From a Guys Point of View: Check Out New Song “Mammary Gland” from Wayne & Wonder

What makes country music so popular is its ability to connect real people with real life situations in an effective manner. Not only does the music tell a story but, it does so in a very candid way. Whether it is about love, loss, anger, or day-to-day encounters, the music is a powerful illustration of life, American culture, and perspective. Country music directly addresses issues that may be otherwise uncomfortable in a comedic manner, opening up dialog on topics that might be considered taboo or off-limits. Conquering this type of mountain takes a special artist or band, one not hindered by the societal pressures to conform, but those who celebrate their roots, embrace their culture, and have no issues expressing their views through their music.

When we stumbled upon Kansas City’s own Wayne & Wonder and their latest release “MammaryGland” featuring Erica Lee we weren’t exactly sure to expect from two guys singing about a woman’s milking devices, but as women; we were quite intrigued, so we just had to take a listen. Going in on possibly one of the most controversial topics of our time, Wayne & Wonder take on “breastfeeding”, a bold act without a doubt. From the introduction to the finish, the song is a fun-filled conjuring of surprises and hilariously, outrageous lyrics. The song works well to paint an awkward Kodak moment for which we have all, at some point been forced into while encountering something that is completely natural by human experience, a bond between mother and child, and the reaction by the men in their lives.

The song can be most characterized as an upbeat, easy listen, with novel charm. Reminiscent of Blake Shelton’s impromptu musical observations about life’s encounters, Wayne & Wonder will certainly garner their share of spins and downloads on this jolly track. We wonder what these fellas will come up with next. Check out their single “MammaryGland” and other fun music and videos at and Reverbnation.

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