“Never Ending” The New Single from Franklin Manor

Franklin Manor Never Ending SingleThe single is “Never Ending” but, he is just beginning…

While it seems that modern popular music has reached a plateau with regards to innovation, leaving a lackluster residue once any novelty has faded, there are however, few artists that are able to develop progressive, cutting-edge music. The ability to utilize select elements from various genres to create a one-of-a-kind sound is exemplary of the evolution that has occurred over the last decades in music; where genres are not defined by hard boundaries and do not often fall into the categories that have been previously recognized.

One such artist that has successfully masaterminded a groundbreaking sound for the next wave of millennium music lovers is singer, composer, and producer Franklin Manor. Keen to the flavor of the new music fan, he enlists the unique components required to appeal to listeners who have outgrown mainstream productions, but are not committed staunchly to embracing a single genre.

Mixing it Up

Last year we were introduced to music remixes such as Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” featuring rapper Nelly and who can forget the 2007 release of “Apologize” from One Republic and producer Timbaland?  Both songs utilized a blend of musical elements to create a popular sound that crossed over into different genres while collectively capturing millions of spins in multiple markets.  Franklin Manor’s latest release “Never Ending” is the perfect example of just how original up and coming artists need to be in order to have staying power and gain a captive audience. The song playfully ventures outside the frontier of alternative music while still holding on to some of the genre’s distinctive conventions.

“Never Ending” is an up-tempo track with solid rock vocals while maintaining the instrumental components of an experimental dance composition.  The song fades in with a slow intro and lingering piano chords but quickly builds into a high-energy burst of artistic adventure. Franklin Manor presents rebellious edge that cuts with great depth through the use of progressive guitars, hard drums and some electronic vocal play. He delivers intense energy throughout the breadth of the song but, the single appropriately drifts out into a slow fade brining the listener down from an insanely, untamed ride.

The songwriting in “Never Ending” yields remarkable characteristics to include socially conscious yet, memorable verses and a chant-worthy chorus. To describe Franklin Manor’s songwriting as skillful would certainly not do him any justice. When we talk about the Independent Artist and the alternatives to mainstream music, we are often conditioned to seek the antithesis of pop culture however it takes a gifted songwriter to develop meaningful content and deliver it in such a way that it is widely accepted beyond the underground as Franklin Manor has done.

Based in Los Angeles, California Franklin Manor is scheduled to release his upcoming album Motive; keep an ear to the street and in the meantime, become a Franklin Manor fan on Facebook and get the latest scoop.

Listen to Franklin Manor’s latest single “Never Ending” on SoundCloud.

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