Lighting Up Indie Rock: A Look into ‘Neon’ the New Album from VITNE

VITNE NEON ALBUM From continent to continent, VITNE fans are on fire with excitement for the release of the metal rocker’s latest album Neon. 80’s hair band lovers will definitely want to strap up for the album’s wildly nostalgic ride. Reminiscent of bands like Poison, Kiss and Van Halen, VITNE’s sound transcends time and musical space with the greatest of ease. Hop on your motorcycle, dust off those chaps, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

One word to describe the album Neon would be “highspeed”. The sound, deeply rooted in ripping guitars and powerful vocals will take fans on a full-bodied journey filled with vivid imagery and detailed storytelling. The album, although comprised of high energy, upbeat compositions, VITNE does deliver a few surprises for fans, shedding light on the artist’s breadth of musical diversity and influences. The popular single “Silhouette” is a beautifully composed listening experience with a slower tempo. The word around the rockosphere is that videos for the  singles “Silhouette” and “Destroyer”  off the Neon album have amassed over 10,000 YouTube views and counting since their debut.

VITNENeon is a righteous mix of metal, electronic, and acoustic sounds with an illustrious retro vibe and contemporary appeal. It is a “feel good” album that is an absolute must have for rock collectors and metal aficionados. From the depth of VITNE’s songwriting to the musical composition and high-quality production, Neon is an exceptional work of art and skill.

VITNE, who got an early start as a young musician lists influences such as Elvis Presley, Kiss, and Mötley Crüe. From his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina to now living in Norway, VITNE is poised to dominate the rock world’s landscape with an ever-present fury.

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From Twerking to Vibrating: A New Hip Hop Movement with Arsenal E’ Vega

ArsenalEVega Make it VibeHip Hop artist Arsenal E’ Vega just released his latest single “Make it Vibe” featuring Freck Billionaire. Let there be no mistake, this is not a record for the faint of heart as it oozes with envelope pushing lyrics. Twerkers around the globe will excitedly mount up for this catchy club banger. In fact, we’re not even sure Miley Cyrus could hang it’s that heavy.

Great club songs emerge frequently but there are few that transcend time for generations to come. Vega, a New York native is looking to leave a permanent footprint on Hip Hop. This latest collaboration may be just the fire to the dying flame that has plagued the genre in recent years.

Lyrically speaking, the flow is straightforward enough for Hip Hop neophytes to understand, sick enough for veterans to give a nod, controversial enough to raise an eyebrow, and easy enough to remember which makes for a well packaged delivery. The cadence is reminiscent of earlier southern bounce music of the 90’s which motivated crowd participation, quite a surprise coming from an artist who hails from the Bronx where Hip Hop holds it’s origins, where the styles scream polar opposite. Evidently from the newest movement of rising voices from the streets, Vega’s hit is a culmination of modern Hip Hop’s convergence from diverse elements and morphing of sub-genres over time.

The production on “Make it Vibe” is high quality, which makes it an easy listen. Song’s like David Banner’s “Like A Pimp” come to mind when listening to this track as a point of reference. It holds the innate ability to get a crowd hype and the party “turnt up”; yup, we said it. The sound lends commercial appeal while the overt lyrics make it an underground guilty-pleasure.

Raised in the Bronx, Arsenal E’ Vega gained influence from artists such as KRS-1 and Kurtis Blow and many others. With sights on becoming a legendary artist like his predecessors, Vega is currently developing his album and additional mixtapes. Hear more from Arsenal E’ Vega on SoundCloud.

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Awake & in Flight with New Music Video “It’s Alright if You Are” from Band Sleepless in Adelaide Australia


After performing for fans and supporters for over 20 years at sought after pubs and nightspots, the rock band known as “Sleepless” in Adelaide Australia has emerged with their very first music video release for their latest single “It’s Alright if You Are” off of their EP Long Service.  The band is taking off in ways most indie artists have yet to try. Masters behind the guitar, drums, bass, and vocals, the group whose sound is reminiscent of jangle pop movements brought to the mainstream by bands such as R.E.M. and Gin Blossoms, Sleepless has given life to lyrics with flawless intricacy.

The video produced by band member Damien Jolly, utilizes numerous symbolic elements to communicate the lyrical content of the song as well as dynamic transitions to tell the story. Opening with the main character flying over a vast landscape; the band immediately captivates fans with the song’s intro. Known for their nostalgic sound and rock-folk style, the producer ventures to include this same feel throughout the production. Opting to include a WWI fighter plane replica as the centerpiece for the story, the band uses this symbol as a recurring metaphor throughout the entire film clip. In addition, the video includes and extraordinary use of black and white as well as color throughout each frame thus adding to the vintage ambiance of the composition within a modern framework. Sleepless Band

Lyrically speaking, “It’s Alright if You Are” sends a powerful message and is composed so impeccably that it is nearly impossible to walk away from the song without making a personal connection. Placing male and female characters in the video while facing a struggle enhanced the human element of emotion in the overall production. Listeners are able to feel sadness, frustration, regret, and defeat as well as moments of joy. Sleepless successfully joins depth with a fun-loving melody in this mastermind production.

Comprised of vocalist and drummer Matt Dempsey, guitarists Matthew Jolly and Peter McIver, bassist Damien Jolly, and Chris Koto on vocals and band, Sleepless has evolved into a synergistic guerilla-marketing powerhouse performing, promoting and funding their own projects using grassroots techniques. Gracious fans and supporters are highly anticipating what the longstanding rockers will unleash next. In the meantime, check out the latest video from Sleepless on YouTube and don’t forget to stop by their official website to show some love.

