymour  EyeglassesThe SEYMOUR is a stylish and versatile frame that functions well at the office and also during after work play. The durable lenses are made from polycarbonate material while also offering 100% UV protection. For a professional look with youthful esprit we mashed up the SEYMOUR frame with a classic black and white ensemble, a staple for Spring 2014. The white blazer and the black pencil skirt are an excellent choice by day while the blazer can be removed to show off a sleeveless top by night. We opted for light accessories to finish the look.

I have noticed that the rectangular frames this season are much wider than in the past but less bulky. I think this creates a multi-functional look that is great for work, school, and casual wear. The SEYMOUR is available in Tennessee Whiskey, Sage, and Whiskey Tortoise

Warby Parker Quimby Sunglasses



Contrasting patterns are definitely in this season as well as pastel colors. We decided to mix up the QUIMBY sunglasses with a geometric, retro sundress and sweeping up-do hairstyle. The QUIMBY is a classy frame that is large and round. It has full coverage and is reminiscent of early Hollywood starlet styles.  Available in the colors Absinthe and Aurora, the lens is ideal for those times when you are feeling ultra glam.



Warby Parker Burke Eyeglasses



The Warby Parker BURKE eyeglasses are  a great choice for those that are not only sophisticated but colorful. The browline style eyeglasses have wide lenses that really allow you to show off your eyes. We did something a little different with this frame and paired it up with a Spring cropped top, denim shorts, and a large handbag. Also offering great durability and 100% UV protection, the BURKE is available in two colors: Tennessee Whiskey and Sugar Maple.

Warby Parker Reilly





The REILLY sunglasses are large and elegant in design. A great choice for a summer accessory, the REILLY goes well with a long maxi dress and cascading curls. The fit is comfortable and although the lenses are large, they do not cover a perfectly tidy browline. The REILLY is available in two color options: Whiskey Tortoise and Marzipan.

These are just a few of the frames from Warby Parker’s Spring 2014 Collection. The collection actually consists of eight new shapes and six new colors; style options are available for both men and women.  Check out more eyeglasses and sunglasses from Warby Parker.

Warby Parker sunglasses are produced in a state-of-the -art facility. The lenses are made with twice-polished custom cellulose acetate and teflon-coated screws. Their polarized lenses enable reduced glaring and provide outstanding UV protection. The prescription eyeglasses also include teflon screws and anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating. Most importantly, when compared to most eyewear brands on the market, Warby Parker offers unbeatable pricing.

Some really cool intel is that Warby Parker gives back through their “Buy A Pair, Give A Pair” program.Working with VisionSpring and other non-profits, for every pair of sunglasses sold, an optical piece of eyewear is given to someone in need so not only can you shop for something great but you can be apart of something even greater. If you’d like to see for yourself how diverse the Warby Parker lines are, consider checking out their “Home Try-On” program where you can select any 5 pairs of glasses for 5 days or you can check out their “Virtual Try-On” to see the latest frames on your face by uploading a photo of yourself; either way is convenient and well worth it.

How would you style your Warby Parker?

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Travel out of this world with the latest single “Constellations” from October Spree, now available on iTunes.

October Spree Constellations

The music has landed…

Somewhere between earth and beyond musical space lies the electronic artist October Spree. Drawing fans in to a delightful sound journey with his latest release titled “Constellations”, October Spree delivers an ultramodern love song that is tailored with impeccable production and exceptionally clever lyrical skill. With a sound that is reminiscent of the Owl City project, October Spree’s latest production is a remarkably spirited fusion of nostalgic ambiance and advanced, electronic elements joined together to uncover a revolutionary underground movement.

Although “Constellations” is an electronica track, it conveys well as a mainstream pop hit or easy listening contemporary track with added flare. The songs synthesized elements are reflective of early dance music, making it a versatile favorite that will appeal to a wide range of listeners spanning across many different musical preferences. The song comfortably meets and exceeds the influential sound for which electronic music is famously known for.

The vocal delivery on the track is presented with boyish charm and youthful energy yet, the lyrics speak to a deeper experience of a seasoned songwriter. October Spree does an excellent job of using metaphors to express the theme of the song, connecting the whimsical sound composition to the overall message.  Check out October Spree’s lyric video on YouTube for a closer look.

October Spree has done a phenomenal job delivering an innovative tapestry of sound through his latest single “Constellations”. The song which has already received accolades from around the digital music sphere is an enjoyable listen with a strong mainstream appeal. As the digital spins and downloads continue to swell, it evident that October Spree is an artist to watch for in 2014. Get the latest news and information on the Official October Spree Facebook Page.

