International Music Find: A Peek into Rehabb Rhythm Album w/Various Artists

Having transplanted from New York City to Virginia Beach where International Music is not played over the airwaves very often, I often find myself longing for the rhythmic sounds of the Caribbean that I would hear while walking home from school or while I was outside playing during the summers. This is the type of music that gives life, the kind that you can smell and taste at family functions, that reminds you of your origins, and the type of music that makes you move freely with energy.  There is actually only one station here that plays Reggae on Sundays and it has done so faithfully for years but somehow it is not quite enough.

As we venture further away from our places of origin, it is in this music where one can maintain some grasp on their sense of culture, not clouded by commercial pop tunes, but really digging into the underground.  I often find myself turning to the web to uncover new music since there is a never ending sea of artists from all genres sharing their sounds with the world.

I recently came across an amazing compilation called Rehabb Rhythm: Juggling Various Artists while stumbling across Amazon searching for something fresh, new, and upbeat to add to my digital collection. Of course, you cannot cruise the beach without jamming out to some really hot music on full-blast.  In case you haven’t had the chance to take a listen, the album features 20 songs from several popular Reggae and Dancehall artists in the international music arena. The album is a fun and upbeat blend of music which of of course acts as the perfect party soundtrack.

The album which was originally released in 2009 by Fresh International Sounds includes Jah Mason, artist Determine, Gabriel, Kashu, Culture Lyon, and many, many others. The album remains intense and high energy throughout it’s entirety. Each artist makes a powerful and unique contribution to the elaborate conglomeration of rhythms. Purchase your copy of Rehabb Rhythm: Juggling Various Artists on Amazon.