Music Duo JoeHero & Nina Surprise Fans with the Release of “Give Me Your Love” Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Give Me Your Love JoeHero & Nina Love is in the air...

Right on the heels of the most romantic holiday of the year, the international singing duo JoeHero and Nina have released a beautiful love ballad for Valentine’s Day called “Give Me Your Love”. The song is the 2nd single from their upcoming album ‘Voice to Follow’ which is scheduled for release on March 19th, 2014. If you are looking for a memorable soundtrack to add to your special evening, journey with JoeHero and Nina on their latest musical adventure.

Taking a break from their normally social inspired tracks, “Give Me Your Love” explores a different theme for the season.  Because of its composition, delivery, and timing, the song is absolutely perfect for the occasion. With a mellow ambiance, the song offers a seamless illustration of guitar chords, and tropical sounding drums. JoeHero and Nina’s vocals join together to create a wonderfully entrancing sound that carries listeners along their musical journey. “Give Me Your Love” contains the structural elements of an acoustic folk song but, it also has a distinct reggae vibe as well. Overall, JoeHero and Nina present a melodious display of unique sound and emotion through their personal lens. It is rare to find a such powerful duo that is able to translate their chemistry into a musical work of art so effectively.

The songwriting is simple yet, emotional and most appropriate. Fans will enjoy the whimsical nature of the duo, whose collaboration inspires listeners to sing in tune. Simultaneously, the two songbirds deliver a fun-loving chorus that captures the beauty of love, life, and music. Leaving their hearts on the world’s stage, JoeHero and Nina’s  “Give Me Your Love” is a clean and concise production that is delivered flawlessly, with music fans in mind. Get the latest scoop on JoeHero & Nina on their Official Website Check out their latest single “Give Me Your Love”, now available on SoundCloud.

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