A Much Needed Dose of Reality: Album Review of Nehedar’s ‘This Heart’

Nehedar 'This Heart'

Photo Credit David Zimand

The Dark Reality

In an age shrouded by mind-numbing reality television shows, and over-baked Top 40 toxicity, the recent release of album This Heart from NYC based singer-songwriter Nehedar is an invigorating breath of realism and powerful silencing of worldly clamor. While Nehedar’s style cannot be narrowed into one particular genre, she effectively incorporates elements of pop, rock, electronic, punk, and Latin throughout the album. The album’s tracks range from dark and omniscient musings to playful and energetic explorations while delivering vivid imagery and multi-layered storytelling.

Nehedar delivers a strong performance throughout This Heart artistically painting her vocal chords with expansive strokes. Her voice, although powerful, also envelops the listener in a soothing and melodic manner, resulting in a trancelike state. Nehedar presents a contrasting picture of playful and mature throughout each song. The precise arrangement of the songs on the album creates a musical journey by which listeners are able to connect with the lyrical content on a personal level while embracing and enjoying the actual sound.

Nehedar’s songwriting on This Heart radiate with realism and vitality. Each song is skillfully crafted to tell a graphic story whether it explores cries of pain, fear of death, or rebirth. The album opens with a somber feeling track entitled “Bells of the City” which tells a tale of struggle against the inner demands of the outside world and the desires of the soul. The album eloquently escalates into more up-tempo tracks such as “Take This World” and the electronic rock sounding piece “What’s Becoming”. Although these two tracks are underscored by upbeat arrangements, the lyrics prescribe a painful anecdote for those in need of reemergence from darkness.

Although Nehedar’s music has been described in the realm of anti-folk, her style is truly diverse. One song in particular that leaves an emotional impression is “On Killing”. The song is underscored by an epic marching sound, wrapped with a Latin horn that cries throughout the track in a humanlike manner. The chorus picks up with an upbeat melody and then winds down back into a mournful score. Title track “This Heart” on the other hand, has a Latin feel with the conventions of a country song’s storytelling. Nehedar resourcefully embeds relevant messages within a conglomeration of sounds and fantasy.

“This Heart”, Nehedar’s 6th album, is a haunting dose of reality that much of the world is yearning for. Singing and songwriting since 2001, Nehedar explores the darkest realities of life with a gritty poignant approach.   The artist’s latest undertaking has aimed and fired with such precision that it simply cannot be ignored. Check out the latest news and videos from Nehedar on her official website nehedar.com.

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