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AntBanks380 God Fearing Gangsters


If you haven’t heard the latest from AntBanks380, the God Fearing Gangster you are definitely missing out. This week we were gifted with the opportunity to take in a few tracks from his latest album. Known as the founder and creator of EarHustling Family, AntBanks380 brings a great deal of depth and purpose to his music. With today’s saturated commercial hip-hop market, AntBanks380 manages to successfully mix meaningful lyrics against the backdrop of gritty and often times up-tempo soundtracks. If you’re looking for hip-hop in it’s original form with a refreshing twist, AntBanks380 is the answer. Whether it’s Rapcore, retro inspired, or screwed, this Texas artist delivers a tightly wrapped lyrical package for listeners

The Houston native serves up not only strong lyrical skill but brings a diverse arrangement of tracks that act as a vehicle for his personal testimony and inspirational messages. His track “Think Positive” is a slower tempo, motivational hit that many can relate to. Tracks such as “Keep Surviving” and “Fake Friendz” are not only certified thump-worthy but radio friendly. We encourage you to check out these and other singles from this talent artist.

In today’s tough times, the demand for artists such as AntBanks380 is greater than it has ever been. Take a refreshing step outside of the box and purchase your copy of his latest release.

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