New Age Emergence with Ian Marquis: ‘Faces from The Static’ Album Review

Faces from The Static Ian MarquisAn Eclectic Rock Conquest

Rocker and producer Ian Marquis’ most recent album Faces from The Static can be described as an eclectic rock conquest. Hailing from Bangor, Maine, and affectionately known as a “one man band”, Marquis arranges, sings and produces his own music. As veteran guitarist, he has over 10 years of experience in music and this latest undertaking radiates his flair for musical expression, depth of vocal quality, and skillful production technique.

Faces from The Static successfully delivers a reflective view of the 80s through a contemporary lens. Reminiscent of the sounds from  earlier bands such as Simple Minds, and Duran Duran, Ian Marquis captures the musical conventions of 80s New Wave rock through the use of guitars, synthesizers, infectious drums and charismatic vocals. The compilation yields a fusion of other styles from pop to acoustic, rock, electronic, and alternative. One of the greatest strengths of the album is the ability to appeal to a wide audience and impress upon multiple generations who embrace both the old and new when it comes to musical preferences.

Ian Marquis possesses strong vocal quality and dynamic range throughout every track on the album. The album mostly consists of high-energy up-tempo tracks but, strategically placed, are a few slow rock compositions that demonstrate the depth within Ian Marquis’ songwriting skill. Each song is not only a performance from the artist but a an epic musical voyage that won’t soon be forgotten.

The production behind Faces from the Static is flawless at best and well beyond the years of an indie artist. Marquis demonstrates sheer ability to utilize the latest technology in combination with classic rock tools to deliver a groundbreaking sound underscored with a vintage flare yet, screaming with a modern voice. Rebellious, ripping guitars are electrified and the vocals are enhanced just enough to add a progressive vibe without overproduction. The void excessive electronics allow for an overall pleasant listening experience.

The highly acclaimed album Faces from the Static is the fourth album release from the Maine native. As a self-taught guitarist, Ian Marquis is a savvy instrumentalist and producer on the grind with no plans of stopping. Purchase your copy of Faces from the Static from Ian Marquis’ offical website Get the latest news from Ian Marquis by becoming a fan on Facebook!

Check out Ian Marquis’ music video for his single “Underground” from his latest album on YouTube.