Single “It Ain’t Easy” from Singer-Songwriter J.P. Kallio’s Upcoming Album ‘Northern Boy’

J.P. Kallio It Ain't EasyWe are excited to announce that Finnish born singer-songwriter, and master guitarist J.P. Kallio unleashed his first single “It Ain’t Easy” from his debut solo album Northern Boy which is due to be released on March 25th 2014. Kallio who has been songwriting and playing music since he was very young is known for playing with bands Silotar and Boneyard Bastards. His recent project however, highlights the exceptional musical gifts that J.P. Kallio is known for.

“It Ain’t Easy” blends with great care the folk, country, and acoustic rock genres into a synergistic work of heartfelt expression. Kallio’s guitar performance compliments his unique and extraordinary vocal skill. It is evident that J.P. Kallio is not only an outstanding vocalist and instrumentalist but a skilled songwriter as well. As an indie artist, he has mastered the perfect combination necessary to deliver a fantastic performance.

J.P. Kallio successfully navigates through the hills and valleys of storytelling in “It Ain’t Easy” with blunt realism. If there has never been a wake up call heard ‘round the world, Kallio has just made one….so fans take note. Although a bittersweet dose of real-life, the track is mysteriously loveable. It is most fascinating because of the perspective from which the story of dying love is told. There are plenty of surprises but, we can’t give away all the secrets so you’ll have to take a listen.  Although the lyrics rouse feelings of sadness and pain, they are in actuality quite empowering for anyone facing difficult decisions in a relationship. Fans will appreciate the connection between the lyrics, storytelling, and their personal experiences through the scope of the artist. There is nothing more powerful than an artist’s ability to connect with their fans on a deeper level and of course to create meaningful content that provokes and inspires; J.P. Kallio has done just that.

J.P. Kallio who is based in Dublin, has performed at numerous venues and with several bands throughout his musical career. With the upcoming release of his debut album, Kallio continues to write more songs than he can count, often times capturing a single moment, unrehearsed, and unplugged. We are just so pleased that he has chosen to share these moments with his fans. If you are eagerly anticipating the release of J.P. Kallio’s debut album, like we are, mark your calendar for March 25, 2014. In the meantime, take a listen to his latest single “It Ain’t Easy” on SoundCloud. If you haven’t jumped on this talented artist’s fanwagon, join him as  fan on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @jpkalliomusic.

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