“Impossible Gray” The Latest Single from Singer Songwriter Michael Fitch

Michael Fitch Music The power to create noteworthy music is derived not only from learned skills, but an inclination to understand, create, and translate sound through a myriad of elements. Some artists continue to struggle uphill to nail down their style, to “get it”, while others, often nonconformists, work tirelessly to craft, evolve, and carve their own niche, comfortably stepping outside of already existing boundaries.

Musical Convergence..

Here we have the experimental artist, the creator who commands the attention of those who consume sound as a vital nutrient; we witness the convergence of genres into a striking composition and we crave more. Encounters with this type of artist are infrequent, but when they do occur they leave a lasting impression, and we take notice.

“Impossible Gray” the single from singer-songwriter, and musician Michael Fitch’s acclaimed album Life in Mondegreen is a sublime performance of distinct character. Having already received rave reviews, the song is truly an imaginative conglomeration of instrumental, and vocal elements; reflective of Fitch’s signature sound. “Impossible Gray” is an audacious divergence from the prevalence of pop sounds that so many artists are often associated with.

The song opens up with a symphony introduction and trailing piano chords behind distorted vocals that span with great elasticity; Fitch shifts quickly to more soulful sounding chords later in the song.  The song transitions to a more uptempo sound with melodious lyrics; the background wrapped with orchestra accompaniment and driven by percussive accents. Fitch effectively uses a broad spectrum of instruments to deliver a vibrant musical piece complimented by his strong vocals. The song meanders in and out of the lines of folk while delivering ambient electronic instrumentals, acoustic elements, and rock quality. “Impossible Gray” is a bold composition that speaks to listeners with complexity, inspiring a greater appreciation of what actually goes into developing such an artistic work.

Having grown up in Virginia, and now living in Philadelphia Michael Fitch cites musical influences such as the Allman Brothers Band, and Dickey Betts as well as many others, perhaps too many to name.  The gifted artist describes his style as lyrical, indie rock. He was exposed to music at an early age by his parents and is a self-taught instrumentalist. When asked about his music, Fitch states: “Mostly, I try to make sense of the world around me, while claiming my own space within it”. In addition to his album Life in Mondegreen released in 2013, he has also recorded Aprés La Guerre released in 2011. Check out michaelfitchmusic.com to hear more from his latest album Life in Mondegreen.

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