Change Is in Order: New Song “The Answer Is You” from Singer-Songwriter Jason Mark Yates

Jason Mark YatesIt happened something like this…

There was a remarkable story about a couple whose relationship was forever changed by a single song. It may seem hard to believe, but these things do happen.  While just a few short years into their marriage, things grew rocky and the couple had finally decided that it was best to part ways. The husband later had a change of heart after hearing a song which stirred in him, the emotions for which he was unable to express in the past.

He approached his wife and asked forgiveness and together they decided that they could and should make it work. This scenario is all to familiar for many estranged families but, this story is the perfect example of just how powerful music can be. We have all had that one song that brings back old memories, that makes us feel a certain way that perhaps not even words can describe; this is music at work, an artist in motion. Music inspires, music provokes, and music brings out the inner-workings of humanity in ways that one can never truly imagine. An inspirational song can hold a fond memory, inspire change, and mend a broken soul; a song can create with all of its fervor, a happy ending.

Going where other artists do not dare.

When considering artists who truly create inspiring content, many of today’s artists fall short. Inhibited by social contracts and staunch gender roles, artists are not always free to express the true depth of their music but, when they do; they leave a tremendous mark upon history. One artist that has ventured to open up his heart to the world is UK Singer-Songwriter Jason Mark Yates. Yates has just released his latest song called “The Answer Is You”. The song is a magnificent expression of love and forgiveness from the male perspective although, the roles of the main characters can certainly be reversed.

Jason Mark Yates who is known for his award-winning songwriting expertise, joined forces with fellow singer-songwriter Darcy Jeavons to produce the exceptional Adult Contemporary track. Yates, who performed both the lead and background vocals, has a sound and style that is reminiscent of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame icon Bruce Springsteen.

“The Answer Is You” stays true to its Adult Contemporary sound, delivering an easy listening experience in the form of a slow-tempo ballad. The music score, which was also written by Jason Mark Yates, is composed impeccably with a mellow, acoustic sound. Half way through the song, is a lovely guitar solo where fans are able to hear the intricate blending of chords while, experiencing Yates’ multiple layers of skill.

His perspective…her reality

The lyrical content of the song in combination with the musical accompaniment will create a moving and memorable listening experience for fans. Yates, whose sound has also been compared to Rod Stewart, presents to listeners a song about love and forgiveness. Through a man’s lens, the song expresses his remorse for perhaps not living up to the expectations of what a great partner is but, later finding truth within his own ways and coming to terms with the fact that change is possible. The song sheds light on what may be a momentous occasion for women all over; and a wake up call for the men they love.

A young artist is born…

Discovering music while in his youth, Jason Mark Yates, like many others used music as a natural healing tool, it was indeed his answer. Having played with many bands over time, Yates has developed a timeless sound that encompasses a broad range of emotion and musical skill. As a 2013 finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest with his song “Reachin Out”, he continued to expand his musical brand internationally, collaborating with singer-songwriter and fellow guitarist Darcy Jeavons. The two artists have gone on to receive even more accolades for their award-winning productions including a Certificate Entry for their collaboration “So Into You”. With over 100 songs in his catalog, Jason Mark Yates is definitely on fire, we cannot wait to hear what’s next for this multi-faceted performer.

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