Facebook Poem Inspires Music Debut for Indie Artist Bill Rose


From Facebook to The Music Charts: Bill Rose Artist Spotlight

Indie artist Bill Rose is making music history with his debut release of the single “I Fell in Love Today”. Reminiscent of earlier artists such as Bon Jovi, Rose fuses the conventions of rock with a modern-day love story. A seasoned composer and songwriter, Bill Rose serves up a spotless delivery of musical genius for listeners. The single is emotionally stirring and inspiring by all accounts. A pleasant surprise for both rock and pop fans, the emerging artist has been able to capture fans with a broad stroke as indicated by growing plays and shares of the single across social media. This versatility is what keeps an artist fresh and in the field; for Bill Rose it is an easy day.

Rose drew inspiration for his premier single from a chance poem that was posted on Facebook by Chris Hopper who had originally written it for his own wife. The musician later composed the entire musical arrangement and wrote the lyrics.  In addition to his robust vocal ability, Rose’s songwriting skills are razor-sharp. He manages to offer depth, meaning, and purpose to his lyrical content, something that is severely lacking in mainstream music. To hear more from this amazing artist check him out on Reverbnation. Purchase a copy of  Bill Rose’s debut single “I Fell in Love Today” now on sale at CDBaby  and don’t forget to become fan on his official Facebook.