Out of This World with Dr. Sounds New Electronica Album ‘Sounds from Future’

Sounds from FutureInternational electronica artist Dr. Sounds has unleashed his latest project Sounds from Future. The hypnotic compilation is an easy listening blend of digital devise with an extraterrestrial ambiance. The album is an evolution of mystery and fantasy entangled in an epic experience far beyond that of recent electronic projects.

Sounds from Future is a great album to have in the Bose for a laid-back social gathering of the minds as it provides an unprecedented amount of ambience. The tracks would also make a fantastic soundtrack for a larger-than-life film or video game. Rooted in the core of electronica’s sound Dr. Sounds captures all of the elements of a superior  new age composition with the intrinsic ability to appeal to multiple listening styles. The album functions as an environmentally aware piece of work that captivates the listener while enhancing their experience within the space for which they exist.

Perfect for a good “chill out”, Sounds from Future is produced in high-quality sound technology. Although electronic music often contains highly synthesized beats, the production on Sounds from Future consists of just the right amount of tuning needed to deliver it’s intended effect with out driving listeners off the grid with intense bass and pounding drums. EDM lovers on the other hand, will enjoy the “cool down” that the album provides following a high-energy session under the strobe. All of the tracks except “Revolution” were made by playing live on the keyboard and mouse, no small undertaking for any artist. The strategic use of free flowing chords and smooth progressions create a beautiful multi-layered, downtempo soundscape that can be considered an audio delight.

Sounds from Future is a thoughtfully crafted project that presents a unique, and ultramodern sound for electronica fans. Dr. Sounds has tenaciously combined the technical aspects of electronic to create an ambient musical masterpiece for any occasion.  Take a listen to Dr. Sounds on SoundCloud and check out some really awesome snippets from Sounds from Future. You can also check out a music video mashup on soundsfromfuture.com where you can experience an animated visualization of sight and sound creating a kaleidoscope of patterns and images right from your facebook.

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