On Fire with Alternative Band ‘At Intervals’: A Look at the New Single ‘Chariots’

Hinges Album Cover At IntervalsAlternative rock band At Intervals’ latest release ‘Chariots’ from their album Hinges is an artistically crafted depiction life in turmoil and ultimate redemption. Projected from the other side of the worldly lens, At Intervals’ approached ‘Chariots’ with a powerful amount of depth and thoughtfulness. The track is conjures reminiscent connections between of music from earlier bands such as U2 and recent acts such as Imagine Dragons. ‘Chariots’, acting as a musical time machine, enlists a modern day “call to action” through the elaborate songwriting and musical dynamics.

‘Chariots’ opens with a strong musical intro leading into smooth rock vocals that slowly intensify as the track progresses. The sequence of the song inspires a striking emotional response due changes in tempo between the verses and chorus. The drum, strings, piano, and bass combined with some electronic accents create an epic resonance that one might imagine as the soundtrack ending in a post-apocalyptic film.

The lyrics in this song although filled with great depth, are poetic and easy to understand and relate to. They are filled with the unruly tenacity that Alternative Rock is so well known for. Although ‘Chariots’ unleashes a fiery breath of rebellion in the line “I don’t care the way the world spins to despair” it is a thought provoking and inspiring piece of artistic expression. Learn more about At Intervals on the band’s official website atintervals.com.

‘Chariots’ is a “must add” to your digital rock collection. Purchase a copy of At Intervals’ latest album Hinges on Bandcamp.