Out of the Shadow and into The Spotlight with Brittnee Belt

Singer Songwriter Brittnee Belt“Shadow”, the latest release from singer and songwriter Brittnee Belt demonstrates her exceptional vocal ability and well-crafted lyrical skill. Often compared to international pop stars such as Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift, Belt delivers inspiration and empowerment within her lyrical composition. Her songwriting skills are far beyond her years and word on the street is Brittnee Belt is a star to watch for.

In an age where young women need to feel more empowered than ever, “Shadow” tells a story about pursuing dreams despite adversity and negativity. The most striking aspect of this particular track is the reality factor; it is truly a song that appeals to almost anyone facing odds and yearning for acceptance. It is a song about believing in yourself emerging from faith, and reaching success. “Shadow” speaks volumes about Belt’s experience as an artist and maturity as a performer.

Singing from the heart, Belt’s powerful vocal chords woven with the tightly produced track create a sensational pop-rock arrangement that is not only upbeat and uplifting but, rock-out worthy. Imagine cruising with your besties on GNO with your favorite girl-power song on blast…Belt’s newest song has this effect without a doubt. Music fans that embrace pop-rock hybrids with a twist of country will love the versatility that the young and beautiful artist brings to the table. Belt’s youthful vocals combined with a slightly rebellious undertone make “Shadow” a certified Girls Rule track.

Brittnee Belt, who cites musical influences such as Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne, and Disney favorite Ashley Tisdale, has performed at numerous venues gaining a dedicated fan-base both on and offline. Garnering global notoriety, Brittnee’s single “Secret Identity” is featured as the title track for popular teen flick “Minor Details” starring Jeanette McCurdy (awesome movie by the way). From the shadow, into the spotlight; we are eager to hear what Belt comes up with next and frankly, you should be too. Join the fanwagon on Facebook and check out the latest from singer-songwriter Brittnee Belt on Sound Cloud and YouTube.

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Modern Rock Lessons with Schooldrivers: TheroNation Album Review

TheroNation Album CoverSchool is Now in Session… 

We were gifted with a sneak peak into the upcoming album from Greek modern rock band Schooldrivers called TheroNation and we were absolutely blown away by the uncut talent emanating from each record. It is no wonder that the band has garnered international acclaim for their work since their inception in 2009. Dropping albums in their native tongue and now in English; the band is certainly poised to broaden their reach.

Schooldrivers’ latest undertaking ventures to explore an array of subject matter, delivering each composition with such lyrical force that the album consistently resounds with raw feeling and emotion. Powerful vocals laced against the backdrop of a gritty arrangement intensify the listening experience. Touching on topics such as love, life, and the taboo the album is packed with unexpected yet, exciting twists and turns.

“Gotta Give”  a song off the album, is an example of how the band takes fans on a journey with a strong rift and lingering fade. Rock conventions of this type are effective in story telling and connecting fans to the artists in some powerful ways thus, enabling the listener to be inspired. With inspiration in mind, TheroNation is an organic work of art that tests the boundaries of modern rock, as we know it. Several tracks on the album such as “Saturday” and “Hacienda” demonstrate the bands ability to weave and fuse their eclectic sound yet, deliver a mainstream friendly production. Coining the tagline “Modern Mental Rebellion” Schooldrivers is committed to this stance throughout the entire album.

The band remains true to modern rock and grunge genres by delivering unplugged compositions void of overproduction and commercial saturation. A true underground marvel, TheroNation is a required addition to your music collection.

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Schooldrivers includes lead vocalist Kay Darens, Nico Boneli as Lead Guitar, AJ Anasto on base and background vocals, Vl@hos on drums and Marpi on Keys. The band was also featured on MTV’s Greek first ever rockumentary, no small feat for an international force. Learn more about Schooldrivers’ upcoming album release on their official website .

TheroNation is scheduled to be released in stores January 2014. In the meantime, hear more from Schooldrivers on  YouTube!

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Facebook Poem Inspires Music Debut for Indie Artist Bill Rose

From Facebook to The Music Charts: Bill Rose Artist Spotlight

Indie artist Bill Rose is making music history with his debut release of the single “I Fell in Love Today”. Reminiscent of earlier artists such as Bon Jovi, Rose fuses the conventions of rock with a modern-day love story. A seasoned composer and songwriter, Bill Rose serves up a spotless delivery of musical genius for listeners. The single is emotionally stirring and inspiring by all accounts. A pleasant surprise for both rock and pop fans, the emerging artist has been able to capture fans with a broad stroke as indicated by growing plays and shares of the single across social media. This versatility is what keeps an artist fresh and in the field; for Bill Rose it is an easy day.

Rose drew inspiration for his premier single from a chance poem that was posted on Facebook by Chris Hopper who had originally written it for his own wife. The musician later composed the entire musical arrangement and wrote the lyrics.  In addition to his robust vocal ability, Rose’s songwriting skills are razor-sharp. He manages to offer depth, meaning, and purpose to his lyrical content, something that is severely lacking in mainstream music. To hear more from this amazing artist check him out on Reverbnation. Purchase a copy of  Bill Rose’s debut single “I Fell in Love Today” now on sale at CDBaby  and don’t forget to become fan on his official Facebook.