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Shopping your favorite styles and brands just got a little more convenient. BellaDulce Clothing is scheduled to release it’s first ever mobile App on October 1st. The app will enable customers to view new product inventory in real-time, gain access to exclusive promotional events and codes. Invitations to exclusive trunk shows, and most importantly a streamlined view of the latest news from the showroom will all be available for users.

We got a sneak peak into the development and the app is stuffed with features that are placed right at your finger tips. Speaking of tips, there is a category that offers styling suggestions for current merchandise. Get notified about the official app release by contacting


Folk Pop Artist Lily Releases “Life Goes On”

 Life of Lily Life Goes On
International folk pop artist Lily just released her single “Life Goes On” from her highly anticipated album Life of Lily. In the song, Lily offers a vast range of character and unblemished vocal quality through her delivery. The overall acoustics are second to none. “Life Goes On” is a feel good tune providing mass appeal and uplifting lyrics. Fans will be able to relate to the real life experiences that Lily lends to the content of the song. She presents a hook that is not only lyrically sound but also memorable. Although true to the indie conventions of the folk genre, and reminiscent of Avirl Lavigne’s earlier material, “Life Goes On” successfully manages to connect with the mainstream. Lily delivers an air of rebellion drenched in a soulful sound, combined with a youthful breath of inspiration, empowerment, and motivation. Can you say “girl power”?


Born in England, Lily headed to New York City where she later pursued a Lily Folk Pop Artist Life Goes Oncareer in music and began songwriting. The talented artist’s style has been compared to popular folk pop groups such as Frente! and world renowned artists Julie Hatfield and Lily Allen. With the upcoming release of her album, Lily has successfully raised the bar for originality and realism. Having already amassed numerous fans across the globe and receiving critical acclaim for her distinctive style, we cannot wait to see what else is in store for this talented artist. If this is the unwavering voice of girl power we want more!

Lily’s album Life of Lily is scheduled to be released November 5th on Bandcamp; in the mean time, take a listen to “Life Goes On” which is now available for download.

To hear more from the lovely songstress Lily, visit her official website at or become a fan on Facebook!

The Return of Dog Society: Emerge

Dog SocietyThe word on the street is that veteran rockers Dog Society are slated to release their latest indie album Emerge; co-produced by Rob Schnappf and Tom Rothrock on November 19th. This is truly exciting news for fans as the band recently re-emerged from a nearly 2 decade hiatus. The previous Atlantic Records/East-West band consists of Brian Schnaak on vocals, Bruce Brauer on guitar, Rich Guerzon on bass, and Joe Raneri on drums. Having toured with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dog Society ushered in a new, eclectic style of rock, never to be imitated. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive peek into the album Emerge this week and just had to share this jewel with the adoring rock fans all over the globe.

Famously known for their debut album Test Your Own Eyes, Dog Society serves up a hybrid of sound and style with the latest album Emerge. Demonstrating just how well the band connects with the ever-changing tastes of listeners; the album successfully delivers, not only up-tempo tracks such as the single “Salt” but, more melodic arrangements such as “Scraped” .  For fans who enjoy the more nostalgic retro vibe, the band shares that experience on songs such as “Shade Grown” and “Pink Sun”.  There is no doubt that Emerge will touch an array of fans. We don’t want to give away too many surprises but the album is jam packed with them! One refreshingly, fun and progressive track to be on the look out for is “Spaceboots”, a song that sets Dog Society far apart from other pop rock bands that you might be familiar with; and they do so with unparalleled ease.

Lyrically speaking Emerge is spot on and holds nothing back when it comes to content and depth which is something we are always searching for among today’s hits; so anyone looking to walk away with relatable material will not be disappointed. It is a breath of fresh air to hear flawless cords, motivating percussion, tight vocals, and crisp production as shown in Emerge. The experience track by track is a dynamic process inspiring a definite re-play and certified hit. We are looking forward to hearing more from Dog Society. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release of their album due out November 19th. In the meantime, join their fanwagon on Facebook .

Learn more about Dog Society by checking out their website

Hear the latest from Dog Society on Bandcamp, tell your friends to spread the word.