Redefining Universal Music with Brazilian Band Universo

Leo Bor Founder Composer Producer of Band UniversoIn this week’s fashionably loud file we checked in with Brazilian band Universo. Founded by producer and composer Leo Bor, Universo’s latest album offers listeners fusion of sounds to include pop rock, rock, metal, R&B, and so much more. The band consists of Leo Bor on both electric and acoustic guitars, keyboard, drums, and bass, and Jack and Meika on male and female lead vocals, and finally Dell and Rafa in live performances. The well-crafted production behind each flawless arrangement leaves listeners feeling inspired. Songs such as “Voce Pode Tentar” are refreshingly vibrant and awaken fans with an upbeat tempo and strong lyrical content. As an indie group, Universo has a strong focus on delivering music in it’s truest, original form unlike many manufactured mainstream groups.

Leo Bor, who describes hard rock and classical genres as being just some of his influences, adds R&B sounds for fans in songs “Eu Acredito” and “Altar” which are reminiscent of earlier Latin R&B sensation and quintet Barrio Boyzz. Fans who enjoy a diverse assortment of music genres will be pleasantly surprised with the package that Universo delivers, sealed with perfection. True to the band’s name, their music is indeed Universal and reaching audiences on an international scale. Successfully crossing boundaries, and genres, Universo leaves no stone unturned.

The band has enjoyed international success and has gained thousands of fans across social media platforms that are engaging in the unique musical experience known as Universo. Listen to Universo online by visiting Join their fanwagon on Facebook. Follow the phenomenal band on Twitter @banda_universo.