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Powerful release “Changes” from John Blake Inspires

John BlakeEveryone has experienced those times when it seems as if the world is upon their shoulders and everything is going wrong. The desire to give up can be overwhelming but, there are times when we are at our lowest points and the only thing that can lift us up out of our darkest hour is a song. One artist has heard the voices of those who face struggle and has decided to share his response of encouragement and enlightenment.

Songwriter and recording artist John Blake joined forces with Elisa Polanco to deliver another earth moving track called “Changes”, a song that is emotionally stirring and inspiring by all accounts. The latest from a series of singles dropped this year, John selflessly opens his heart to the world once again evoking power through music.

Elisa sings on the hook “Everything changes, let go and give it a try, don’t let your life pass you by”, a memorable and relevant statement especially in the face of the most difficult struggles faced by many on a daily basis. John Blake who is recognized for reaching out to his fans through his music in a very direct and personal manner demonstrates his ability to address the issues that affect humanity at its core.

The daunting reality is that mainstream recording artists often avoid engaging with weighty issues that affect society in their music thus leading to a lack of connectivity with those most in need of strong, positive influences. Outside the world of materialistic glorification, glitz and glamour exist regular people who face everyday challenges looking for artists that they can relate to. John Blake, who is embarking on his own road to fame through raw authenticity is the artist of our generation that will motivate, inspire, and address the good, the bad, and the ugly much like Tupac and Biggie did in their time.

“Changes” is a powerful song that is capable touching of a multitude of individuals from various walks of life. The song is an easy listen with a flavor reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s before commercial hip-hop ventured slightly away from socially conscious productions. Blake delivers flawless bars and pertinent lyrical content while Elisa Polanco connects the verses with a contemporary R&B hook. From a motivating stance, the song is possibly one of the most inspirational collaborations of the year. Although the song is moving, the production yields a formidable secular presentation thus enabling it to reach a broad spectrum of listeners.

It is evident that John Blake is on a mission and is making moves with his music which never fails to deliver. “Changes” is a sleek production with exceptional vocal and sound quality. Blake’s songwriting is virtually unrivaled when considering the current plight of the independent artist and the lack of original content distributed to the masses. The intent and purpose behind Blake’s music is not only placing him among the most sought after artists of today but it is changing lives one by one.

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International pop star Virginia Bright shines with her latest single “Coz You Are”

Virginia Bright Grammy

International Pioneering Pop Artist

This week we traveled abroad to discover international pop sensation Virginia Bright. It is not often that you come across an artist that is able to deliver such a diverse and eclectic flavor through their music, but when they do, it is worth venturing further to understand the origins of their unprecedented sound. International pop artist Virginia Bright has just released her latest single “Coz You Are”, a powerful master-mix of high energy music and luscious vocals. Considered a pioneering artist of her time, Virginia Bright has clearly knocked down barriers on an international scale having gained fame and notoriety as not only a singer, but also as an actress, dancer and film producer. A native of Madrid, Spain, Bright has maintained a stronghold on the industry from Europe all the way to the United States.

“Coz You Are” is the quintessential feel good song with a vibrant energy that is similar to Pharell’s song “Happy”. Virginia successfully joins elements of her Spanish roots, Afro-Latin rhythms, and modern dance flare to deliver a fun-loving track with massive international appeal. Bright has established herself as a cutting-edge performer and artist with a groundbreaking sound and style. Through her latest track she welcomes fans new and old into her radiant world with finesse and charm.

Having already been deemed an international icon in the Afro-European music scene, Bright’s latest release is a glimpse into the massive powerhouse whose music is drawn from her personal journey. Virginia shares with fans, a heartfelt look into self-discovery through “Coz You Are”. Although the song carries a light and breathless tune, Bright said that the song expresses the discovery of oneself and beauty through the eyes of another. She describes the song as being about “Unconditional love-the whole you, mind, body, and soul..where life is all like a big rainbow full of color.” She said “then is when I understood we are all one.”  The song’s lyrics truly do express the subtle nuances of self-actualization in a positive and energetic way. Bright allows fans to travel with her along a vivid journey full of imagery and delight, a journey that will not soon be forgotten.

In a time where many people are struggling to find inner peace,  failing to realize the true beauty that lies within, Virginia Bright has courageously reached out to fans, relating to them in such a way that is to be recognized and commended. Often times it is an uplifting song that reflects on the experiences of humanity that truly creates life changing events. What better way to touch the world and make a difference than through music, and Virginia Bright is doing just that.

