‘Faith, Hope, Love’ New Electronic Dance Single from Producer & Composer Danny

Faith Hope Love Danny DJDJ Danny, a progressive house musician has rung in the New Year with  his latest project called “Faith, Hope, Love”, an electronic dance lover’s delight. The internationally renowned DJ recently released the record on YouTube and it is steadily gaining plays with each passing moment.

Danny, who is an accomplished musical professional got an early start in the art as a youth. An avid pianist and keyboardist, he is known for producing some of the greatest house music in the world. One thing is for certain his latest track “Faith, Hope, Love” is a certified win. Fans will be drawn into the contagious sound of thumping drums and energetic piano vibes.

The track is bursting with high energy and is an all-around club classic, one that will certainly get a crowd amped up and moving on the dancefloor. The interwoven vocals “Faith, Hope, Love” are soothing and placed perfectly within the track to give it an added pop. Danny composed this track in such a genius manner that all of the instrumental elements work together to create a lasting musical impression. While built upon the framework of the classic house genre; the track stands out as being extremely progressive; serving a contemporary listener who truly understands the origins of such high energy productions. We cannot wait to liven up our upcoming event’s with Danny’s “Faith, Hope, Love” and wonder what he will dream up next. In the meantime, check out his latest video on YouTube.

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