Starstruck with UK Singer Songwriter & Musician Arron Brown

Singer Songwriter Arron BrownElectronic Pop artist Arron Brown from the UK recently dropped his EP Think of You. Compared to acts such as Owl City and Blink 182, Arron’s infectiously melodic sound is gaining strength across the globe. His newest project is the culmination of a gifted vocalist, exceptionally talented musician, and heartfelt songwriter.

The title track of the EP Think of You is a mellow love song placed over a fun-loving electronic dance track with an upbeat pop feel. Brown’s vocals are as smooth as warm honey drizzled over this ode to lost love. The song’s chorus transitions into an upbeat hook and then into a down-tempo versus creating a dynamic wave of sound. Lightly synthesized instrumentals grace the track with an ample signature while not overpowering Brown’s performance. The single has been well received by adoring fans who are undoubtedly growing in numbers with each spin in the virtual world of sound.

Think of You demonstrates Arron Brown’s songwriting ability, which is beyond extraordinary.  Brown who has performed cover songs YouTube has truly fashioned his own unique voice as an artist; a voice that is being heard loud and clear across the musical landscape. ‘Miss You’, another highly acclaimed single from Think of You expresses Brown’s craft as a lyricist from the heart. The song’s lyrics are not only composed in a crafty manner but they are full of sentiment and depth.

Arron Brown treats fans to a melodic track called “StarGazing” follows a similar tempo expression as “Miss You” but it breaks away into a lengthy piano solo half way through the song and then into an epic fade. It is refreshing to see a young artist who is able to create such a beautifully produced track and a well thought out presentation throughout the entire EP.

While, Arron Brown, may be a self-proclaimed “star gazer”, his tunes have us totally starstruck and we cannot wait to hear what he comes up with next. Listen to more from UK singer-songwriter Arron Brown on SoundCloud. Purchase a copy of Arron’s EP Think of You on Bandcamp.

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