Songwriter Junior Turner Storms on the Scene with New Single ‘Hurricane’

HURRICANE_COVERWe got an exclusive peek into Junior Turner’s latest single ‘Hurricane’ schedule to be released on Amazon and iTunes September 27th. This track is a must have download for your digital collection. ‘Hurricane’ tells a refreshing story about overcoming adversity while Junior delivers concise lyrical content, meshed with a dance-ready arrangement. Junior Turner scores big with ‘Hurricane’ as this track could easily be the next mainstream, radio hit. With a catchy hook and meaningful message, the track is a hybrid of genres catering to a broad base of listeners and fans, an art that Turner has truly mastered.

Junior Tuner gained notoriety in 2010 when he entered a BBC Children in Need competition to release a national single. Achieving victory over 11,000 participants, Junior took home the win; later rising to international fame when he released his October 2010 cover of “The Impossible Dream”. While promoting his BBC single, Turner handed out demos of his track “Say Goodbye” which prompted a phone call from Help for Heroes co-founder Brynn Parry requesting to use Junior’s single for the charity.  In 2011, “Say Goodbye” was released to support Help for Heroes and it was an instant success.

From his release of “Nice and Natural” to his number 1 UK chart topper “Loveblind” featuring Jess Wood, Junior Turner has continued to soar. He has received raving reviews for other singles such as “Under Scruitny” and his 2013 release of “Better Day” which has topped charts both in the UK and the US. He also reached number 1 status with his track “Hurt” featuring Robby William’s guitarist Neil Taylor.

Get a sneak peek into Junior Turner’s latest hit ‘Hurricane’ now, by visiting YouTube.

Learn more about Junior Turner by visiting his official website at or follow him on Twitter @juniorturner84

Don’t forget to look out for Junior Turner’s latest single ‘Hurricane’ coming soon to iTunes and Amazon on September 27th!


Camo Craze at Fashion Fetish Event in Virginia Beach

BellaDulce Clothing is back this season with a new line of short-sleeve t-shirts. Inspired by camo prints, the line is called ‘Camo Craze’ and features the Signature “Bellalicious” logo. Custom designs of the tees are also available to clients. Camo is really showing to be a strong staple this upcoming season from shoes to handbags and other accessories. BD’s collection includes Pink Camo, Urban Grey Camo, and Woodland Camo patterns.  BD’s latest tees also compliment DS Designs Camo Hobo Bags and clutches which are handcrafted right in Virginia Beach, also available at the boutique.

Team BD launched the line at this weekend’s Fashion Fetish Event at Central 111, a sip and shop gathering for area fashionistas.  To learn more about BD’s latest trends follow them on Twitter @ShopBellaDulce.

Hampton Roads based clothing company launches "Camo Craze" Collection of t-shirts at this week's Fashion Fetish at Central 111 in Virginia Beach.

Hampton Roads based clothing company launches “Camo Craze” Collection of t-shirts at this week’s Fashion Fetish at Central 111 in Virginia Beach.

Spokesmodels Marquita Bianca & Vikky A at Fashion Fetish

Spokesmodels Marquita Bianca (left) and Vikky A (right) with Mika Lucio, co-owner

Spokesmodels Marquita Bianca (left) and Vikky A (right) with Mika Lucio, co-owner


Spokesmodels Marquita Bianca and Vikky A. were on site at Fashion Fetish modeling some of the boutique’s latest threads. Marquita Bianca & Mika paired the Signature BD Tanks with blazers and skinny jeans while Vikky rocked the Faux Leather Bodycon from LUSH Clothing.


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Junior Turner “Natural & Nice”: Music with a Message

JuniorTurnerPhotoThis week’s sound-byte comes from United Kingdom singer and songwriter Junior Turner.  Turner, who released an award winning national single for BBC Children in Need, beating 110,000 contestants, rose to fame with a cover of world renowned “The Impossible Dream”. We heard that Junior Turner just recently released a new single called “Natural & Nice” . We just had to take a listen and we were definitely not disappointed.

As an upbeat track, “Natural & Nice” manages to catch the attention of listeners immediately. The single is not only an up-tempo answer for music aficionados across the globe, but it also manages to deliver substance and relevance to popular culture. Finding the perfect combination of an amazing musical arrangement and meaningful lyrics is no easy feat but Junior Turner met the challenge.

“Natural & Nice” is a fun song with a great message about how being overly confident can convey negatively and lead to demise, while searching for what is natural and nice in those who most often go unnoticed. Turner delivers star-quality vocals, and flawless production and we are certainly looking forward to hearing more.

Junior Turner has worked with several UK and US based artists and producers. From handing out his own demos to high demand hits such as “Say Goodbye” to chart topping hits such as “Loveblind” featuring Jess Wood, “Sweet Love,” and “Hurt” featuring Robbie Williams’ guitarist Neil Taylor.  In 2013, Turner released critically acclaimed, debut album “Under Scrutiny” which was followed in 2013 by the release of fan favorite “Better Day”. Turner’s Hit “Say Goodbye” was also featured by the charity ‘Help for Heros”.

If you haven’t had your chance to hear or purchase Junior Turner’s latest single, listen now on YouTube or log on to Amazon, iTunes or now to order your copy. “Natural & Nice”, released digitally July 26th 2013 is a certified ‘must have’ for your music collection.

Be sure to check out Junior Turner’s official website or Join the Junior Turner Fan Club on Facebook.

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects Album ‘Counterclockwise’: An Eclectic Rock Journey

IMSE Clockwise CoverOur Fashionably Loud artist of the month is Croatian band Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects. Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia the trio is a global, eclectic rock sensation. With Ivan Mihaljevic on guitars and vocals, Marko Karacic on bass, and Alan Frljak on drums, the trio has once again made groundbreaking strides in music. The release of their album ‘Counterclockwise’ has taken the world by storm as this accomplished band demonstrates their ability to captivate listeners and move industry critics.
‘Counterclockwise’ delivers a complete package of relevant lyrical content and well-crafted musical composition. Although implementing all of the familiar conventions of modern rock, ‘Counterclockwise’ sets a unique precedence by allowing every single track to be a listening journey and a personal experience.
The album tracks combined, tell a story that many can relate to while offering up many inspiring moments, allowing the listener to leave with a powerful message every single time.
The band’s instrumental expertise amplifies the overall experience in combination with the strong vocals. Tracks such as ‘What’s Underneath’ and ‘Time Travel’ exemplify just how well the album connects to fans and real life.
From upbeat tempos, to melodic rhythms, from hardcore intros to epic guitar riffs, ‘Counterclockwise’ has it all and delivers it flawlessly.
IMANDSE Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects has been featured in magazines across the world including Indonesian Music Live. Awarded for their album ‘Destination Unknown’ as the March 2011 Album of the Month in Guitar Techniques Magazine, the band has gained international recognition. Not only have they headlined the Guitar Master Festival in Zagreb, but also they have performed at shows with rockers such as Whitesnake and many others. One thing is for sure Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects have proven themselves to be true guitar masters, and we cannot wait to hear what they come up with next.

Learn more about this and other albums from IMANDSE on their Official Website or hop on the fan -waggon with their official street team on Tiwtter and spread the word!

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