Spring 2013: Top 5 Fashion Trends

Classics return to the catwalk

Shop your closet for the Spring 2013 Top 5 fashion trends because chances are you might already have these styles handy. This season, designers have ventured to include nostalgic, flavors such as the classic black & white stripe, the androgynous tuxedo, and sheer ruffle to highlight the catwalk.  Although there are numerous trends that have been added to Spring 2013 collections, we have picked our our Top 5 favorites, check them out here!Image

What to look for

Bold black & white Stripes

Women’s pant suits and tuxedo style jackets

Peek-a-boo fabrics for both dresses and blouses including sheer sleeves, and backs

Printed garments and high contrast patterns

Ruffles galore on blouses and dresses

What is your favorite Spring 2013 Fashion Trend

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One thought on “Spring 2013: Top 5 Fashion Trends

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