Uncover the Origins of American Spirit with Band Hotel Union’s Latest Release “The Highway Ghost”

Hotel Union Highway GhostEmerging from the Roots…

Sometimes the most appealing music is that which is delivered in its most purest form. All too often along the modern soundscape, the sound and feel of music is so saturated with pop culture trends that specific genres are virtually unidentifiable, the content relatively detached from human experience, and the true intent of an artist’s message often overshadowed by bells, whistles, and glamour unrelated to social awakenings. It takes a gifted artist, much like Bob Dylan, who with his musical prowess was able to preserve not only the culture of the American spirit in a time capsule of sorts but, to also inspire others with his music. The modern re-emergence of the indie rock artist is yielding a new generation of singers, songwriters, and musicians who possess an understanding of music’s origins that is not only refreshing but remarkable. They are redefining the status quo and making certain that their voices are heard.

Enters Hotel Union, an All-American rock duo from Portland, Oregon and their latest single “The Highway Ghost” from their upcoming album ‘Youngblood’. Comprised of Matt Brown and Ryan Root, the band is poised to lead the modern-rock and Americana music movement. This comes as no surprise after we stopped by their official website hotelunionmusic.com to take a listen to the single. The song conveys the energy and ethos of the American experience. The lyrical composition in unison with acoustic elements, and additional instrumental accompaniment keeps the song deeply rooted within the genre of Americana to deliver its distinct sound. Although the tone and delivery of the song is rather nostalgic, it does offer a modern and youthful feel thus enabling it to appeal to a broad audience.

Lyrically, the song follows the form of folk and country styles as it incorporates elements of storytelling while theHotel Union Band vocals are more rock-based. Through “The Highway Ghost”, the band works to present a relevant picture of an individual’s experience. The musical compositions corresponds directly with the tone and energy of the vocals, conjuring thematic images of the bands’s message. The song is a great listen, reminiscent of gritty dirt-road, rock anthems while capturing the intrinsic nature of All-American youth.

Hotel Union describes their music as a “blend of retrospective rock and modern-day Americana“. They focus on what they call a “crafting process” by which their music is kept simple; the dynamic team writes and composes all of their work exclusively. While both Matt and Ryan are working towards careers in the music industry as songwriters, they have already started making successful gains having received placements on national TV, radio, and a live bill with Grammy Award Winner Macklemore. Hotel Union is currently in the mastering phase of their debut album ‘Young Blood’ The full EP is currently available for listening on hotelunionmusic.com.

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