Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects Album ‘Counterclockwise’: An Eclectic Rock Journey

IMSE Clockwise CoverOur Fashionably Loud artist of the month is Croatian band Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects. Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia the trio is a global, eclectic rock sensation. With Ivan Mihaljevic on guitars and vocals, Marko Karacic on bass, and Alan Frljak on drums, the trio has once again made groundbreaking strides in music. The release of their album ‘Counterclockwise’ has taken the world by storm as this accomplished band demonstrates their ability to captivate listeners and move industry critics.
‘Counterclockwise’ delivers a complete package of relevant lyrical content and well-crafted musical composition. Although implementing all of the familiar conventions of modern rock, ‘Counterclockwise’ sets a unique precedence by allowing every single track to be a listening journey and a personal experience.
The album tracks combined, tell a story that many can relate to while offering up many inspiring moments, allowing the listener to leave with a powerful message every single time.
The band’s instrumental expertise amplifies the overall experience in combination with the strong vocals. Tracks such as ‘What’s Underneath’ and ‘Time Travel’ exemplify just how well the album connects to fans and real life.
From upbeat tempos, to melodic rhythms, from hardcore intros to epic guitar riffs, ‘Counterclockwise’ has it all and delivers it flawlessly.
IMANDSE Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects has been featured in magazines across the world including Indonesian Music Live. Awarded for their album ‘Destination Unknown’ as the March 2011 Album of the Month in Guitar Techniques Magazine, the band has gained international recognition. Not only have they headlined the Guitar Master Festival in Zagreb, but also they have performed at shows with rockers such as Whitesnake and many others. One thing is for sure Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects have proven themselves to be true guitar masters, and we cannot wait to hear what they come up with next.

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