Mariana Bridges EP: The Newest Release from Group Scan Hopper Takes A Progressive Leap

Mariana Bridges EP Scan HopperWe recently had the opportunity to take a listen to the new project from the group Scan Hopper’s called Mariana Bridges EP. The album is a daringly progressive leap across a massive musical soundscape. Delivering a multitude of sounds and styles, Scan Hopper’s reach expands widely across numerous decades. Mariana Bridges is a kaleidoscope of color and sound emanated with bold lyrics and vigorous sound effects. The album features 7 tracks that are arranged for listening in a continuous 13-minute set.

Mariana Bridges is filled with up-tempo, energetic tracks filled with haunting special effects and lingering reverbs. Experiencing the EP is comparable to taking in a live theatrical performance. Word has it that member Scott Hopkins recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered the entire album in his bedroom. The combination of acoustic sound, electronic instrumental components, and a multitude of special effects create a full-embodied listening experience. The band enlisted a remarkable use of sounds such as animals, horns, drums, sirens, echoes, and dark electronic piano chords to deliver a unique, experimental adventure.

The lyrical content of Scan Hopper’s undertaking is extremely forward thinking, although underscored by nostalgic ambiance. The album is filled with an array of wordplay, profound messages, and emotional exploration. They lyrics are playful, catchy, and upbeat motivating the fans not only to sing with the band but to gather a deeper significance from each verse.

Mariana Bridges EP is the third album release by the Austin-based band. The project features Scott Hopkins, David Thomas Jones of ‘Watch Out for Rockets’ (and acclaimed solo EP project Comfort Creatures), Bian Purington founder of My Education, Rachael Shaw, and former group member Ryan Nelson. Listen to the latest project from Scan Hopper on Bandcamp. The EP is currently available for purchase through iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, and many others.