All Eyes on American Idol Singer-Songwriter Didi Benami: New Single “Watching and Waiting” from Upcoming Album ‘Reverie’

Watching and Waiting by Didi BenamiSinger-songwriter Didi Benami’s latest single “Watching and Waiting” from her upcoming album Reverie is an energetically charged work of love, pain, loss, and resolve. You may remember Didi from American Idol where she wowed the audience and judges with performances of “Hey Jude” , “Terrified” and many others. You can catch YouTube videos of her performances, which have amassed millions of views across the globe. With a remarkable voice, and commanding stage presence Didi opened the floodgates to unlimited possibilities. Making numerous appearances on shows such as David Letterman and Ellen DeGeneres; the eclectic singer-songwriter has garnered international fame and recognition.

While the road to stardom is often a myriad of experiences, Benami’s latest undertaking ventures to share her personal journey with fans. “Watching and Waiting”, which was featured on last night’s episode of American Idol, is just a bird’s eye view into the young artist’s quest.  Benami demonstrates her longstanding journey as a skilled songwriter as the lyrics are composed with great depth, emotion and quality.  The song leaves a lasting impression while it expresses heartache and reawakening through the lens of the young artist. Although Benami is a young performer, “Watching and Waiting” has proven that she has grown as an artist over the last few years and continues to evolve experimenting with different sounds and styles.

Didi Benami has one of the strongest sets of vocals that you will ever experience among the many acoustic, pop, and soul performers present on the world’s soundstage. She cites influences such as Adele, and Sheryl Crow and mentor Rebecca Joy Lear as being instrumental in her music. She delivers a crisp and clean performance on “Watching and Waiting”. Over the catchy drum and instrumentals, Benami’s voice is vibrant and energetic; formulating a phenomenal pop-rock sound. Fans will enjoy the feel of the song as well as the message that is being delivered as it is one that almost anyone can relate to.

Her presentation of a meaningful and inspiring track is reminiscent of artists such as Natasha Bedingfield, while her unique and well-crafted vocal quality is nostalgic of artists such as Nora Jones. If  “Watching and Waiting” is any indication of what is to come on her 2014 album Reverie, Didi Benami is poised to shine on fans with a brilliant radiance.

Born in New York and transplanted to Knoxville, Tennessee, Didi is a professionally trained vocalist and gifted song-writer. Her latest project Reverie is an independent production for which she has funded on her own; a tremendous feat for any Indie artist. Reverie is a conglomeration of songs put together by Benami to share her experience as an artist in Hollywood with her fans. She is truly an inspiration and we cannot wait to check out the full album. Learn more about Didi Benami by visiting her official website

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