A Deeper Look at Underground Oceans’ Latest Single “I Still Wish You Were Mine”

Underground Oceans Single I  Wish You Were MineWhile digging through the digital crates of new releases one particular single caught our attention with a blinding ray of light. The band is called Underground Oceans; the song “I Still Wish You Were Mine” ; the man behind the band is named Brett Stewart. If you are a devoted acoustic rock fan, our recommendation is to pop in your ear buds, grab a cold brewski and take a listen because artists like this don’t come along very often.

“I Still Wish You Were Mine” is the 2nd single from Underground Oceans’ latest album Broken Heart Gadgeteers; released just this month. The song itself is a satisfying blend of passionate songwriting, melodious vocals, and cascading musical expression. As Stewart sings on the outro, “I’ll be your one man band”…and that he is, fans are left intrigued by such an unrivaled approach. The established musical artisan plays each and every instrument on the track as if there are multiple instrumentalists; he indeed has ventured down a road that very few are actually able to travel successfully.

The vocals on “I Still Wish You Were Mine” are highly developed, mature, and ear-pleasing. Stewart has a warm voice that sings as if it has lived ages past yet, his vigorous delivery abounds with carefree youthfulness. The single is reminiscent of sounds brought to us by timeless performers such as Eric Clapton. Stewart’s songwriting ability as indicated by this latest piece of work, also extends beyond a borderless region where the heart and soul of music lives.

Exploring the dimensions of human relations, Underground Oceans produced an enjoyable love song with a warmhearted acoustic feel. Fans will enjoy the savvy use of instrumentals, guitar performance, and sound technique as well as the ultra soulful rock vocals of Brett Stewart. Stewart has a broad range of musical projects available for your listening pleasure on his official website brettstewart.net. A seasoned performer, he is known for his collaboration with Larson Ross on ‘The Twin Thieves’ and ‘Loss of Peaceful Places’. Check out more from Brett Stewart and Underground Oceans’ live performances on YouTube .  You can also snag a few soundbytes  from  his latest single “I Still Wish You Were Mine” on SoundCloud.

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