Check out the video for “Coz You Are” on YouTube.


While not only sharing her personal experiences with fans through music, Virginia is dedicated to giving back to her community as well. A portion of the proceeds from “Coz You Are” will be distributed to her top 3 charities, Forward Organization, Pink for Africa, and the FAM Foundations.  Bright says “I wanted to do it this way, because it drives me and motivates me much more, in knowing that per download people make of my music or purchase of any of my merchandising related to “Coz You Are” we altogether will be making a huge contribution and great difference in the lives of many children and women out there.”

Recognized as a singer, dancer, actress, and film producer, Virginia Bright got her start in music very early playing the accordion and touring around Madrid with a band. Having performed an all girl-group, and a gospel group, she later secured performances on Spanish TV programming and performed back up vocals for popular artists such as Amparo Sandino. Her unique texture of musical styles has ushered her into opportunities such as performing for the “Don Omar, King of Reggaeton” concert as well as appearances at numerous venues around Europe. Known for fusing together hip-hop, salsa, jazz, pop, Zouk Makosa, and Buleria, Virginia Bright is affectionately known as Queen La. V. Now based in Los Angeles, California, Bright is poised to lead the international music scene with an ever-present energy that is not only essential in today’s music scene, but unequivocally surpassing all competition.

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Spring into style with the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION from Warby Parker

Warby Parker Spectrum Sun CollectionThe weather is finally warming up here at the beach after a brutal winter and much to my relief I am able to finally pack away my heavy sweaters and coats for lighter apparel and accessories. I have been on the prowl for some really stylish and affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses to jump-start the season and to be honest my D&G’s have seen their best days and I’m not sure I am willing to part with another $300 for frames this year. I recently came across Warby Parker and their SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with both the style and the price points of the line. The designs include some of the hottest trends for 2014 and they are definitely worth a peek.

I have compiled a mash-up of some of my favorite picks from the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION to give you just a few styling ideas for Spring 2014.

001 collage (1)1). Cat-Eye

The ‘cat-eye’ is a nostalgic style that has re-emerged for 2014 and Warby Parker has nailed it with their PIPER model. The PIPER’S shape is more rounded than earlier cat-eye frames and it is available in two awesome color options: Revolver Black and Woodland Tortoise. It is shaped in such a way that you can still show off a perfectly shaped brow line.

I opted to pair the Woodland Tortoise pattern with a sunny yellow dress and gold hinted accessories to complement the frame’s accents. Finish the look with a great transitional pair of faux leather boots, a popular trend this season.



Warby Parker Minnie

2). Think Pink, Go Green

Pink is going to be a hot color this season and Warby Parker’s MINNIE in Eucalyptus is the perfect accessory. Nothing screams “spring” more than pink and green so for this dose of fashion flavor, I paired this pink sleeveless top and embroidered shorts available at BellaDulce Clothing Boutique along with the MINNIE for a simple, fresh look.  The lenses are large and round offering the ultimate glam look. The MINNIE is also available in the color Striped Sassafras.



3). Mix it Up

Spring 2014 will bring plenty of mixing, matching, and contrast. I paired Warby Parker’s DEAN in Striped Olive with a contrasting black and white top, retro style palazzo pants, and in the spirit of pastels, a pair of mint green pumps. When it comes to accessories this season, the more the merrier, layer bracelets, rings, and necklaces for added bling. The DEAN is also available in the color English Oak.


Warby Parker Dean

4). Live, love, layer

Warby Parker DowningI absolutely love the look of layered tees but actually layering garments can get pretty uncomfortable as temperatures rise but the great thing about them is that you can peel them off one by one for maximum style. I am a little on the lazy side so I like my layers all-in-one. I dressed up this one-piece, contrasting tank top with Warby Parker’s DOWNING lens from the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION. I brought out the color accents in the shirt and shorts with a few accessories and in preparation for hot weather, added in a mesh flat.




5). Black & White and Cherry BlossomWarby Parker Hall too

While pink is a popular choice for 2014, black and white is holding strong withstanding the fashion test of time so why not join the two in fashionable matrimony? I love adding colorful accents to black and white styles and figured that the HALL frames in Cherry Blossom from the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION would make for a savvy collaboration. For this fashion fix, consider a basic black short set with a white blazer and silver accessories or a simple white romper, nix the blazer, add a pair of accented pumps and finish the look with off with the popular HALL frames for a look that is candy sweet and divalicious.

I am so looking forward to updating my specs this season with some pieces from the SPECTRUM SUN COLLECTION.

What is your favorite mash-up on Warby Parker?

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