Green Tie-dye Leather Skirt from GiPSY Dharma

If you are looking for an alternative to the trendy maxi-dresses being worn by literally everyone this season, we challenge all of our fashionistas to consider trying something different. The GiPSY Dharma green leather skirt is a summer wardrobe must have. Not only is the GiPSY Dharma skirt handmade but it also embodies comfort and includes unique features, creating a true statement piece. Made with green tie-dye, the skirt is trendy enough to compliment this summer’s contrasting patterns, but distinctive enough to make you stand out in the crowd. With two hidden pockets, and double-sided design the skirtis the perfect solution for beachwear, and looks fabulous with your favorite swimwear.

Let’s face it, some of the season’s hottest trends are not necesssarily flattering to everyone’s figure but we believe that GiPSY Dharma does have the answer. Regardless of your size and shape, this skirt is a great fit for everyone. Ladies, We love this skirt because it is durable yet, soft enough to offer optimum comfort during wear; which means you will get plenty of wear and loads of comfort. The skirt is perfect for all occasions because it can be dressed up with a pair of heels or boots, or dressed down with your favorite sandals. You can purchase your own at GiPSY Dharma.


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