‘Swell’: The Newest Album Release from Hollywood Drunks Makes Waves


Transcending Time…

Picture if you will, a swirling vortex blending the Gorillaz, Sublime, and The Beatles that rushes across several decades, slamming into spectators, erupting into what one might consider to be the most pivotal movement in music history. Behind all of the action, underneath all of the chaos, is Los Angeles band Hollywood Drunks who just released their album Swell, an eclectic mix of amusing styles compiled into a refreshingly accurate depiction of life’s nuances.

Collectively, the album features a blend of sounds that cannot be categorized into one particular genre. The song styles  range from alternative rock  to reggae, pop, and soul; perfect for the new generation of music lovers that tend to reach across different stylistic barriers by preference. It is rare to find a band that is successful at capturing a variety of sounds within one album while still maintaining cohesiveness and making sense. Tracks like “Get It” and “Wake You” exemplify the evolutions that the band has undergone to develop such a distinct style that resonates with fans.

The album boldly addresses the matters in real life that affect young 20 and 30 somethings; reminding them that while life is no picnic on the beach, a good dose of comic relief just might be the perfect remedy. One such track that nails the climate of the times is “Bankrupt” which describes financial devastation on top of a soulful mix; something many a person can relate to. Utilizing a humourous approach to deliver each track lightens the mood of what other indie artists might present as dark, heavy content. Every now and again, fans crave a break from the doom and gloom of anti-mainstream artists. They seek to be uplifted by real content that they can relate to, lyrics that inspire, and  themes that remind them that they are not dark entities circling a mindless matrix of drones, but rather humans who sometimes enjoy living life through even the worst of experiences. Through Swell, the Hollywood Drunks have seized this exact moment to connect with their fans; and they have done so effortlessly.

The title track “Swell” is an introspective record that explores the evolution of human experiences, change, and finding direction. While the album is filled with several reflective tracks,  there is a surprisingly, nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of furry friends, and simplistic contemplation. The band’s rendition of “Sesame Street” a delightful insertion of insane comedy that is somehow appropriate for the album’s message and theme.

Hollywood Drunks, who consider their style to be “whine free pop” consist of Paul Sandberg on Keys, Sebastian Sheehan on Drums and Percussion, Carl West on Bass, Lloyd Stuart Casson on Guitars, Bass, and Vocals, and Eric Winzenried on Vox. The band has already received rave reviews for their release and their fan base continues to swell, no pun intended. Check out more from Hollywood Drunks on their Official Website hollywooddrunks.net

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