Modern Rock Lessons with Schooldrivers: TheroNation Album Review

TheroNation Album CoverSchool is Now in Session… 

We were gifted with a sneak peak into the upcoming album from Greek modern rock band Schooldrivers called TheroNation and we were absolutely blown away by the uncut talent emanating from each record. It is no wonder that the band has garnered international acclaim for their work since their inception in 2009. Dropping albums in their native tongue and now in English; the band is certainly poised to broaden their reach.

Schooldrivers’ latest undertaking ventures to explore an array of subject matter, delivering each composition with such lyrical force that the album consistently resounds with raw feeling and emotion. Powerful vocals laced against the backdrop of a gritty arrangement intensify the listening experience. Touching on topics such as love, life, and the taboo the album is packed with unexpected yet, exciting twists and turns.

“Gotta Give”  a song off the album, is an example of how the band takes fans on a journey with a strong rift and lingering fade. Rock conventions of this type are effective in story telling and connecting fans to the artists in some powerful ways thus, enabling the listener to be inspired. With inspiration in mind, TheroNation is an organic work of art that tests the boundaries of modern rock, as we know it. Several tracks on the album such as “Saturday” and “Hacienda” demonstrate the bands ability to weave and fuse their eclectic sound yet, deliver a mainstream friendly production. Coining the tagline “Modern Mental Rebellion” Schooldrivers is committed to this stance throughout the entire album.

The band remains true to modern rock and grunge genres by delivering unplugged compositions void of overproduction and commercial saturation. A true underground marvel, TheroNation is a required addition to your music collection.

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Schooldrivers includes lead vocalist Kay Darens, Nico Boneli as Lead Guitar, AJ Anasto on base and background vocals, Vl@hos on drums and Marpi on Keys. The band was also featured on MTV’s Greek first ever rockumentary, no small feat for an international force. Learn more about Schooldrivers’ upcoming album release on their official website .

TheroNation is scheduled to be released in stores January 2014. In the meantime, hear more from Schooldrivers on  YouTube!

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