From Twerking to Vibrating: A New Hip Hop Movement with Arsenal E’ Vega

ArsenalEVega Make it VibeHip Hop artist Arsenal E’ Vega just released his latest single “Make it Vibe” featuring Freck Billionaire. Let there be no mistake, this is not a record for the faint of heart as it oozes with envelope pushing lyrics. Twerkers around the globe will excitedly mount up for this catchy club banger. In fact, we’re not even sure Miley Cyrus could hang it’s that heavy.

Great club songs emerge frequently but there are few that transcend time for generations to come. Vega, a New York native is looking to leave a permanent footprint on Hip Hop. This latest collaboration may be just the fire to the dying flame that has plagued the genre in recent years.

Lyrically speaking, the flow is straightforward enough for Hip Hop neophytes to understand, sick enough for veterans to give a nod, controversial enough to raise an eyebrow, and easy enough to remember which makes for a well packaged delivery. The cadence is reminiscent of earlier southern bounce music of the 90’s which motivated crowd participation, quite a surprise coming from an artist who hails from the Bronx where Hip Hop holds it’s origins, where the styles scream polar opposite. Evidently from the newest movement of rising voices from the streets, Vega’s hit is a culmination of modern Hip Hop’s convergence from diverse elements and morphing of sub-genres over time.

The production on “Make it Vibe” is high quality, which makes it an easy listen. Song’s like David Banner’s “Like A Pimp” come to mind when listening to this track as a point of reference. It holds the innate ability to get a crowd hype and the party “turnt up”; yup, we said it. The sound lends commercial appeal while the overt lyrics make it an underground guilty-pleasure.

Raised in the Bronx, Arsenal E’ Vega gained influence from artists such as KRS-1 and Kurtis Blow and many others. With sights on becoming a legendary artist like his predecessors, Vega is currently developing his album and additional mixtapes. Hear more from Arsenal E’ Vega on SoundCloud.

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